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December 21, 1999

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Quite a few of my ZGram readers have gotten quite upset that we don't seem to know that the "New Millennium" doesn't "really" start in less than two weeks, and that we are "off by an entire year" - it starts, they say, in 2001!

Trust me we know - but that is theoretical. The Y2K bug has infested the computers - and by now the "real calendar" is academic, to say the very least. Relax, my friends. This year or next - it's just not that important. Perception counts - and the perception is that what we call the "New Millennium" is just around the corner.

Perception has it that changes will be brought about in just a few more days that will rock this old world in its foundations. Do I believe it? I don't know. I don't like what is in the air, and I dislike the rumor mongering that goes on on the Internet. I think that all of us will feel a great deal better once we know the lights still work and gasoline can still be purchased so we can go grocery shopping. We will just have to wait and see. My instincts tell me that it isn't all that serious, but that it can get quite uncomfortable until the Y2K bug has been driven out for good.

Now to the second excerpt of the December Power letter out of the Zundel-Haus to Zundel-supporters in 41 countries.

I have suffered two defeats in the Canadian court system recently. First, we lost in the Provincial Appeal Court about my being banned from Parliament. The judges assessed the costs of the government lawyers against me. That's a new wrinkle in the persecution of political dissidents. They want over $10,000 for one day's court appearance. As I have said before, I must take this case to the Supreme Court of Canada, and if I lose there, only then can I go to the Human Rights body in Geneva to have it heard there.

The second setback came just as I was writing this letter and is, in my opinion, even more unjust and grossly prejudiced. 14.-15. December saw the Zündel legal team in action in the last of six appeals we made in the Human Rights Commission case. It cost a great deal in money and effort to prepare for this one last appeal. We were surprised and happy when we got Judge Campbell who had made the snappy 13 April 1998 surprise ruling which stopped the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal farce at least until now.

(That appeal, which our largely Jewish opposition filed against the Campbell ruling, will be heard April 4-5, 2000 in Toronto).

At that time, Judge Campbell gave the appearance of an energetic, no-nonsense judge who saw the situation for what it was and called a spade a spade. This time he looked tired, listless and appeared in his demeanor very different from what he had been way back in April. It is not hard to speculate what might have happened to him since then. It was clear from the proceedings that he was somewhat annoyed by our case - at least the way it seemed to me and to others who were present. Doug Christie was good. Barbara Kulaszka had prepared all the documents well. However, the arguments soon became technical and tedious. I had a foreboding feeling when we left that courtroom that this time the cards were stacked against us.

Judge Campbell said he would reserve judgment - which normally means that a Judge takes a few weeks before he renders a decision. Not so this time! That judgment arrived within less than 24 hours! ***Now Canada is stuck with a Marxist Human Rights code because on 16 December '99 Judge Campbell held against us.*** (Emphasis added)

He ruled that I had to pay the other side's costs, which will be steep, for there were six lawyers for the opposition. At least two had flown in from Ottawa. I can expect another whopper of a legal bill, in addition to the thousands of dollars for my own attorneys, flights and preparations, filing fees etc. This is like a kosher butcher draining the life blood out of some slaughtered animal he ritually "shafted" before. It is very clear to me and others that the nature of the struggle has shifted. Judge Campbell took just 10 pages to make short shrift of our argument that the Human Rights Tribunals are mandated to be "sensitive" - not to all ethnic minorities but in reality just to the "favored" ones with "official victim status".

Now Canadians will have to live with the results. The public gets the laws they deserve because of the politicians they elect in election after election. That is the way the system obviously intends to make me conform - by breaking me financially. That's the way they have done it in Europe for the last 50 years. This is new to Canada's judicial-political scene.

I have valiantly struggled to keep the censors at bay in Canada - at horrendous costs to myself, in money and in energy and nerves. I have held the censors at bay for exactly two decades - twenty years of the prime of my life. We are working like beavers to get the word out, to spread the message far and wide by every means - electronic, radio, public access television, satellite television, newsletters, handbills, posters, lick-and-stick miniposters etc. You, my friends around the world, have helped in this massive campaign with money, moral support, actual demonstrations, letters to the editors, your own websites, mailing campaigns, telephone trees, personal visits to cops, politicians, newspaper editors. You name it - we have done it!

