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August 30, 1998

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

After conferring with two of the attorneys I am consulting to see what can be done about the confiscation of my "Lebensraum!" trilogy by Canada Customs, I started collecting background information for my files. A first step was to ask for guidelines under which tariff bureaucrats are empowered to seize books such as mine.

Read this and see the fingerprints of those who fear examination of their shady practices. It is dated Ottawa, February 3, 1998, and titled Memorandum 09-1-15.

We are allowed to ponder the following guidelines as to what Canadians are not allowed to see:



This memorandum outlines and explains the interpretation of subparagraphs (b) (c) and (d) under tariff item No. 9899.00.00 of the List of Tariff Provisions to the Customs Tariff.


The List of Tariff Provisions to the Customs Tariff states that importation into Canada of any goods enumerated, described or referred to in tariff item No. 9899.00.00 is prohibited.

Tariff item No. 9899 reads, in part:

Books, printed paper, drawings, paintings, prints, photographs or representations that

(b) constitute hate propaganda within the meaning of subsection (320(8) of the Criminal Code

(c) are of a treasonable character within the meaning of section 46 of the Criminal Code or

(d) are of a seditious character within the meaning of section 59 and 60 of the Criminal Code.


1. This tariff item covers books, magazines, newspapers, pamphlets, drawings, paintings, prints, photographs, film, videocassettes, recordings, and computer software in any format and representations of any kind.


2. Goods that are of a treasonable character are, for example, goods which advocate the use of force or violence to overthrow the Government of Canada or a province, or which communicate or make available, without lawful authority, to an agent of a state other than Canada, military or scientific information that may be used by that state for a purpose prejudicial to the safety or defense of Canada.


3. Goods that are of a seditious character are, for example, goods which advocate the use of force, without the authority of law, as a means of accomplishing governmental change within Canada.

Hate Propaganda

4. Goods that may constitute hate propaganda, based on the criteria in the following paragraphs, should be detained and forwarded to Headquarters for review.

5. Goods that constitute hate propaganda under the Criminal Code are those which advocate or promote genocide or promote hatred against an identifiable group distinguished by colour, race, religion or ethnic origin. In particular, goods should be prohibited as hate propaganda if they advocate or promote the destruction, in whole or in part, of any identifiable group by:

(a) killing members of the group, or

(b) deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction.

6. Goods that promote hatred against an identifiable group by incorporating some or all of the following characteristics may be subject to prohibition under tariff item No. 9899.00.00 as hate propaganda:

(a) goods that blame an identifiable group for serious economic or social problems;

(b) goods alleging that an identifiable group is manipulating media, trade and finance, government or world politics to the detriment of society as a whole;

(c) goods alleging that an identifiable group is racially inferior and/or weakens other segments of society to the detriment of society as a whole;

(d) goods alleging that an identifiable group seriously threatens society as a whole.

7. In assessing goods under tariff item No. 9899.00.00, full recognition should be given to freedom of expression. In particular, goods that may constitute hate propaganda will not be classified under this tariff item if there is a possibility that the goods may:

(a) communicate statements that are established to be true;

(b) predominantly express, in good faith, an opinion upon a religious subject;

(c) be relevant to any subject of public interest, the discussion of which is for the public benefit and, on reasonable grounds, believed to be true; or

(d) be intended in good faith to point out, for the purposes of removal, matters producing or tending to produce feelings of hatred towards an identifiable group in Canada.

8. It should be emphasized that a book, film, videocassette, etc. is to be assessed in its entirety. It is to be considered as a whole and its overall nature and dominant characteristics assessed. A section containing subjects outlined in this Memorandum must be assessed as part of an entire work and in the context of its theme. However, goods essentially made up of many elements are not to be treated as a whole and may be prohibited on the basis of any one of their elements that falls within the prohibitory provisions of tariff item No. 9899.00.00. For example, a magazine or newspaper is to be considered on a segment-by-segment basis. (...)


So these are the "guidelines" under which Canada's citizens live. This regulates what is or is not permitted into the country. Of course ***inside*** the country you have the Holocaust Enforcers already swinging hatchets on publishers on what they may or may not print - as Mr. Zundel has found out in decades' worth of legal struggles - where, as it now turns out, truth is not even a defense.

What does this mean? The writing is fat on the wall.

This ruling prevents just about any meaningful criticism of the ruling oligarchy, their destructive legislation, or their disastrous policies. It perpetuates those in power. It protects powerful lobbies such as B'nai Brith, the Canadian Jewish Congress and others because they will screech: "We are an identifiable group!" Indeed they are! The Germans of Canada, of course, have been ruled not to enjoy that protection.

It is said that this Canadian document was "helped along" in its drafting stage by "suggestions" from B'nai Brith, an organization that enjoys non-profit ,"charity" status. In other words, the taxpayers of Canada are paying for their intellectual chains.


Thought for the Day:

"That long (Canadian) frontier from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans, guarded only by neighborly respect and honorable obligations, is an example to every country and a pattern for the future of the world."

(Winston Churchill, on April 20, 1939 - Hitler's 50th birthday!)

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