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February 23, 1998

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Here is the second of two excerpted versions of Guillermo Coletti articles I promised my readers. Coletti is a native of South America, I have been told, who lived for a while in California and now resides in Germany. This one is titled:

"Pro Zionist Bias Permeates the Judiciary in Argentina"

"I am old enough to remember when the political term 'banana republic' was widely utilized as a way to describe, in a fashion less than flattering, a country with very little self-determination, one subservient to the will of more powerful nations.

"This term was frequently found in articles written by self-proclaimed centrists, as well as leftists, to depict the influence exercised, for example, by the CIA in underdeveloped Central and South American countries. It was for many years a very effective punchline.

"Considering the fast-moving pace of today's rising Israeli influence in the region, particularly in Argentina, the term should be updated to a more appropriate one: Kosher Republic. Argentina, currently under an administration with an unequivocal determination to obedience to the World Jewish Congress and the state of Israel, has proven itself once more as a lackey.

"This loss of Argentina's sovereignty must not be seen as casualty-free. The latest arbitrariness has been exercised upon the Constitutional rights of Alfredo Astiz, a retired Navy Captain, Argentinean hero of the mid 1970's war against Communist terrorism and a distinguished veteran of the Malvinas Falklands conflict.

"Capt. Astiz recently granted an interview to "Trespuntos" magazine. During the course of the interview, Capt. Astiz defended the war against Communist terrorism. He went on to add that he had been trained to kill.

"Soon after these comments were made public, actually immediately after, representatives of the Jewish lobby made numerous public manifestations of disapproval. They actually do things like that very openly.

"Unfortunately these outbursts of arrogance are never comprehended in their real magnitude and significance by the uncritical average Argentinean. Jewish activists have chosen to call Astiz "the blond angel of death", unlike the other "angel of death", the Mediterranean- looking German scientist, Dr. Josef Mengele, who wasn't blond.

"In 1990's Argentina, Zionist forces always find echo among the structures of Democratic power, a tightly closed new elite of politicians, journalists, entertainers and the flamboyant nouveau riche.

"What follows is a brief chronology of these events.

"Day one: 'Trespuntos' releases the January 1998 issue containing Astiz's interview.

"Day two: Jewish leaders condemn Astiz's statements.

"Day three: the Establishment media follow Jewish concerns and support them with editorials and commentaries, the usual diatribes.

"Day four: even Argentinean President Carlos Menem commented publicly on the matter, saying that he was going to look into what possibility there was 'within the law' to punish Capt. Astiz.

"Day five: the Argentinean circus keeps growing as new voices add to the campaign against Astiz (by fringe elements of) militant lesbians and homosexuals, a local Rock star recovering from heroine addiction, mothers of fallen Marxist terrorists, comedians, the Greens, and others.

"The matter has now become strictly political and the handlers of Democratic power in Argentina are mobilized in full to sacrifice a national hero, in order to please the powerful few.

"It is important to make clear that whatever punishment was applied against this Argentinean citizen was a violation on constitutionally protected rights to publicly express one's own ideas.

"Let's look briefly at these two parts of his comments:

"a) Alfredo Astiz defended the role of the Argentinean Armed Forces during the 1970's war against armed Communist terrorists. The period of civil unrest in Argentina was indeed a very painful period.

"And so, most citizens, and in this particular case politicians as well, have decided to go on with the business of building a country and leaving behind old resentments. A law of forgiveness, an Amnesty Law, was passed, granting pardon to all parties involved in that war, Communists as well as Patriots.

"It is important that this be understood: everyone was forgiven, regardless of political persuasion. After the threat of prosecution was lifted, the leftists were the first to begin talking quite openly about their past paramilitary operations.

"They have written books loaded with gruesome details on how they executed political enemies in captivity, or how they set bombs that killed men, women and children. Some of these accounts even describe in detail how kidnapped people were shot in the head, and even the size of the holes made in the skulls by the bullets. The leftists had shown no repentance for any single violent act of terrorism they have ever committed.

"Of course, no serious political observer would expect them to react otherwise. Nevertheless, when a man from the other side, in this case Capt. Astiz, defends the participation of the Armed Forces in that internal conflict, he's been accused of 'advocating disobedience to the law' and is, consequently, expelled from the Navy, although he is already retired.

"His pension benefits are taken away. How a retired member of the Navy can be demoted is something that puzzles me. The other part of the punishment, denying to a dissident his pension benefits, is a form of punishment that is widely applied in Germany to nationalists as a response to pressure from Jewish groups and the state of Israel.

"It is important to bear in mind that these actions come from the corners of the promoters of absolute Democracy. American politician Adlai Stevenson used to say that Democracy was about unpopular ideas, the unbending guaranteed right of individuals to express all beliefs, not only those held by the majority or by the government, but also those despised by the masses. Of course, the substance of this sort of peachy rhetoric does not go beyond the frenzy of an electoral campaign.

"b) The second part of the comment, which was used to create the emotional climate for the persecution of Astiz, is that he was trained to kill.

"Isn't that essential part of the training of any soldier, in any country? Aren't Israeli, or American soldiers, trained to kill? Isn't killing and destruction the primary function of war?

"After reviewing the above referenced events words of Aristotle came to mind: 'It is the nature of the many to be amenable to fear but not to the sense of honor'."

Thought for the Day:

"They have a twenty-eight million dollar annual budget as a tax exempt organization whose sole function is to stir up and promote racial hatred and discord in the United States."

(Eustace Mullins, well-known American author speaking of the Anti-Defamation League)

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