And now a new Millennium is dawning, and as you observe the news, you will see that the main focus of attack is not even primarily against Revisionists any longer. The war has vastly widened - and now the targets are the Christians and academics, even political insiders like Pat Buchanan. In America, the Megiddo Report that names patriot Christians in so many words as "enemies of the state" has stirred up a hornets nest - as just a few days are left of the old millennium. A new era is now dawning. The Age of Lies is dying. The Age of Truth is upon us - for the advent and presence of the Internet has changed and is changing everything. (...)

(Michael Hoffman wrote, in part, referring to the Errol Morris film and his having had to doctor the original "Revisionist" movie, "Mr. Death", described as "disturbing", to conform to the politically correct script:)

All the money in the world cannot buy the experience of total freedom that comes of such merry defiance! It is a sensation poor Mr. Morris, with all his funding and prestige, will never know, unless he too grows himself a pair of testicles.

Ingrid Rimland tells me that Michael Hoffman is one of the most widely read cyber activists - and that this essay drew praise from all over the world.

This is only one example of how deceitful mainstream media no longer really count. Computer penetration and Internet connections are reaching the saturation point in North America. Very soon, everybody will be able to research and verify almost anything about every topic or every person. We are all becoming as transparent as if X-rayed. Now, lies die with the click of a mouse - lies that used to plague the world for decades, even centuries. The enemies of life and the perverters of truth now have very few places to hide. For just a little while longer, the mainstream media will obligingly lie for them and twist or suppress the facts - they do so at their peril! What we are witnessing is monumental! Icons shatter! The powerful tremble! The weak are empowered! The liberation through information is upon us! Tomorrow will belong to us!

I want to thank each and every one of you for your help, your loyalty and, yes, your love and kindness towards me for so many years. I want to thank you for your devotion to the cause of truth and freedom. There is no way that I could have achieved alone what we have achieved together. Time and again we have demonstrated that there is strength in unity - in unity of purpose and in dedication to ideals and core values. I feel privileged, humbled and blessed beyond measure to have been able with your help to play this role in the last days, months and years of this dying century and millennium.

I know that, with your help, I have done honor to my first and last names. Ernst or "Ernest", as some will call me, was serious, or earnest in what I undertook - not flighty or frivolous. "Zünd(el)" in German is the root word for anything that ignites or lights or sets something on fire. A match is "ein Zündholz." A spark is "ein Zündfunke." A spark plug is "eine Zündkerze." The ignition of a car is "die Zündung." The list goes on and on. I ignited the worldwide Revisionist debate by sending Leuchter to Poland on the advice of my good friend and mentor, Dr. Robert Faurisson. He had the spark of genius - I simply lit the intellectual fuse. I was the "Zündung" supplying the spark to the pistons, which drove the motor of Revisionism - and all the rest is history!

We are a team! Alone, we are isolated and easily checkmated, intimidated and often simply overwhelmed by the might of the enemies of freedom. Together we are strong, resolute and, I believe firmly, invincible. Quite simply, we are destined for victory - and will live up to that obligation in the new millennium exactly as we did in the old. Together, we Revisionists will make sure that the lie and hoax of the 20th century will die with this troubled, dishonest century! We will not allow it to dominate the thinking of the next - and of the new millennium. We will not!

Have a good Christmas and a happy New Year!

I thank you, my friends - and I count on you! All the best,

Ernst Zündel


Thought for the Day:

"Time has chosen their Person of the Century, a person who must have had the most profound effect on humanity, good OR bad. Is he a doctor who cured leukemia? Is he a scientist who talked to little green men? Is it Gentile (?) Bill Gates who changed the life of every human on the planet? Is it a Ruskie who murdered 60 million Christians? Could it be a Nobel laureate who found the secret for world peace? Hell no. A resounding NO. It is the man who changed the way we BUY things, yes, buy things, my friends, and one whose company has yet to make a single dime. We are talking here about Amazon.com's founder, khazar Jeff BEZOS. But then we already knew that. I told you last week."

(Letter to the Zundelsite)

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