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December 16, 1999

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Yesterday's Truth in Media Report carried yet another one of Bob Djurdjevic's perceptive (and angry) essays. This one was written after he visited Toronto last week on to give a lecture on the Serbian war. It is titled "NWO "Liberals" Cancel Christmas; Except for the Shopping, Of Course":

Yet another "Christmas season" is upon us. So why is "everybody" saying "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas?"

Because the New World Order "liberals" said so. They canceled Christmas - Jesus Christ's birthday. They turned the joyful celebration of Christ's birth into a crass shopping spree (see "Singapore: Materialism without Idealism" - http://www.truthinmedia.org/Bulletins/tim97-12-2.html ).

Which makes the term "liberal" an oxymoron, of course. "Liberals" - the supposedly tolerant people with open minds - are the ones trying to ram down the rest of our throats their "PC" (politically correct) views. With all the subtlety of communist rhinos.

Being a "liberal" these days is synonimous with "dictatorship of minorities," as I pointed out in my Aug. 31, 1997 Washington Times column, "Dancing 'Round the Golden Calf" -

http://www.truthinmedia.org/Columns/clip-aug-31-97.html ). An exaggeration? Let's see

There is no doubt that Christians are still the vast (80 percent-plus) majority in North America, despite the NWO's rampant importation of non-Christian immigrants in the last three-and-a-half decades. So you'd think that in a society as demonstrably Christian as that, there would be equally demonstrable Christians symbols being displayed, at least at Christmas time? Think again

We've just returned from Toronto, Canada. You'd never know you were in a predominantly Christian city based on Toronto's attire in this "Christmas season." No crosses; no animated nativity scenes in front of the Simpson's windows (a downtown Toronto department store, now taken over by the Bay), to which generations of Toronto parents used to take their kids. Including yours truly in the 1970s.

Instead, there is plenty of crass Christmas commercialism. Just as in Singapore - which we described as a "model NWO city" two years ago. The way things are going, maybe in time Toronto will become a challenger to Singapore's claim to infamy?

For, dictatorship of a minority was evident in Toronto this weekend more than any other place on Earth we have visited recently. And we've just returned from a trip around the world.

Take a look at the photograph we took in front of the Toronto City Hall (posted at our Web site). It's a huge menorah. And no wonder, given that the picture was taken at a time of Hanukkah, a Jewish holiday. So Happy Hanukkah to our Jewish readers!

Nothing wrong with displaying menorahs, of course, in Jewish homes. But what was this religious symbol of a distinct minority doing on public property, such as the Toronto City Hall?

"It's all because of our Jewish Mayor, Mel Lastman," was a lame explanation we received from a Torontonian.

But wait a second: Didn't the ACLU Jewish lawyers argue a couple of years ago that it wasn't proper to display religious symbols on public property?

"The American Civil Liberties Union has reportedly forced on unconstitutional grounds the City of St. Ann, Missouri, to remove a nativity scene from in front of its City Hall in future years, according to a Dec. 24 news report," I wrote in my Washington Times Dec. 27, 1997 column, "Christianity Under Siege" -

http://www.truthinmedia.org/Columns/christianity_under_siege.html ).

So why is the sauce for the goose not sauce for the gander? Who is going to force Mayor Lastman to respect the rights and preferences of the Christian MAJORITY of his city's voters? Certainly not the plutocrats who put people like Lastman, or Bill Clinton, in positions of power. Meaning in positions to abuse the power of their elected offices. On behalf of minorities whose money put them into office.

So it's up to the ordinary citizens, the "silent majority," to make waves, it seems. Don't count on it. One of them, a native Toronto Canadian ex-pat, said that that if she were to return to Canada, she would not want to live in her hometown. "This is no longer my city," she said. "It does not look Canadian. To experience real Canada, one has to go into small towns."

A curious thing: We heard similar sentiments expressed by some of the Australian residents about their cities during our recent visit to that country Down Under. Namely, that if you want to see what "real Australia" is like, don't bother with places like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth. Head into the bush. Where the "real Australians" are hiding these days from the NWO onslaught.

So far be it from making waves, attitudes of the Christian sheeple, which the above examples epitomize, suggest that they'd rather flee than fight for their rights. Including their birth rights. Like life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. No wonder the NWO "liberal" buffoons are running roughshod all over them.

"Take a look at this guy," this writer said to his companion on a recent North American flight, pointing to a passenger who was walking by. "Here walks an epitome of a New World Order moron. Gaunt, emaciated (anorectic in female editions), probably as a result of working out too much at some expensive gym. And carrying a bottle of Evian water."

Which is why, when an equally moronic American Airlines steward asked this writer if he wanted a glass of Evian, I replied: "No, thanks. But a glass of water will do." The AA moron, of course, never got the sarcasm - a true mark of a moron. So he just poured his "Evian" into my glass.

When this writer was a little kid, growing up in an impoverished Eastern Europe after WW II, he used to read the "incredible but true" stories along the lines "only in America." Meaning, about how stupid some Americans were to fall for marketing shysters of the day.

Well, we're afraid that things have progressed from bad to worse since then. For, not "only in America" could you find people stupid enough to PAY for something as elementary and God-given as water. Nowadays, the NWO merchants have added a new dimension to this perversion of commerce. They've made (Evian) water, a global stupefying export!

Another way you can tell an NWO moron from the rest of the crowd is the way they dress. In most of the Christian world, black is a color of mourning. Guess what is their favorite color? Black, of course!

When questioned about why so many Moscovites, for example, also wear black, an American ex-pat in Russia replied, "because we don't want to stand out."

In other words, faceless uniformity is still the order of the day in the NWO-"reformed" Moscow, as it was in the days of communism. It's just that the color of the day is "black," not "red."

But wait a second, wasn't the color of fascism also "black?" Or was it "brown?" Or does it make a difference which of the two it was to the victims of fascism, for example, such as in the case of Serbia, for example?

Guess not, based on the blissful ignorance of the One World airline crews about even the existence of Serbia.

The "One World" airline crews? Yes. Ever noticed how this term has crept in the commercial alliance between American Airlines, British Airways, Qantas or Canadian Airlines? (just taken over, by the way, by a competitor -Air Canada).

Every time this writer enters an American Airlines jet which displays the "One World" logo, which most of them do these days, he feels like pasting an AMERICAN flag over it! "Oh, Bob, don't be silly," his conciliatory wife implores him.

Yet, "One World" - by "American Airlines?" Isn't that a dichotomy? Are all AA passengers supposed to be morons before they are allowed to fly on this "One World" airline? Or just those who bring their "Evian" bottles with them?


P.S. Just in case we have some "doubting Thomas's" among out readers: Ever heard of a "Chicken Kiev?" Of course, you have, if you frequent gourmet Eastern-European restaurants. Guess what the NWO airlines have renamed the "Chicken Kiev?" To Chicken Monterey!"

No kidding. This writer just consumed a Chicken Kiev-cum-Chicken Monterey on his flight from Chicago to Phoenix. And this "Ukrainian" chicken "spoke" the NWO Spanish perfectly!

Now, here's your Christmas mind-teasing question: Which NWO country cheated the Ukraine out of its rightful culinary heritage - the U.S. or Mexico? (After all, Monterey exists in both countries).

Also, which country grows bigger chickens - the U.S., Mexico or the Ukraine?

Guess there is no dispute as to which countries grow the biggest morons, is there? And in what city halls they serve? -------------


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