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July 8, 1998

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Siena College in Loudonville, New York, is hosting a big History of WWII event. It is called "WWII - A 60 Year Perspective". Now pay attention, please: I think it is high time that our most illustrious scholars heed the call and start submitting papers to make this a genuine intellectual shindig.

Let's give them Pure Revisionism and see if they can take the vodka straight!

These are the particulars:

Thomas O. Kelly, Professor of History and co-director of this conference, writes as follows:

" Siena College is sponsoring its fourteenth annual,

international, multidisciplinary conference on the 60th anniversary of World War II on June 3 - 4 , 1999.

The focus for 1999 will be 1939, though papers dealing with broad issues of earlier years will be welcome. Proposals should be rooted in, or show relevance to, the anniversary year.

Topics welcomed include, but are not limited to, Fascism

and Naziism (sic) , the War in Asia, Spain, Literature, Art, Film, Diplomatic, Political and Military History, Preparedness, Popular Culture and Women's and Jewish Studies dealing with the era.

Obviously, Post Munich Europe, Danzig, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, Poland, the Phony War, etc., will be particularly appropriate, as will be Asian and African and Near Eastern events of relevance.

In order to reach as many individuals as possible, we are

seeking to impose upon your good nature by asking you to take the extra time and effort to forward our invitation to those members of your department, and others, whom you believe might be interested.

We think the concept is an exciting one, and we hope that you will be kind enough to help us attract papers as interesting and informative as those we have programmed in the past thirteen years.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Thomas O. Kelly, II - Professor of History; Co-Director WWII Conference

(518) 783-2595

FAX 518-786-5052

The other co-director is Prof. D. Lonnstrom (518) 783-2512 FAX 518-786-5052

Siena College is located at 515 Loudon (As in "The Devils of ..." ) Road - Loudonville, NY 12211- 1462 which, I think is located, more or less, in the area of the state capitol in Albany, NY. E-mail address for

Kelly/Lonnstrom is legendziewic@siena.edu


NOVEMBER 15,1998

It is asked that a brief ( 1 - 3 pg. ) outline or abstract be sent in with some sense of the sources, archive materials, etc. and a recent c.v. or brief current biographical sketch.

The Final Papers are due MARCH 15, 1999

I urge Revisionist activists to send in papers, and then to organize a smashing Revisionist workshop or panel. If the organizers of this conference torpedo the idea - and well they might, of course! - we should plan for a workshop on campus or nearby and arrange for pickets and a press conference. Let the intellectual counter-offensive proceed!


Thought for the Day:

"When vice prevails,

and impious men bear sway,

The post of honor

is a private station."


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