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June 1, 1999

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Isn't life getting ever more surreal?

I am immersing myself in "Imperium", a book I have wanted to read for a long time. It is an astonishing title, written right after the war.

One of the major themes the author, young Francis Parker Yockey, developed with a steady pen and an amazing literary flair is that cultures are ***organic entities*** with a life of their own, subject to inner, linear development proceeding from the innocence of birth to giddy adolescence, then growing into forceful and energetic manliness - in his words, into High Culture - and ending in decline and death, all in a predetermined sequence.

Confusion, anarchy and agitation - largely of the artistic and esthetic kind, wrote Yockey - will manifest themselves in unmistakably accentuated ways as the declining cultures feel their spine is being cracked while younger cultures rise to vigor, craftsmanship and ultimate spirituality.

The cultures in decline make a great deal of noise while being forced aside while those who rise are silent. Revisionism, important as it is to us, is merely the tip of the iceberg of this self-liberation and self-assertion by the awakening Man of the West.

One of the many themes developed in this book is that the European Continent was straddling what he calls "High Culture" in the young years of our century - and that the tragedy of World War II was that an adolescent, unripe and materialistic continent, America, had no conception whatsoever of being in the clutches of beings whom Yockey called Culture Distorters. If that description makes you flinch, just think of what happened to Disney - and compare that to Spielberg, Jurassic Park and Schindler's List - and you will have a yardstick.

Remember also that this book was written against the backdrop of Germany's and Europe's (then) underground self-liberation. This trend was stifled but not strangled in the decades of the "Wirtschaftswunder", and now it is surging again.

In one of his more haunting passages, Yockey had this to say:

"This movement toward Materialism was a movement toward the Culture-distorter in the sense that it made his entry into the Western affairs possible.

"The movement away from Materialism is a progressive away from the Culture distorter. In the realm of thought, Materialism is fighting a desperate rear-guard action. It is vanquished in every realm: physics, cosmogony, biology, psychology, philosophy, belle lettres. This irresistible trend simply makes distortion impossible to him, for it makes the affairs of the West inaccessible to him. (...) Napoleon's policy was understood in its last ramifications by few persons in his contemporary Europe. The distorters could only see so much as touched them. The culture-bearing stratum of the West is drawing together . . . the West is shedding the skin of Materialism, returning to the purity of its own soul for its last great inner task, the creation of the Culture-State-Nation-People-Race-Empire unity of the West, as the basis for the fulfillment of the Inner Imperative (...).

"The problem of culture distortion is therewith fundamentally altered. The very possibility of a parasite being admitted to the public life of the West is fast passing away. With a sound instinct, the distorter has given up Europe, and bases himself henceforth outside Europe.

"The old tools of finance-capitalism and class war have lost their efficacy in the presence of the resurgence of Authority, and only armies matter now. From without, he carries on his same compulsory revenge-mission." (pp. 438-39)

With that in mind, here are some telling cyber voices, supplying both the spoken and unspoken:


"Casting off the United Nations and its charter, NATO is imposing on the whole world and the next century an ancient law ... whoever's strongest is right. In the eyes of humanity, a wonderful European country is being destroyed, and civilized governments are applauding.''

(A Solzhenitsyn quote, reported by the ITAR-Tass news agency.)


"To their everlasting shame, our NATO leaders have chosen war over peace in Kosovo. They have abandoned diplomacy in favour of bloodshed. They have taken us back to the Cold War and the arms race. They have smashed the framework of world security. They have guaranteed that we will start the new century as we did this one, with killing and carnage. They have left us with a terrible legacy. With six months to go before the millennium, they have taken us back to barbarism."

(James Bissett, former Canadian ambassador to Yugoslavia (1990-1992).


"There never was a 'Schindler's List'. It was drawn up by a man called Goldman. This man took money to put a name on that list - no money, no place on the list. I was told this by a Dr Schwartz, in Vienna; he had paid in diamonds to save his wife."

(Mrs. Oskar Schindler, feebly trying to take a bite out of Spielberg's financial success, according to the Drudge Report, May 30, 1999)


"They stole from the poor, their bodies and their most personal possessions, especially their hair."

(A whining Elie Wiesel )


"So we have an arm of the government that has determined it can levy fines over newspaper content, that it can order government content to be printed in privately owned newspapers and that it can engage in 'prior restraint' by forbidding the publication of future content in a privately owned newspaper. I think that is a pretty compelling set of facts."

(Editorial in The North Shore News, responding to the Human Rights Commission tyranny)


"(Some) say that 'A lie is a lie' and that Christianity, being not true, is as vicious a lie as the Holocaust. But Christianity is recognized to be a religion - and at present, the individual can refuse to worship.

"In this country, the Holocaust has taken on many trappings of a religion and you cannot refuse to worship with your paycheck. In others, you may be imprisoned for refusing to worship."

(Letter to the Zundelsite)


"Total federal and state is up to 1,329 from 1,186 in 1997. Two requests were denied. That makes five denials in the last ten years compared to 11,000 authorizations."

(Declan McCullagh of "Wired", summarizing the US 1998 Wiretap Report)


"I mean, a hundred thousand here, a hundred thousand there, are we talking atrocity yet? Hardly. We are just 'punishing' an elected leader by killing the populace. He'll get over it. Maybe he'll be a useful puppet some day."

(Post from a newsgroup regarding Kosovo)


"Is it really true that the alternatives in the world are only evil or 'Christ'? If so, no wonder that some Christians, with this way of thinking, had such an easy time genociding all the rest of us - or attempting to do so."

Rabbi Michael Lerner


"How depressing it is to have to actually *argue* to demonstrate that the Bolshevik Revolution was Jewish."

(Letter to the Editor)


"Can you believe that American propogandists are insulting Milosevic by comparing him to Hitler? Can you believe that Serb propagandists are insulting Hitler by comparing him to Clinton?"

(Post sent to the Zundelsite)


"It used to be that everyone single-handedly wiped out a machine-gun nest. Now it looks like they all liberated concentration camps."

(Another post sent to the Zundelsite)


"We must remember that Americans walked on the moon. . . else they will do so again!"

A Giwer Gem


Didn't I tell you life was surreal? Whatever did we do for inspiration and for sustenance before we had the Internet? Just a minute ago, I received a little note from a cyber friend with whom I had shared my awe about Imperium. He shared an apt description:

"Years ago, a bio of Beethoven likened his genius to a tender blade of grass that splits a slab of concrete in its upward thrust. Imperium makes the same kind of claim for our European spirit. As something irrespressible."


Thought for the Day:

"All great truths begin as blasphemies."

(George Bernard Shaw)

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