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February 22, 1998

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

This letter below comes from a correspondent who, from what I have been told, was born in Argentina, lived for a while in California and now resides in Germany. He signs himself as Guillermo Coletti, which is a name that seems to be Italian.

Much of the Coletti writings show a global perspective. I always look forward to Guillermo's submissions, for he has a keen eye and a very sharp tongue. I have decided to run two excerpts of his pieces.

Here is a recent article:
"After winning the Presidential election of 1992, President Clinton promised to form a team of men and women who were going to reflect the human fiber of America.

"He proceeded to fill more than 50% of his appointments with Jewish individuals. . . . (A)mong his many colorful appointees there was a very interesting Hebrew character, a Mr. Robert Reich. In spite of bearing a last name reminiscent of glorious bygone days of the German nation, this Reich is Jewish, and very happy about it.

"As a matter of fact, his recently released book, 'Locked in the Cabinet', speaks to that. I will quote, for the reader's enjoyment and intellectual torment, a very small part of the book.

"The quote that will follow reflects a dramatic double standard, but that is nothing new and it is not the most serious element to emanate from this citation.

"Reich recalls his first meeting with Alan Greenspan, the 'Oberjude'- head of the Federal Reserve. Of Greenspan he starts saying that he is a 'shy little Jewish guy'. He then continued by adding: 'We have never met before, but I instantly knew him ... He is New York. He is Jewish. He looks like my uncle Louis, his voice is my uncle Sam. I feel we've been together at countless weddings, bar mitzvahs, and funerals. I know his genetic structure. I'm certain that within the last five hundred years ... we shared the same ancestor.'

"After reading this passage I spent quite awhile looking for the right words to accompany my input. I considered arrogance, effrontery, ill humor, petulance, cockiness. Let me expand.

"I no longer wish to hear about conspiracy theories. A vital component is absent from the conspiracy picture, a component necessary to make a conspiracy a conspiracy. That component is secrecy.

"There is no more secrecy about Jewish power. The manifestation and the evidence of this subversive phenomenon is out in the open. Its arrival was celebrated with neon signs and colored balloons and was sealed with hundreds of deals President Reagan has made with the state of Israel.

"If you have eyes, you can see Jewish power. They are celebrating it right in front of us, and we are being billed for it.

"They are telling us to our faces that they are in charge. Jews now adorn their sentences with Yiddish or Hebrew terminology. They call their shiksas shiksas and goys goys. There is no need to spell it.

"They boast about their racial power because there is no racial equality, or because there is a double standard; maybe they are just myths. They boast about their power for two reasons: reason one is obvious, they have power and there is no racial equality; reason two is less obvious, they have an uncontrollable emotional need to dance and feast over the suffering and the defeat of others that always, I repeat, always, preceded their expulsion. . . . If we let ourselves fall too deep, they will treat us with as much respect and consideration as they treat the Palestinians.

"I hope I'm not confusing you, because I really want you to understand this. This Robert Reich's hymn . . . tells us that they no longer see a need to keep their appearances from us. They're bold, they need not to be cautious anymore, or so they think."

"Here I would like to add that Western history reports often crude and violent reactions against similar Jewish attitudes and behavior, it would seem, since Roman times. The history of Europe is replete with sterm measures, even up to expulsions and pogroms, in various European countries. Even England expelled and banned its Jews relatively recently, to be followed by Czarist policies and ending with Hitler's attempt to solve the Jewish Question by their expulsion from Europe - the parts of Europe his forces controlled.

"The Roman Emperors designated the Hebrews as "secta nefaria (Nefarious Sect)", in a number of edicts dating after 326 B.C.

"The French understood the problem in 1322,

"Queen Isabella found answers in 1492.

"The city of Vienna dealt with this matter efficiently in 1671, and the same happened in Prague in 1745, and that much can be said of the Norwegians and the Swedes in 1814."

The problem confronting Western civilization is ". . . how to be fair to the Jews." Obviously, they respect no quota idea in their power or influence; otherwise, there would have to be only a few Jewish appointees in Clinton's administration, in Hollywood, or the mass media. Will cooler heads prevail in the Jewish community? Will be problem of Jewish self-assertion be solved in the bedrooms of the nations of the West? Will the Jews succeed where gentiles have failed - self-destruction in the bedrooms of the nation by the genocide of lust? Just asking.

Coletti continues:
"Robert Reich's passing through the White House is already part of the history of America. He is an icon. 'He is New York ... He is Jewish!', to borrow some of his own wording. He has been praised by the media as a genius. Is he a genius? Is a Jew anything else but a genius? He is definitely respected at least just as much as Harvey Milk, Abbie Hoffman, Allen Ginsberg, or Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

"In a recent issue of Tikkun Magazine review (Vol. 12, No. 4) David Biale writes, reviewing Robert Reich's book:

'The charm of his book lies, consciously or not, in a classic Jewish stance toward the pomp and pomposity of goyish power.'

"I wish to end this brief piece by noting that sometimes individuals like myself, who look at the 1945 destruction of Europe with great sadness, observe this kind of events with a smile on our faces. You will forgive me - but only if you know what I have meant."

Thought for the Day:
A list of top officials in the Clinton Administration, sent in by a ZGram reader with the comment: "Poor Americans never realise that they are colonised."

>Madeleine Albright Secretary of State
>Robert Rubin Secretary of Treasury
>William Cohen Secretary of Defense
>Dan Glickman Secretary of Agriculture
>George Tenet CIA Chief
>Samuel Berger Head National Security Council
>Evelyn Lieberman Deputy Chief of Staff
>Stuart Eizenstat Under Secretary of State
>Charlene Barshefsky U.S. Trade Representative
>Susan Thomases Aide to First Lady
>Joel Klein Assistant Attorney General
>Gene Sperling National Economic Council
>Ira Magaziner National Health Care
>Peter Tarnoff Deputy Secretary of State
>Alice Rivlin Ecomomic Advisory
>Janet Yellen Chairwoman, National Economic Council
>Rahm Emanuel Policy Advisor
>Doug Sosnik Counsel to President
>Jim Steinberg Deputy to National Security Chief
>Jay Footlik Special Liason to the Jewish Community
> (no other group has a special liason)
>Robert Nash Personal Chief
>Jane Sherburne President's Lawyer
>Mark Penn Asia Expert to NEC
>Sandy Kristoff Health Care Chief
>Robert Boorstin Communications Aide
>Keith Boykin Communications Aide
>Jeff Eller Special Assistant to Clinton
>Tom Epstein Health Care Adviser
>Judith Feder National Security Council
>Richard Feinberg Assistant Secretary Veterans
>Hershel Gober Food and Drug Administration
>Steve Kessler White House Counsel
>Ron Klein Assistant Secretary Education
>Madeleine Kunin Communications Aide
>David Kusnet Dept. AIDS Program
>Margaret Hamburg Dir. Press Conferences
>Many Grunwald Liason to Jewish Leaders
>Karen Adler Dir. State Dept. Policy
>Samuel Lewis National Security Council
>Stanley Ross National Security Council
>Dan Schifter Director Peace Corps.
>Eli Segal Deputy Chief of Staff

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