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ZGram: Where Truth is Destiny and Destination!

August 19, 1999

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Something very strange is definitely going on! Could it be that someone at the highest level - either in Germany or in the United States - has finally understood the hydrogen-bomb like potential of blowing the Holocaust fraud wide open, and exposing the criminals who exploit the myth so ruthlessly?

Let me backtrack to give you perspective:

* When the Zundelsite started uploading important Holocaust-busting documents in preparation of the announced (and then, by our opposition, hastily aborted) "debate" between Revisionists and the traditional Holocaust Faithful in 1996, an absolutely stunning documentary ran on German television, a program called "Panorama" (roughly equivalent to America's Sixty Minutes) that made mincemeat out of the reputation of Simon Wiesenthal. And not a peep about that in America!

Our scouts from Europe reported, meanwhile, that Wiesenthal had called his friend, Chancellor Helmut Kohl, at the time - several times, as a matter of fact! - trying to have Kohl use his influence to stop the exposé. When that did not work, he hastily took refuge in a hospital, so the press could not reach him.

In this expose, the icon of traditional Holocaust lore was painted as a liar and a fraud who had taken credit for having "brought to justice" some 1,200 "Nazi war criminals" - when, in fact, said Isser Harel, Israel's one-time Mossad chief, it had been "less than ten". He also volunteered that Wiesenthal had been more hindrance than help, and that his information often proved useless.

Mind you, this was not done by Wiesenthaler enemies - this was done by people at the highest level of Holocaust orthodoxy. I had an idea or two about why this was done, and I told Ernst about it - but Ernst did not believe the time was right to talk about my speculations openly, since our information on certain matters was still incomplete.

* In June of 1996, Ernst stood poised to face the most powerful forces of Canada in court in their attempt to silence him through eventual deportation. That summer was big-time, all-holds-barred, "Silence Ernst Zundel" season!

In response, in my June 10, 1996 ZGram, I wrote:

As I am writing this, Ernst is holding a press conference from the steps of the Supreme Court in Ottawa, announcing the beginning of Zündelgate.

"Writes a ZGram reader:

'. . . I wonder if the great 'Day of Judgment' foretold in The Bible might not be a time of karmic convergence, as it were, when all (the) chickens come home to roost, arriving together in one huge noisy flock: Revisionism and Palestine, Communism and Capitalism, etc. etc. etc.

Some days my instincts tell me such a "Day" cannot be too far off. Perhaps the dawn of such a terrible "Day" will be kick-started tomorrow on the steps of an Ottawa courthouse . . . . "

(Zgram continued...)

". . . This summer, the citizens of Canada, weary to death already of Government corruption, will be experiencing "Zündelgate" - part of a globally unraveling story that pins Ernst Zündel's struggle for Truth in History and Freedom of Speech and Assembly against powerful interests now manipulating and largely dominating the political process in Canada. Canada will thus become the next arena for an ever-widening quest for control of man's mind and man's soul."

Guess what? That very day - for all intents and purposes, that very hour! - the government backed off!

To this day, we don't know the reason - but we can surely guess.

* That same year, in mid-December, we experienced the electronic attack on Webcom, whereby an anonymous cyber terrorist shot 28.8 million letters automatically into the Zundelsite server. It crippled all Webcom traffic for an entire weekend and laid lame some 3,000 websites that depended on Christmas sales.

This happened when Zundel volunteers were for the first time doing systematic cyber research - part of which was to find out if there was a connection between the Zundel Holocaust-promoting adversaries, the mysterious arson of the Zundel-Haus in 1995, and three arrested punks. At that time, again, the struggle for truth in history had entered a very dangerous phase. After the FBI was called in, miraculously things evaporated.

* In early 1999, Ernst was given the opportunity by Radio Iran, broadcast worldwide, to counter a number of Holocaust lies, courtesy of Mr. Ignatz Bubis, leader of the Jews in Germany. This point-counterpoint, five-part interview was broadcast round the globe - in German. It was also placed on the Internet and, we are told, promoted heavily by Iran State Radio.

In essence, this historic interview laid bare the Holocaust extortion racket - Zundel-style, while also exposing the Zionist lies about Palestine and detailing Israel's unconscionable treatment of the Palestinians.

