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December 29, 1999

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Little did I know even two days ago - as I chopped up the Myatt essay into four parts to save myself a little time - what a media avalanche was just about to break across America about the Errol Morris film that deals with "Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter Jr."

As I promised, I am giving you the second part of this Myatt essay that addresses the fragility of the Holocaust story - but already it is sorely obsolete. It must have been written quite a few years ago because it mentions only the Leuchter Report. Of course there is much more! Since every day new readers join the ZGram list - and even though this is "old hat" for us - it's still worthwhile to summarize once more what Leuchter's story is really all about:

2) The second reason to be critical of the Holocaust story is a scientific one. Either the victims of this Holocaust were killed in the manner which has (...) been claimed, or they were not. All accounts of the Holocaust insist that a majority of them were gassed in gas chambers, using the chemical Zyklon B. At Auschwitz, held up as a symbol of this Holocaust, some of these gas chambers - and some the crematoria said to be used to dispose of most of the bodies - are said to still exist, as they are in some other camps, such as Birkenau and Majdanek.

If the Holocaust had occurred, in the manner claimed, then this method of killing people would have worked, in the manner described, just as the facilities for such killing, and the disposal of bodies, would have worked. Furthermore, there should be some FORENSIC evidence - for example, traces of the chemical used, in the brickwork of the gas chambers, and piles of ash, produced from the millions of corpses.

A scientific examination of the remains of what has been claimed to be "gas chambers", by an expert in execution gas chambers (still used to kill a single individual in the USA) has been undertaken, with forensic samples taken from sites where killings were alleged to have taken place. These forensic samples were taken to try and find traces of the chemical killing agent used - that is, hydrogen cyanide.

The findings were published in two reports, and given in evidence during the Holocaust denial trial of German-Canadian Ernst Zündel. The reports are The Leuchter Report and *A Technical Report on the Execution Gas Chamber*. The Technical Report concluded that Zyklon B could not have been used in the manner described by Holocaust story-tellers. The forensic analysis failed to find the levels of cyanide which would have been scientifically expected had the facilities been used in the manner described by the holocaust story-tellers.

The conclusion is that the method of extermination which has been alleged, in the manner described by all historians, all so-called "survivors" of the camps, and all so-called academic authorities, and in the facilities described by them, is scientifically impossible.

Either the exterminations at Auschwitz and elsewhere occurred in the manner which has been systematically claimed since 1945 - or they did not. If they did not or could not occur in the manner claimed, then those claims are fraudulent, and the authority, unbiased credentials, judgment, reason or faculties of those so making such claims must be called into question, however many such claims there are, however rationally and unbiased they seem to be presented, and however esteemed or academically eminent are those making such claims.

Of course, since the above reports are so damaging to the whole Holocaust story, many attempts have been made to discredit them, and their author, with the author having been physically attacked, subject to intimidation and legal proceedings in an attempt to remove him from his employment because of his dissenting views. Such attacks against those who dissent are in themselves highly indicative of the false nature of the Holocaust story.

Since yesterday, it has been raining reviews and commentary on the Errol Morris / Leuchter documentary across the country. My phone has not stopped ringing. My fax spits copy after copy. Just a few hours ago I learned of three more major reviews - by the New York Post, the New Republic, and now a Reuters release, already being picked up by several smaller papers.

What does it all mean? Our opposition are frantically promoting the story of Leuchter - after practically somersaulting for ten years, oy-veying and wringing their hands, while trying to suppress it globally. Suddenly they are pulling out every stop! Can the Oscars be now far behind?

The media's grand theme is transparent even to the casual observer: "How could a 'nice' but banal man like Leuchter have done such a dastardly deed - gone to the holy sites at Auschwitz and callously chiseled away at "history"? Is that the best censors can deliver?

For over a decade the Holocaust censors have suppressed and made illegal in many countries the very mention of this daring Leuchter expedition that took place right in the middle of the 1988 Zundel Trial. They have criminally charged and convicted people to huge fines and years in prison for merely mentioning Leuchter and his investigative results. Will Errol Morris now face jail - just like Fred Leuchter, Dr. Toben, Germar Rudolf and Ernst Zundel - next time he visits Germany? Günther Deckert, a German educator and former leader of Germany's most successful right-wing political party, has spent years in a German jail for merely translating a speech at a public meeting where Leuchter told his own story - the way Errol Morris is now telling it in his acclaimed, artistic film. Hundreds of others are in jail or in front of courts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and elsewhere - for writing and talking this story!

