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March 19, 1998

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

You need relief from Holocaustomania? This ZGram makes me cringe - but, nonetheless, somebody must speak out. I am now speaking out.

A comrade sent me the following he gleaned from what is called "The Nizkor Project":
"You have got to do a ZGram on this file from Nizkor. They actually claim the Germans tickled Homos to death! Great stuff! How about this in the fecal fantasy zone of Nizkor - right beside the lies about Germans making Jews into soap!"

Here is a sample from the Nizkor files:
"The SS considered it great sport to taunt and torture the homosexuals. The camp commander at Flossenburg often ordered them flogged; as the victims were screaming, he 'was panting with excitement, and masturbated wildly in his trousers until he came,' unperturbed by the hundreds of onlookers."

"Eyewitnesses tell of homosexuals being tortured to death by tickling, by having their testicles immersed alternately into hot and icy water, by having a broomstick pushed into their anus."

Furthermore, in a related "document":
". . . afterwards Jews were ordered to jump right into the cesspit of the latrines, which were being built; this was full of urine. The taller Jews got out again, since the level reached their chin, but the shorter ones went down."

And moving right along:
"The young ones tried to help the old folk, and as a punishment the overseers ordered the latter to beat the young. When they refused to obey they were cruelly beaten themselves. Two or three died on the spot and the survivors were ordered to bury them."

And feats of nature:
"One single Jew, a sculptor, was left in Stutthof. The SS men took all his works, put him to a carriage loaded with sand, and forced him to run while flogging him with a lash. When he fell down they turned the carriage over on him; and when he nevertheless succeeded in creeping out of the sand they poured water on him and hung him; but the rope was too thin and gave way. They then brought a young Jewess, the only one in the camp, and with scornful laughter they hanged both on one rope."

Writes our Nizkor watcher:
"Notice this. Above it, it says she was the "only one in the camp" and, in the very next sentence:

"Women were also detained at Stutthof, the Polish Socialist recalled. 'The beautiful ones had to clean the houses of the overseers and officers; most of them were pregnant, and were released from the camp. The young Jewess above mentioned was also pregnant, but instead of being released she was hanged."

This is the site recommended for young students to visit, while they are warned away from articles deemed "ethically disorienting" put on the Zundelsite.

You find the Nizkor Project filth, and more, at:


and at:


Last but not least, under "Funding", you find the following:
"The Nizkor Project is pleased to announce its cooperative affiliation with the League for Human Rights of B'nai Brith Canada. The League is a national volunteer organization dedicated to combatting antisemitism, racism and bigotry, and to promoting human rights for all Canadians."

Now remember that these are the guardians of the world's so-called"morality", constantly trying to seize the moral high ground by claiming that the Internet needs government censorship, cyber patrols, cyber sitters etc. to help "protect" children from filth. What monumental bull!

The Zundelsite is proud to have flushed their halo right out of the gutter when during the first Internet cyberwar the claim was made that Compuserve of Germany was clamping down on the entire Internet because of so-called "pornographic" sites. These people sponsoring the Nizkorites are a government-privileged, taxpayer supported organization; they ought to start cleaning up Nizkor.

Thought for the Day:

"Ask not whether I am antisemitic. Ask only whether I am right."

(JBR Yant, Mortal Words, v.8)

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