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December 2, 1999

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Many people remember that David Irving said in the early 1990s that he thought the end of the Holocaust myth was at hand. Just this morning I found a reference to that in his September 1994 Action Report newsletter.

I thought it to be instructive to see just how hard a well-entrenched and massively publicized myth expires when so much is at stake - as can be seen in the example below:

The Enemy Struggles as a Legend Dies | David Irving

Two years ago we said that the Germans' "Holocaust" nightmare was almost over, and predicted it had another two years to run.

If that milestone has so far proved illusory it is because our worldwide Traditional Enemy has pulled every dirty trick he can - short of doing a Tonya Harding to every single revisionist writer to breathe a few more years of life into the rotting corpus of his profitable legend.

To the uninitiated outsider, the events of the last months must seem baffling - indeed quite inexplicable. In a world beset by AIDS, starvation, unemployment, tribal and inter-racial strife, and a rising tide of crime, legislatures around the globe have found their timetables clogged with the enactment of meaningless new litigation including laws:

- making it a crime for forensic scientists to challenge the prevailing details of the 'Holocaust;"

- making it an offense for historians to question the crimes as defined at Nuremberg in 1945;

- Making it mandatory in several states across the United States, where religious education as such is now outlawed, to inflict compulsory "Holocaust" lessons on innocent schoolchildren in perpetuity.

If it were not such a tragic waste of government and legislative resources, there would be something almost comical in the antics of our opponents as they twist and writhe, struggling to avoid actually debating with the 'Holocaust deniers."

Yet there is a lesson in it for us all: the dying throes of the "Holocaust" legend prove once again how mighty is the traditional enemy of the truth how his tentacles extend into every crevice of government and the law, and how he will stop at nothing to get his way. It has been a fifty-year lesson to us all.

Well, that was then - and now is now. Here is an assessment by Slade, a well-known cyber activist:

We are nowhere near winning, but neither are we completely beaten.

Lest anyone think this regime will dry up and blow away with the first ray of sunlight, I recall to you the terrible vengeance they wreaked on Germany. I also recall the tool they used to plow that mighty nation under: America.

I recall that, even now, the vast majority of Americans are convinced that crushing Germany was an act of great honor and glory. I recall to you that ALL the greater organs of communication are in the hands of our masters (yes, Virginia, even the Internet and more with each passing day), so that Americans think they are watching and hearing the truth as they guzzle propaganda from their Cable channels and government run news services.

I recall that even as the word leaks out about Revisionism, Revisionist prosecutions are more shamelessly pursued and new draconian laws are enacted around the world.

I recall the terrible crimes and mass murders committed even in this country by our propaganda masters, in order drive home the twin mantras of "anti-Semitism" and "hate speech/crime".

I recall to you the monstrous cruelties of the Jewish/Soviet regime, and I recall their Jewish apologists in America who hid those crimes for so many years.

I recall to you the character of Israel, officially sanctioning torture in Israeli prisons.

I recall to you the enthusiasm with which they urged us to bomb the citizens of Baghdad.

This is not an enemy who will shy from any atrocity or be restrained by instincts of decency. This is not an enemy innocent of the subtlest arts of chicanery and deception.

And this is not an enemy who will surrender.

They have all the weapons, all the communication lines, all the wealth, all the politicians, 99% of the judges, and 99% of the populace on their side.

The Zionist will-to-power was not born in the lies of the Holocaust -- that was only a tool that they turned expertly to their advantage. If ever the lies of the historical Holocaust were hammered into the ground, it would change nothing but a few chess-pieces. They took Russia and America without the Holocaust fable, and they can perfect their global conquest without it, too. (...)

If they do not arrest you and silence you, they will wait for you to grow old and die, and cease your feeble influence on the next generation.

I am trying not to underestimate the strength of our enemies.


Thought for the Day:

"Today the path of total dictatorship in the United States can be laid by strictly legal means, unseen and unheard by the Congress, the President, or the people.

- Senator William Jenner, 1954

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