Think about it! This Errol Morris film has pulled the rug out from under the censors - even while it engages in typical tribal, coy slight-of-hand and talmudic gyrations that we have come to know so well. This about-face strategy by the "traditional enemy", as David Irving calls the Holocaust Promoters, is still somewhat of a mystery to me because it is such a sudden and seemingly illogical switcheroo. Here comes a total departure from hitherto totally adhered-to policy of "Leuchter Denial" in the corridors of power!

Could it be that so much public pressure to release the facts and demand for the truth about Auschwitz has built up, especially on the Internet, that they have to let off some pressure and steam and have decided to make a whipping boy and sacrificial lamb of Leuchter? Will it work? Of course not. It didn't work with Zundel - did it? This film would never have come about, had Mr. Zundel not cooperated with Errol Morris and made available to him his original Leuchter film footage, shot on location in 1988 in Auschwitz.

I predict the release and promotion of this film will bite the censors in the unmentionable in most unpleasant ways in months and years to come. It is a sad but telling fact that Errol Morris saw fit to change and sanitize the initial versions - but we are happy as the proverbial larks that the Great Holocaust Debate has finally gone mainstream and sits smack center stage, just grinning at the censors!

As for Revisionists - we are all set to go. I tried two search engines this morning. One showed 1,157 Leuchter documents on the net, the other 1,575. Already Revisionist website counts are daily doubling - and the film's run has barely begun. With this controversial film, the genie is out of the bottle. This action on the Lobby's part will bring to light a lot of subsequent developments around the Leuchter story. Like a dam that has sprung a leak, the force of the released torrent will unleash its primordial energy, sweeping away all the lies before it in its path. In the process, it will carve new riverbeds, a new consciousness, and streams of truth and historical research will take on new directions. Just stand by, watch and marvel!

Who would have predicted this four years ago when we had the cyber war around the Zundelsite and the booklet "Did Six Million Really Die?" was sizzling on the Zundelsite - and hundreds of thousands blue ribbons sprang up in response to the censor's demands that the truth be suppressed on the net?

The Leuchter Reports, all four of them, will stand the test of scrutiny and time as exemplary pioneering efforts to find the truth - and proclaim it! Subsequent investigations by Austrian engineer Walter Lüftl and German chemist Germar Rudolf already proved that Leuchter was on the right track. These scientists fleshed out and refined Leuchter's work and came to even more devastating results to damage the audacious tale of the Holocaust promoters. Even the Polish Cracow Report in all its fuzziness has found essentially the same scientific results as did the Revisionist investigations. And best of all, any serious scientist, once alerted to the Leuchter findings, can check the facts and even replicate the lab results and come to his own conclusions. The German and other European governments, who have persecuted Leuchter, Lüftl and Rudolf for their intellectual honesty and scientific incorruptibility, will soon become the laughing stock of the world as men with impeccable training, unassailable credentials, and independent character will dig into this story, dissect it like surgeons and lay bare the cancerous lies.

Israel, chief benefactor of the Holocaust Lie for the last fifty years, will soon find that it can no longer hide behind the Holocaust shield and rely on the safety net and good will generated by the largely false but emotional Holocaust claims. Its "victimhood" will be revealed as the callous, premeditated scam that it is to deceive the world and to enrich itself on the spurious, fallacious claims by its unscrupulous propaganda machinery. The age of truth is upon us. The world will be free of the Holocaust Curse. The liars will soon be dashing for cover.

Not for naught has Aaron Breitbart of the Wiesenthal Center called "Mr. Death" ... PERNICIOUS!

`Tomorrow: Part III of they Myatt Essay


Thought for the Day:

"The old theory of Germany as an economic giant but a political midget was over with German unification" in 1990 . . ."

(Gerhard Schroeder, current Chancellor of Germany)

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