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February 19, 1998

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

This one gives me some pleasure to ship to you this morning, courtesy of Granata Communications. Our correspondent wrote:
"You are undoubtedly aware of the Roger Garaudy trial which is receiving enormous publicity in France and the Islamic world. The opportunities which this presents for Revisionism are enormous.

"For years, Revisionists have been searching for a breakthrough into the mass media. That has been impossible in the United States because of the Zionist grip on the media. But if a breakthrough could be made into the Islamic media, the consequences could be devastating to the Zionists.

"Now is the time to make every effort to get Islamic thinkers tuned in to Revisionist websites. If you have not done so already, may I suggest that you send out an appeal to all Arab websites to read for themselves what converted Roger Garaudy to Revisionism?

"Islam entered the pages of history in the 7th century, A.D., as the 'true faith' which would unite all men under the Prophet. A new truth, or rather the unmasking of a great lie, is currently in the making in France. In the trial of Roger Garaudy, a truth of transcendent importance is coming to the Islamic world.

"Holocaust Revisionism is not the Koran. Nevertheless, it is to the historical record exactly what the sayings of the Prophet are to every devout heart.

"The evil of Zionism has invaded the people of Palestine. It has poisoned the minds of the people of the West. It has enslaved the souls of the Germans and financially shackled them for all time.

"The trial of Roger Garaudy is the struggle of all who are brothers in pursuit of truth. 'There is only one truth,' and Garaudy has pronounced it. There were no 'six million' deaths, and there were no 'gas chambers'!

"Because there were no 'six million' and no 'gas chambers', there are no moral claims deriving from them!

"This is the message of Garaudy and of all Revisionists. This truth is so simple in its transcendence that it will illuminate the true history of this century in a way that nothing else ever could.

"The New Testament says: 'Ye shall know the truth, and it shall make you free.' Muslims, Christians and Revisionists must unite in pursuit of truth. Supporting Roger Garaudy is the path to liberation from the Zionist yoke."

And here is my clincher: Recently, at the world's largest Arabic book fair in Cairo a number of Revisionist books, pamphlets and even Arabic language Revisionist texts were widely promoted. Here in the West, we thought that the Revisionists in Cairo were walking into virgin territory - who would have assumed the Arabs would be more informed about the Holocaust than we?

And yet that was what these outreach "missionaries" found!

Reporting back, one of them wrote that his greatest "obstacle" had been that it was hard at that book fair to find an Arab who didn't already know that the "gas chamber" story was a lie and that the Holocaust was nothing but a propaganda hoax!

So don't give up! There are two crucial countries that yet need to catch up on where the Arabs find themselves already - the good old USA and brainwashed, occupied Germany!

For those of you who would like to learn more of the sophistication of the resistance of many Arab and Arab-friendly intellectuals to Zionism, I recommend a visit to http://www.washington-report.org It is supposed to be the hub to most of the important other Arab websites protesting the illegal occupation of lands as well as minds.

Thought for the Day:

"The Moslem and Arab community are reading your works. They are being read all over the world and the Zionist oppressors can not stop the ocean of knowledge that you have given us. "

(Letter to the Zundelsite from an Arab ZGram reader)

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