I heard that interview on a somewhat poor-quality tape, and the one item I most remember is that Mr. Bubis, in a gratingly self-righteous voice, insisted that Germany had merely paid some 3 billion as compensation to so-called Holocaust survivors - and Ernst corrected that deliberate lie and said that it was more like $90 - 100 billion.

I thought that if this interview would ever get into good hands in Germany, amazing things might happen. Ernst followed up by publishing a German language book about Bubis and his background which caused a lot of interest.

Odd things began to happen.

Mr. Bubis, might you guess, found himself in the hot seat in Germany - with Jews like the respected (is he really? historian Wolffsohn attacking his leadership qualities, and Bubis striking back, oy-veying that he had made no impact on Germans in all his years as leader of the Jews, that Germans were not as repentant as he would wish them to be, and that the Jews in Germany were strangers in the land and not really a part of that culture.

And then he said something odd - and totally out of context. Or so, at least, it seemed to the gentile mind at first glance.

He said that, in the event of his death, he did not wish to be buried in Germany - that he feared his grave would be desecrated. Next thing we knew, he up and died - a few days after he said he would run again for another term of office in the year 2000! Some people say he died totally unexpectedly, even mysteriously - only weeks, if not days, after that statement that he would run again.

Now he was dead, and his remains were moved to Israel, to be interred where he felt he belonged. And guess what happened next.

An Israeli-born German-Jew - not a disgruntled German! - squirted black paint into his grave! This in full view of cameras!

And then he gave a spate of interviews to the Associated Press, Ha'aretz etc.

Immediately, the widely read, Jewish owned New York Times weighed in, running a full story on the motives of this grave desecrator who called Bubis "a criminal", "a traitor to his people", "a bad man" who "dealt in the black market and built illegally" a "thief, a cheat and a liar". He also, for good measure, accused him of having been part of the "Judenrat", meaning that he collaborated with the Nazis in a concentration camp, and even that he "exploited his Jewishness." He said that "after his death, many things will come out" and "since he was a Jew, you could never say anything."

It certainly is one weird eulogy - in the form of a "letting-it-all-hang-out" exposé! The entire article reads as though the New York Times wants to participate in giving Bubis one good final shove.

Now I repeat: What's happening?

Is there retreat on the Holocaust front - in that important people are distancing themselves from the obnoxious kind of Holocaust Promotion frenzy that seems to have reached critical mass? Are these more "thoughtful" Jews, like Foxman, Hilberg etc. now backing off from people like Bronfman - he of the "Nazi Gold" blackmail fiasco?

Just this morning somebody sent me an article stating that, even in the Israeli schools, the textbooks have now been rewritten according to what's called a "more mature" slant. These textbooks now admit that the State of Israel is not exactly the paragon of virtue we have all been asked to revere. That is Revisionism! Overdue Revisionism! This brand of Israeli style Revisionism is not yet Holocaust Revisionism - but wait and see. Stay tuned and wait and see.

This Bubis matter might well mean that people, who have been on the forefront of the Holocaust extortion business, are being given the cold shoulder, even the shaft, by an alarmed and more "integrated" Jewry at large. Is the old Jewish-American aristocracy and money, represented by the American Jewish Committee type, finally distancing itself from the ghetto and shtetl rabbis and rum runners of Eastern Europe? it looks that way. Cracks are appearing where you might least expect them.

As cyber warrior Matt Giwer put it so neatly:

"Maybe some folks are portraying bravura, thinking the battle is won and now they can be honest - but they do not realize the post-war battle has hardly begun."

Or, as Ernst says, the "Holocaust hurricane" of the last few years has passed. We are now in the eye of the storm. Soon, the tail end of the storm is going to pass over us, and then the whole spook will be over and the storm's fury will have consumed the ones who didn't get out of the way. Real fast!


Thought for the Day:

The powers of financial capitalism had another far reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements, arrived at in frequent private me etings and conferences. The apex of the system was the Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the worlds' central banks which were themselves private corporations. The growth of financial capitalism made possible a centralization of world economic control and use of this power for the direct benefit of financiers and the indirect injury of all other economic groups."

- Tragedy and Hope: A History of The World in Our Time (Macmillan Company, 1966,) Professor Carroll Quigley, Georgetown University.

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