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February 24, 1998

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

One topic deserving much larger treatment than I can give it in my daily, and often hurried, ZGrams is that of ever more open practices of kabbalistic rites in an attempt to harness global control - or should one say, prevent the slipping of control? - by our opposition.

This morning, while I was having my coffee and trying to get my mind into the ZGram mode, I read a fascinating article by Goldwyn Smith, (1823-1910) in the latest (Jan-Feb 1998) issue of the Journal of Historical Review. Its title is "The Vexing 'Jewish Question': A Nineteenth-Century Scholar's View." It was already published in America in 1894 from a revised edition titled "Essays on Questions of the Day".

It is almost spooky to read this article, because it could have been written yesterday instead of more than a century ago - so little have matters changed that plague our world today. This is an article just packed with thoughts, and I will not attempt to summarize its essence except to give you a flavor:
"We see the governments of Europe bidding against each other for the favor and support of an anti-national money power, which would itself be morally unfettered by any allegiance, would be ever ready to betray and secretly paralyze for its own objects the governments under the protection of which its members were living, and of course would be always gaining strength and predominance at the expense of a divided and subservient world. The allusion to the influence wielded by the Jews in the European press has a particularly sinister sound. In the social as in the physical sphere, new diseases are continually making its appearance. One of the new social diseases of the present day, and certainly not the least deadly, is the perversion of public opinion in the interest of private or sectional objects, by the clandestine manipulation of the press."

I have before me two examples of such manipulation by the not-so-subtle application of kabbalistic rites. One is a Toronto Star (Feb. 10, 1998) picture titled "Cursing the crisis" with the caption:
"Rabbi Yitzak Kadourie, Israel's most senior mystic sage, blesses a paralyzed boy during a visit to an institution for handicapped children in Jerusalem yesterday. Kadourie also put a curse on Iraq yesterday saying all those who cause sadness to Jews should suffer fear and death."

The other is a small Reuter release, also printed in the Toronto Star (February 19, 1998):

"Dozens of prominent rabbis circled Israel seven times by plane yesterday on a spiritual mission aimed at toppling Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and protecting Israel against a possible chemical attack.

"The two hour mission mimicked the biblical story in which the walls of Jericho fell after Joshua circled the city seven times.

"'The purpose of the flight was to cause Saddam to surrender and to assure that we would be victorious. We circled the country seven times in order to bring down the enemy,' said expedition member Yitzhak Batzri.

"'We recited special prayers so that if, God forbid, poison falls on the Israeli people, they will not be injured.'

"He said 10 rabbis blew a ceremonial ram's horn seven times in order 'to bring down the enemy's walls.'"

It has been a long time since I tried to study Revelations, and I am relying on my more Bible-steeped friends to fill me in on what this symbolism means. I don't know about you, but I feel that global Super-Power Zion believed to be "invincible" relying on the blast of a ram's horn transmitted through the lapdog media is counting on our ignorance in a rather transparent and desperate way.

Thought for the Day:
"The most superstitious of Christian writings in the Dark Ages could not be more tainted with demonology and witchcraft nor in any monkish chronicles do we find fables so gross."

(A reference to the Talmud in the above references article by Goldwyn Smith)

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