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February 18, 1998

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Once again, the Toronto Sun has let loose with a vitriolic article against Ernst Zundel and Holocaust Revisionists in a Peter Worthington opinion piece, Sunday, Feb. 15, 1998 titled "Confronting the horror" (Comment section, page 6) about the Washington-based Holocaust Museum.

I will not go into the details of this column except to say that one of the Sun's columnists, Peter Worthington, launched the expected standard Holocaust fare after having visited the place, replete with this opening paragraph:

"For those who care, I think I've found the perfect punishment for the likes of Ernst Zundel - for anyone who doesn't believe Hitler and the Nazis weren't so bad."

Here is the Zundel-Haus response, faxed to the Toronto Sun by Ernst Zundel, which will be run, of course, as an op-ed piece as prominently as the Worthington opinion piece, since media are fond of telling us that in a democratic country, a platform ought to be given equally to both sides of a controversial story:
"Mr. Worthington uses me once again as the whipping boy in his emotional and imbalanced opinion piece on his impressions about the Washington Holocaust Memorial Museum, mentioning me several times by name.

He says that as a form of punishment, I should be forced to spend five or six hours in that "museum" of Jewish chutzpah and anti-German hatemongering.

Mr. Worthington did not bother to call me to check on the most basic fact: Have I ever been to the Museum?

Here is my reply:

I visited Museum on my own accord, without being sentenced to do so by Mr. Worthington or his ilk. I went there with an open mind, of my own free will, in February of 1994. I came straight from New York City, where I had been interviewed by Mike Wallace of "Sixty Minutes," the most widely-watched television news magazine in the world.

I contacted the Museum's Public Relations Office, announced my visit, and asked that I be allowed to bring my film crew, in order to do an entire show about the Museum and its exhibits on my Voice of Freedom Satellite TV program. I also asked to meet and interview Dr. Michael Berenbaum, who was then the director of that Horror Museum.

Permission to film inside the Museum was denied!

However, a meeting with Dr. Berenbaum was arranged and did take place, during which I complimented him on the graphic quality and cleverness of the exhibit and pointed out some of the historical errors, to which I would respond in my newsletters, radio and TV programs. The meeting with Dr. Berenbaum lasted approximately 20 minutes and was cordial, if a little tense on his part.

The visitors' guest book in the Museum, which I signed, contains about 1/2 page of my comments written in pale blue fountain pen ink and leaves little doubt about my criticism of the exhibit. The entry is in my own handwriting. It gives the exact date of my visit and can easily be verified by Museum staff. It states that a response would come from me and other Revisionists in our media.

Less than a week after my visit with Dr. Berenbaum, during which I tried to persuade him to let a Sixty Minutes film crew tape Revisionists like Dr. Faurisson, David Irving or myself while touring the Museum and pointing out errors and deliberate falsehoods on camera on the spot - an idea which I had discussed with Mike Wallace and Sixty Minutes staff!

Dr. Berenbaum turned down this idea to my face.

After I returned to Toronto, I wrote in my internationally circulated March 1994 newsletter, "Power", about my visit.

Here are some of the criticisms I had, illustrated in the original newsletter with lots of photographs, captioned with explanatory text, of the exhibits and drawings contrasting the Museum's lies with historical facts. I titled it "The Washington Holocaust Memorial Museum: How they lie!"

1. This was not a gas chamber for killing people.

2. There were no "porous pillars" through which the gas pellets could be thrown into the gas chamber below.

3. Therefore, the "SS man" who lifts the lid of the "gas induction port" or the fake porous pillar is a lie and deliberate deception of the public visiting the Museum, as Fred Leuchter's photos and videotapes clearly show.

4. The "cadaver elevator" which, according to the original German plans brought one corpse and one attendant from the morgue to the crematory one floor up was totally misrepresented as some weird freight elevator, capable of hauling what looks like six or seven corpses up at one time. This is important because that elevator's capacity alone points out the lie, for 2,000 to 4,000 corpses would have had to be lifted up there in milliseconds, day in and day out!

5. There are no exhaust stacks and no large ventilators that I could see on the roof of the model on display.

6. There are lots of people waiting in line outside the "undressing room" above ground in the yard. Aerial photos have never shown such a gathering of gassees, patiently waiting to be gassed!

Yet this publicly funded institution brazenly shows these false and totally invented events and circumstances to thousands of school children a week!"

(end of "Power" excerpt)

I found the exhibit far from convincing, as far as the Holocaust claims are concerned. On the contrary, I found much startling and useful information I had not known before and found it strengthening me in my belief that the Holocaust is a wildly exaggerated World War II propaganda tale and not history.

There was no physical evidence or proof supplied of any of the alleged homicidal gas chambers, the supposed murder weapon for the alleged genocide of the Jews. There was no certified copy of a Hitler Order calling for the extermination of the Jews. There was no proof or evidence of a German policy, a plan, or a budget for such an extermination of the Jews.

There were clever and grisly sound and lighting effects, such as the tasteless and gimmicky attempt, mentioned by Mr. Worthington, to ". . . turn every Museum visitor into a Jew for a few hours" by giving the visitor a temporary Jewish identity.

There was no proof of a gas chamber except for a standard German delousing chamber door, which could be found in virtually every fair-sized German town before, during, and after World War II.

You would think that US $100 million, much of it coming from taxpayers, should at least have been able to find, procure and transport such vital evidence as the alleged murder weapon to Washington!

Such evidence was not produced in the Museum, for such evidence does not exist!

The other comments by Mr. Worthington, such as the emotional clap trap about Babi Yar, are further evidence of Mr. Worthington's lack of emotional balance and critical judgment. I think it was Elie Wiesel who claimed that for weeks after the alleged "massacre", the ground at Babi Yar would still be heaving from people buried alive, and that geysers of Jewish blood would continue to shoot out from the earth up to fourteen feet in height - to which Bradley Smith, one of my witnesses in one of my trials, replied under oath: "Do I have to believe this? That guy isn't wrapped too tight!"

The whole courtroom audience burst into laughter. A Toronto Sun reporter was there!

In closing, let me simply say this: If Mr. Worthington wants to pimp for the Jewish cause, let him find a less knowledgeable whipping boy than me.

I make a prediction for Canadians, based on my 40 years' observance of how the Jewish Lobby works in Canada:

There will be a Holocaust Museum in Ottawa, whether the war veterans like it or not, whether it will be in the War Museum or not, and the Canadian taxpayers will once again foot the bill, whether they like it or not.

All the rest, like "public hearings", the macabre "public debate" etc., is merely smoke and mirrors.

In the end, all the Holocaust Museums from Washington to Berlin to Israel will serve one day in the not-too-distant future as grim reminders of man's inhumanity to man - that of the Israeli/Jewish/Allied inhumanity to the defeated and prostrate German and Palestinian nations.

These Chambers of Horror will also serve as a reminder about man's capacity to be so emotionalized by carefully selected images that even in the age of global communications, the best and most educated minds can be manipulated, and reason can be overcome by propaganda - for a while!

I recommend as Mr. Worthington's punishment for having revealed his ignorance the reading of the trial transcripts of the two Zundel trials, available in any good law library in Canada. I guarantee that it will stabilize his mind and help him get a grip on the reality of history.

Ernst Zündel
Thought for the Day:

"The British Columbia Press Council condemned the Canadian Jewish Congress censorship bid, calling it "the most serious threat to press freedom in Canada" in 60 years."

(Journal of Historical Review, Jan-Feb. 1998)

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