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December 19, 1999

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

One of my Canadian internet scouts sent me the following:

"In mid-November, a 15 year-old son of Russian-Jewish immigrants was attacked by a group of 'swarming' youths in a Toronto park -- and beaten to death.

"This incident got tremendous coverage -- including the boy's funeral -- in the Canadian media. For several days, major dailies like the National Post, Toronto Star, and others weighed in, giving it front-page prominence. 'Our' national public broadcaster, CBC Television, also gave it very prominent coverage in its nightly newscasts, as did many other media outlets across the country.

"A few days ago the 2nd shoe finally dropped in the story -- but with so soft a landing that it was barely noticed, when one considers the tremendous drumfire of coverage this story got only two weeks ago. Perhaps, because its denouement does not fit a script that is politically correct."

From a second source I received this:

"Only the Toronto Sun had front page coverage of the story - with photos appearing briefly in some TV newscasts, showing the face of a swarthy, sinister looking young man referred to as an 'Israeli soldier' whose father lives in Toronto."

And here is the rest of the story, written for the Jewish Telegraphic Agency Inc. by Bill Gladstone. I will give you only the title - "Teen suspected in Canada murder flees to Israel, no arrest made yet" - and the URL, to wit:


because of the following restriction:

"The above information is available on a read-only basis and cannot be reproduced without permission from JTA."


Thought for the Day:

"Not many Canadians know this, but similar to your mention of the shape of the pentagon, a metal plaque bearing the star of David is mounted on a wall in the Canadian Parliament library entrance.

"Also, the overhead chandelier in the courtroom of the Supreme Court of Canada sports a Star of David."

(Letter to the Zundelsite)


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