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May 14, 1999

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

It is really fascinating how the Internet, via its newsgroups, has given the people a means to bounce ideas off each other in a way it was never possible before. Hundreds, if not thousands, eagerly follow these newsgroup threads and form their own opinions about topics raised that they may have vaguely felt but never would have articulated the way they watch others speak up in a group. The cyber world must be a gift from the gods to a hitherto cunningly manipulated world by spin-doctors and media manipulators!

Here, one more time, we have people comparing the so-called "ethnic cleansing" issue in the Kosovo war with - guess what else? - the Holocaust:


Actually, the bombing has really accelerated the throwing out of, and the killing of, the Albanians - which anyone with a modicum of intelligence could see would happen. America lost in Vietnam, and would lose in Yugoslavia. Bombs don't work, except on a battle field. They stiffen the resolve of the victim nation; get the people to support their leader; see Iraq and Germany for evidence.


Agreed. Bombs have to be accompanied by ground troops and that's where real people start to really die. I can't think why the politicians don't seem to realise this. We could take many past examples to show it to them. I think they watch too much Hollywood.


Finally, an observation. About the Holocaust. (On topic as well!).

It is always said, "we must educate people about the Holocaust, to stop it (from) happening again" presumably to anyone, anywhere. Given that this education is a vast and on-going event, why are the Turks still allowed to ethnic cleanse the Kurds? Maybe they weren't taught enough?

Why did the US do nothing when Saddam gassed Kurds? Why is the Yugoslav ethnic cleanse happening? Why did the Tutsis and Hutus butcher each other? Why did the Nigerians ethnic cleanse the Biafrans?


Sadly enough, educating people about things such as the Holocaust does not prevent their recurrence.


I agree. So that justification for the teaching is wrong.

It is not the *fact* of the Holocaust that is ignored by most people, it is the lessons to be learned from it. Horse to water Gord. But anyway, suppose people "learn the lessons" and decide to ignore them - then what?


All the more reason why events of this kind need to be taught, is it not? If people won't even accept their historicity, they will never begin to extract the lessons from them that are so badly needed in this sad old world of ours.


Well taking Britain as an example, very little of our history is now taught. It is considered shameful by the Lefties who control our awful educational establishment. However, the Holocaust *is* taught.

To expand, in the history that schools are compelled to teach, there is only one subject that is considered imperative to teach in the old-fashioned way - facts and figures - and that is the Holocaust. All else, can be just "teach the children the overall social trends, what it was like to be a chimney sweep in the bad old days of imperialism."

I kid you not. If they go back to teaching the history of Britain, I might be more tolerant of the Holocaust being taught alongside it.

As it is, it is brainwashing. To what end? Surely not to prevent a British Holocaust.

So why? Why not teach about the Battle of Britain, the Somme, Ypres, the Crimean War, the Boer War? Many lessons there.

And, the periods leading up to WWI and 2, lots of lessons there, which are being ignored in Yugoslavia *right now* as we speak here.

You don't throw bombs at someone at the same time as telling him you won't invade. In Vietnam even with ground troops America was bound to lose. Why haven't they learned that?


Okay, they have got bombs. We believe. Now what?


Once all the Albanians are distributed about the world, Milosovic will be a hero to his people, and the "cleansing" will be completed. I have never contemplated a more ridiculous war. Er, with one exception. (...)

Do you think that the wrong countries are being taught "the lesson of the Holocaust" or do you think that the Western European nations would all be ethnic-cleansing like mad, if it were not for this "education" which is going on?


I think that none of the countries is allowing the *lesson* to permeate their consciousness.


What is this singular lesson to you Gord? And how do you think that learning it will change things? Or, do you think that there is something phony about the "Teach to prevent recurrence" idea? <end>

Thought for the Day:

I believe, however, that we are moving towards internationalism and the disappearance of borders between countries.

Elie Wiesel

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