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ZGram: Where Truth is Destiny and Destination!

August 9, 1999

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Some time ago, in the area where I then lived, the local paper ran the story of this young Jewish schmierfink who had desecrated his own synagogue with a number of swastikas. When caught, he conveniently carried the diagnosis of his shrink in his pocket that documented that the lad was merely looking for attention.

One of the most disconcerting enemy tactics, routinely employed against national activists, is Jewish deception. I know it astonishes me every time I see another brazen lie on the Net about me. At such times, I ask myself: "Where is this chutzpah coming from?" In the face of all the evidence to the contrary, activists on behalf of western culture always assume that we and our opposition are playing by the same time-honored rules.

It wasn't until I understood "deception" as a Jewish survival strategy that I began to look at it as a cleverly used political weapon, millennia old, employed to not only assure Jewish survival but to advance the Jewish agenda. When looked at it that way, it seems simplistic to see it as a moral fault.

Two authors and their extremely helpful titles helped me to see this very clearly.

One author is Kevin McDonald and his scholarly trilogy, "A People that Shall Dwell Alone", "Separation and its Discontent", and "The Culture of Critique", all three published by Praeger and available through any good bookstore. The other is David Duke and his lucidly written and beautifully organized "My Awakening", which can be ordered by writing to Free Speech Press, P.O. Box 188, Mandeville, LA 70470. If this concept is new to you, I highly recommend to start reading "My Awakening." Believe me, understanding Jewish/Zionist deception as a survival and political enhancement strategy makes quite a bit of difference in understanding how our society is being run - and gives us a bit of a warning and sometimes even an advantage.

Now we are beginning to see something else of even greater interest: that this political weapon no longer seems to work for our sworn enemies.

Here is an illustrative sample, courtesy of the London Independent (8/8/99) titled: "Army of Four Goes Home." It ought to put a smile upon your face:


MORE THAN a thousand police stood in the blazing sun, guarding the strategic points of Washington DC on Saturday. They had come to secure the nation's capital against the American Nationalist Party, a neo-Nazi group.


Within the past few weeks, I have written a small handful of letters from all over the world by young people inquiring where to contact the "American Nazi Party." I always reply that I am not aware of any such "party".

When I read "American Nationalist Party" in the Independent article, I was wondering who might have called himself by that name, since I had never heard of it. I thought: "Maybe some disenchanted college kids? Covington? Matt Hale? Some Identity Christians? Perhaps Gary Lauck trying to reinvent himself?"


(The American Nazi Party) had pledged to send its iron legions to march through the city. There were all four of them, as it turned out. Those four arrived, saw the strength of the anti-fascist forces that were already in place as counter-protests assembled, and decided that this was not the day for a putsch. They went home again.


Here's where your smile comes in!

If this is really true, it shows two things as clear as sunshine on a lake: That there is no threat to America from an organized "Nazi Party". It indicates, however, that the opposition fears the arrival of such a party like the proverbial devil fears the crucifix - because it has bought into its own false but cleverly promoted nightmare!


The city's police chief was furious. All leave had been cancelled to mount an operation on the same scale as the security cordon during the Nato summit. It cost more than a million dollars. It was a huge triumph for DC United to Stop the Nazis, the group that led demonstrations against the march, but also raised some issues about the Nazis in question.


My point exactly. After all, did not Israeli high school kids from a wealthy neighborhood a few weeks ago rock Israel with Nazi graffiti and racist slogans?


The ANP is an odd body, to say the least. It claims a membership of perhaps10,000; independent research groups put its active core at about 150.

Its putative Fuhrer, who has described himself as "absolute, supreme dictator", is David Wolfgang Hawke, 20, a student in South Carolina. Mr Hawke is better known to his parents as Andrew Greenbaum: his family are Jewish. He claims that his father was German, but disappeared somewhere along the way, rather like his army of followers.


Something is missing here. I bet you my last dime this Greenbaum fellow is a great-grandson of Holocaust survivors, which is why he pulls pranks like that.


The DC Police chief, Charles Ramsey, wants to sue Mr Hawke/Greenbaum and his followers. "I don't care if they have no money," he said. "We still should sue them. I'll take their gym shoes."

He might do better to take their modems: the group has made its name on the Internet. Perhaps, in the future, it might stick to virtual marches.


Amen, says the goy!

Thought for the Day:

"Democracy is the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage."

(H. L. Mencken)

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