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February 14, 1998

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

I had prepared a different ZGram to continue with the "David Cole Defection" series, but I think that on this Valentine's Day, it would be much more beneficial to look at what today's Hoffman Wire post calls, appropriately, "Terrorist Gets a Sweetheart Deal from the Local Media ."

Just contemplate the implicit understanding between a terrorist outfit operating brazenly not only in the streets but on the Internet - with not a peep from our so-called "human rights" organizations - especially Jewish outfits such as the ADL and/or the Simon Wiesenthalers who never tire telling the world that they are there to protect Jews! Where were these hypocrites when the Jew, David Cole, needed them to be protected from JDL Irv Rubin's verbal threats?

A bit of background on Irv Rubin. Here is a man with almost fifty arrests on record who arrived in Toronto outside the burned-out hulk of the Zundel-Haus only weeks after the fire in the presence of Canadian JDL leader Meir Halavi, alias Marvin Weinstein, and in the company of two leaders of the equally terrorist ARA, bosom buddies of B'nai Brith.

This unsavory bunch was filmed by Ernst's security cameras trying to break into the boarding around the building. They were apprehended by police within minutes and questioned at length. They were let go, to no one's great surprise.

One other point needs to be made. Kahane's Kach Organization, mentioned below, an armour front or split-off of the JDL, was banned by the Israeli Parliament as violent and seditious. It is illegal in America to contribute money to it for that reason. The FBI declared the JDL one of the most dangerous domestic terrorist organizations already in the 1980s, yet the media turns a blind eye to their violent record.

So what happened to Irv Rubin recently, according to the Hoffman Wire?
"When Alex Odeh, a Palestinian human rights activist, was bombed in his office and killed by Jewish terrorists in California, Irv Rubin gloated over it.

"When the Institute for Historical Review's $400,000 inventory of revisionist history books was torched by an arsonist, Irv Rubin was on the scene to praise the massive book-burning.

"When Jewish revisionist David Cole produced a video filmed in Auschwitz, casting doubt on the authenticity of exhibits described to the public as homicidal gas chambers, Rubin's JDL issued a "Wanted" notice on their website, suggesting that Cole should be harmed and offering a reward for information pertaining to his home address.

"Mr. Rubin is the head of the misnamed 'Jewish Defense League' (JDL) in Los Angeles. The JDL was founded by Rabbi Meir Kahane, an Israeli supremacist who wrote a book, 'They Must Go,' detailing his agenda for the forcible expulsion of all Palestinians from occupied Palestine.

"Kahane advocated terrorism and violence against Palestinians and revisionists. His disciple, Baruch Goldstein, slaughtered 40 Palestinians while they knelt in prayer in Hebron.

"The FBI has implicated the JDL in bombings from coast to coast, including one--at impressario Sol Hurok's office in New York--that killed a Jewish woman.

"The Spokane, Washington media market (which encompasses north Idaho), is dominated by the 'Spokesman-Review' newspaper which wears its 'human rights' concerns on its sleeve, so long as the humans involved are members of the professional victim classes.

"The Spokesman-Review is constantly editorializing in pompous tones about the need to 'expose' and 'combat' hate.

"But how does the newspaper behave when the personficiation of hate and terrorism turns up in their midst? Condemnation? Exposure?

"Nah. Irv Rubin, terrorist and hatemonger, gets a sweetheart deal from the Spokesman-Review's star reporter on 'extremism,' Bill Morlin.

"In an article about Rubin in the Feb. 11, 1998 edition of the Spokane newspaper, Mr. Morlin writes:

"Irv Rubin, leader of the Jewish Defense League, called (Coeur d'Alene Mayor) Judy from Los Angeles ...'You've got to take a stand against evil,' said Rubin..."

"Nowhere in his article does Morlin bother to alert his readers to a single biographical detail concerning Rubin's decades long record as a racist, a terrorist and a hater.

"The establishment media care nothing for the human rights of the Palestinians and revisionists Rubin and the terrorist JDL have victimized.

"The Spokesman-Review has exhibited no desire to expose the racism and hate of one of the most notorious advocates of terror in the U.S. Rubin's background is neatly whitewashed.

"He is presented to the Northwest reading public simply as a Jewish leader with a desire to get tough with 'Nazis.'

"That Rubin himself is a thug is of no interest to reporter Bill Morlin or the editors of the Spokesman-Review newspaper, all of whom have made careers out of posing as 'the enemies of hate and violence,' unless the hate comes from someone named Rubin and the violence from a Jewish 'Defense' League. In that case the suddenly see-no-evil media are deaf, dumb and apathetic.

"The tragedy is that the local media's cynical manipulation of such a sacred campaign as fundamental human rights--which ought to be safeguarded for all human beings, on the right or the left--will breed only more frustration and misunderstanding .

"Morlin and the Spokesman-Review are champions at pontificating and posing; at showing off how morally superior they are to 'goosesteppers,' but the facts belie their masquerade.

"They shill for Jewish supremacists while condemning the white version. They oppose every form of hatred except the Zionist kind.

"They wax eloquent against terrorism when it is practiced by Christian vigilantes but are mute in the presence of Jewish advocates of terror bombings.

"Will Spokane-based Gonzaga University's recently formed institute for the study of hate include the JDL and Mr. Rubin in their exposure of hateful trends, or the role of Bill Morlin and the Spokesman-Review in possibly provoking violence and racism by publishing their irresponsible, cream puff article about Irv Rubin?

"That would imply some modicum of fairness and decency and the game Gonzaga University and the Spokesman-Review are playing has got nothing to do with those virtues. It's all about extirpating the political opposition behind a facade of lip-service to 'human rights.'

"So let us now praise famous hypocrites and crack a knowing smile when they crank up the windage on their 'human rights' sophistry. They have the clout and the center ring, but we've got the knowledge of who they really are--masters of guile--who use the currency of mankind's rights to liberty and happiness to shamelessly advance their own New World Order tyranny.

"Irv Rubin, a man who applauds the murder of human rights activists, is a fitting poster boy for these frauds."

--Michael A. Hoffman II

Thought for the Day:

"We shall have little right to complain of the tribal arrogance of the Jew so long as the Old Testament continues to be indiscriminately read in our churches and we persist, by talking of the chosen people, in ascribing favoritism to the Almighty."

(Goldwyn Smith)

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