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August 23, 1998

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

We've all watched in disbelief as Switzerland caved in to what must be the world's all-time biggest con-game. Now we can watch the rest of the plunder of nations.

Here Michael Hoffman II, a former reporter for the N.Y. bureau of the Associated Press, gives us a sample in an essay titled "The Greatest Robbery in History":

Swiss bankers capitulated last week to Zionist blackmail, to the tune of $1.25 billion for "reparations" to "Holocaust Survivors," in what is another spectacular transfer of wealth brought on almost exclusively by media hysteria and the threat of economic boycotts by the state governments of New York, Florida and California.

With the restraint and understatement characteristic of his constituency, World Jewish Congress Director Elan Steinberg said that Switzerland had been guilty of "...the greatest robbery in history."

That's quite an epithet. We know what the managed media would say if someone were to ascribe such a claim not to Swiss bankers, but to Jewish ones; it would be "vicious scapegoating" and "anti-Semitism."

While the newspapers and talking heads wagged their fingers at the besieged Swiss, robbery on a vast scale was being perpetrated in Russia.

68 year old Hungarian-Jewish billionaire George Soros decided a few days ago that the Russian ruble should be devalued and a "currency board" established in Moscow for the control of the economy, to be staffed by Soros' cronies.

Soros officially controls two of Russia's most powerful enterprises, the $2 billion Quantum fund and the Svyazinvest media monopoly. Off the record, with his Israeli-Mafia partners, he secretly owns controlling interests in several other Russian operations.

Soros also spreads philo-Zionist ideology and rootless consumerism in Russia and Eastern Europe through his so-called, "Open Society" foundation, a consortium of propaganda outlets intended to discredit the traditional "blood and soil" nationalism of the Russian Orthodox Church and Russian philosophers and writers of the stature of Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

When Soros, demand for devaluation was announced Aug. 13, Russia's stock market plunged 15%.

(...) Aug. 17, as if on cue, Russia,s Central Bank bowed to Soros and allowed the value of the ruble to fall more than 50 percent -- from about 6.0 to the dollar to 9.5 to the dollar.

What this will mean for the Russian people, especially elderly pensioners and the ranks of the working poor, is dreadful hardship. The already severely diminished buying power of the Russian people will be virtually cut in half, in a nation that economically has been a basket-case throughout the '90s, its foreign debt rated by Standard & Poor's as worse than "junk."

But for the dollar-flush Soros, the currency devaluation he demanded and got will enable his frontmen to gobble up more Russian enterprises and place them under Zionist control. This effectively puts a chunk of the International Monetary Fund's July loan of $22.6 billion in Soros, pocket.

Soros pulled similar maneuvers against Malaysia and Thailand, where he staged a run on the ringgit and caused the collapse of the Thai baht. In 1992 he made a billion dollars in one day when he forced the devaluation of the British pound and earned the sobriquet, "The Man Who Broke the Bank of England." Now he's breaking the back of the Russian people.

In the 1930s, Lazar M. Kaganovich, the most powerful Communist in Russia after Stalin, ordered the demolition of one of the oldest and most venerable Orthodox Christian churches in Moscow, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

After the magnificent, centuries-old edifice was razed, Kaganovich exulted in the midst of the ruins and declared, "Mother Russia is cast down!"

In 1998 George Soros has repeated this Khazar refrain, at least symbolically, as the Russian people themselves are now cast down into a penury that he's engineered. Soros will laugh all the way to the bank as he loots the Russian economy in a repeat of the wrecking process he initiated in Asia.

Some would call the unconscionable manipulations of this speculator one of the "great robberies in history."

But to utter that truth would be "anti" something or other. The corporate media would screech that it constitutes "prejudice, bigotry and scapegoating."

Therefore, let all followers of goodthink perish the thought and banish the truth.

Let us instead righteously scapegoat those "evil Swiss" and their "wicked swindle" of "old, poor Jews" in the course of "the greatest robbery in history."

What of old, poor Russians? It would seem that their fate is to be forever "cast down" without remorse or reparation."


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Thought for the Day:

"There is nothing so powerful as truth - and often nothing so strange."

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