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February 25, 1998

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Two emotionally intense weeks were spent finishing a most important Revisionist project and milestone - of which more will be said in weeks and months to come. Meanwhile, important Zundelsite work and important movement news had to be moved to the back burner - to wit, the item below.

It was written February 7 sent to the Zundelsite on February 12 and is, therefore, a bit dated, but I still want to include it as part of the Zundelsite record.

It seems that finally more than just token resistance against the vassal policies in Germany is taking place, as evidenced by demonstrations in the thousands.

This report was titled "Deutschland, erwache" - translated, "Germany, Wake Up!" Additions in brackets were added for clarification.
"On Saturday February 7, 1998, the German city of Passau, (located in Bavaria) was host to a gathering organized by the National Democratic Part. 6,500 attended the nine hour long rally called "A Day of National Resistance", which took place at the Nibelungenhalle. The NPD is the party of Guenther Deckert, a non-violent political dissident currently imprisoned by the Bonn regime.

"The Iron Heel kept 1,000 people from attending the rally. Many buses were searched and detained by security forces until moments after the end of the meeting. Radical "antifas" (this is the radical Left in Europe, similar to the ARA we know in North America) managed to prevent many other buses from arriving at Passau. They sabotaged tires, roads and in some cases they fired flare guns at a number of bus conductors.

"The political police, officially present during the encounter, didn't allow representatives of foreign organizations to speak. The excuse given was that they could have voiced opinions that, although legal outside Germany, were forbidden within German territory.

"This action may be used to illustrate the climate of oppression and the dangers faced by the German people who attended the meeting, who did so at the expense of risking prison, political persecution, police raids and torture, which is becoming a frequent tool of "political persuasion" in democratic Germany. In 1997 alone, 6,300 Germans were prosecuted for non-violent expressions of political and historical dissent.

"The Speakers

"Udo Voigt, NPD President, stated that "the NPD is no longer just a national party, it is a party with a cosmosvision". He also imposed a 500 Deutsch Mark "defamation tax" to the members of the occupied media who wanted to cover the event. (This comment is not clear to me. Was it meant to be satirical?)

"Comrade Manfred Roeder was greeted with an standing ovation. He mentioned that "Germany had become a supermarket to the world where all the dispossessed people of the world are invited!".

"Other speeches were given by Jurgen Rieger, Prof. Weinschenk, Herbert Schweiger, Frank Schwerdt and Christian Wendt (from the Berliner-Brandenburger Zeitung). Live music was provided by Frank Rennicke (patriotic folk singer) and other comrades.

"It is my personal opinion that this event will be seen in days to come as a turning point in Germany. Our comrades are no longer thinking and acting in terms of small, secretive meetings in beer halls. This has demonstrated that there is power behind our movement and that only the tip of the iceberg has been disclosed. We will soon see a difference between pre-Passau and post-Passau events in Germany. Our traditional enemies are speechless, they just don't know what to make out of this. Perhaps there is in this event a lesson for us to learn as well.

"The NPD has already announced a massive demonstration for the next May 1st in Leipzig. Let the games begin!"

"A site from patriots in Argentina has an extensive report in Spanish and three nice and clear photos of the event. Check it out at: http://members.xoom.com/libreopinion/9802nv01.htm

"Information in the German language can be found at abbc.com/nj

"The official NPD site, which of course has a German language report on the Passau rally, can be accessed also from abbc.com/nj

(Report by Guillermo Coletti)

Thought for the Day:

"There are presidents who cower before Israel. Do we?"

(Ernst Zündel in a conversation with a friend)

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