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December 31, 1999

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Now to the third part of the Myatt Essay, interrupted yesterday:

3) Another reason to be critical of the Holocaust story is the fact that the works of contemporary historians, and academics, concerning Adolf Hitler, National Socialist Germany and National Socialism itself, cannot be relied upon to be unbiased and factual, and that therefore it is not possible to quote such "authorities" and their work(s) in support of some argument or counter-argument, particularly when such an argument or counter-argument relates to such things as German policy toward the Jews before and during the Second World War.

The veracity of most if not all post-war historians, and all academics, who have dealt with or who deal with such topics as National Socialism and the Third Reich must be called into question quite simply because they have accepted lies, propaganda, forgeries and rumours as historical facts, and because their work, while often purporting to be unbiased, never once presents a reasonable and genuinely unbiased analysis of National Socialism, as will be explained - the documentary evidence often used to support both the story of the Holocaust and the "official version" of the events of the period, has been tampered with.

Three examples of the basically flawed approach used by such historians and academics will be given, although very many more could be cited. The first was the general acceptance of "Hitler's Secret Book" as genuine - when in fact it is a blatant forgery. The second was - and is - the general acceptance of the so-called "Hitler's Secret Conversations" or "Hitler's Table Talk" when this is also a forgery. The third was - and is - the general acceptance of the testimony and memoirs of survivors of the "death camps", former "repentant Nazis" and so on, without subjecting these to logical or scientific analyses, and without any other reliable corroborating evidence the substantiate the claims. Two examples of this are the Hoess memoirs - allegedly written by the former commandant of a "death camp" while awaiting trial after the war - and the "Gerstein Statement".

Basically, historians can write and have written what they want to, with hardly any fear of objective scrutiny. The truth is that the opponents of National Socialism - the post-war governments of America, Britain, France, the Soviet Union and what was West Germany - have in their possession all the official German documents relating to the period 1919-1945, and they have systemically removed or destroyed any and all documents which do not support the official anti-National Socialist history they have created for that period. They have done this because their very existence and their policies, now, in the future and in the past, depends on this "official" history; because the officials of such governments have vested interest in protecting the established reputations of their war-time, and post-war, leaders and officials, and because they have to continue to justify the total war which was fought to defeat National Socialist Germany, and the continuing post-war persecution and show trials of National Socialists.

The modern Zionist State of Israel, in particular, has a vested interest in such things, since it owes its own existence to the story of the Holocaust, and since this story has been used and is being used by this Zionist state to further the interests of that State. Some of these post-war governments have also connived to produce false documents. It needs to be repeated that after the end of the Second World War the victorious Allies, and the Soviets, captured every single German official document which existed, and captured all the archives of the German government and the NSDAP. Many such archives - and tons of such official documents - were removed wholesale, during the post-war Allied and Soviet Occupation, ostensibly for safe-keeping, or historical research, or for "war-crimes" trials.

These Allies, and the Soviets, had conducted a total war against National Socialist Germany, ruthlessly bombing German cities and towns, and ruthlessly using their superior fire-power and manpower to defeat German troops. The Allies and the Soviets were dedicated to the total eradication of German National Socialism, and to this end conducted an intense propaganda campaign designed to discredit Adolf Hitler and National Socialism, and designed to rally the fighting spirit of their own troops. As such, the victorious Allies and the Soviets were hardly unbiased toward the German government and toward National Socialism.

One example of the disappearance or destruction of important documents concerns the flight of Rudolf Hess to Britain. Hess was the bearer of an official flag of truce - and according to all the rules and conventions of war should have been received and treated as such. His flight to Britain was covertly arranged with the assistance of the Edward, Duke of Windsor. The aim was for Hess to go to Scotland to meet with the Duke of Hamilton (a close friend of the Duke of Windsor) and with a senior official from the Churchill government.

The basic idea - which was for someone to carry proposals for a peace between Britain and Germany - came from Hess himself. Hitler approved, and Hess volunteered for this special mission, since he possessed the flying skills necessary to fly to and to land undetected in Britain, and was Adolf Hitler's deputy, and thus a most senior German official. The idea also had the support of the Duke of Windsor, who secretly arranged the meeting using his own diplomatic contacts. Churchill - and others - secretly agreed to this meeting, although it was later to transpire that they had no intention of making peace, and used the events surrounding the flight to put pressure on the Duke of Windsor so that he would henceforth take no part in the war, would withdraw his clandestine support for National Socialist Germany and cease his efforts to arrange a just peace. They also considered the capture of a high-ranking Nazi official would be useful, since they considered he would have a good knowledge of German military capability and strategy.

On his flight, Hess carried several letters - one from Adolf Hitler himself, and one from the Duke of Windsor. These letters - and the other documents Hess carried - have since disappeared or been destroyed.

The same fate has befallen all the relevant intelligence and diplomatic reports received by the Churchill government, or made by them concerning this matter. Some of these reports dealt with the meetings between the Duke of Windsor and officials of the German government, and some of them dealt with the meeting which Hess himself had, in 1939, with the Duke of Windsor. One can be fairly certain that when the British government papers relating to the Hess flight are finally released (their release keeps being postponed "in the interests of national security") all the relevant documents will have disappeared, and the papers will confirm the basic official government story, with perhaps one or two "surprising and interesting" details thrown in, with these details manufactured and designed to cleverly explain why the documents have been classified for so long.

The dishonourable treatment of Rudolf Hess, while in the hands of the Churchill government, should be noted. Despite being a bearer of a Flag of Truce - which should have accorded him diplomatic privileges and freedom - he was treated as a common criminal, and imprisoned without trial. He was also injected with "truth drugs" by a Jewish psychiatrist, a certain Major R. Dicks, who worked for MI6. He was held in solitary confinement for the duration of the war and was, in total, to spend forty-six years in Allied captivity, most of them in solitary confinement. During these years, everything he wrote down - except for the heavily censored letters he wrote to his wife and son - was destroyed.

Tomorrow: Conclusion of the Myatt Essay


Thought for the Day:

"I was watching the Charlie Rose show on television Tues. night -- his guest being the cigarette-puffing ex-W. German chancellor, Helmut Schmidt. I perked up when Rose asked Schmidt about ten minutes into the interview the following question:

"It has been reported that the bookseller amazon.com has received many orders for Hitler's _Mein Kampf_ from people in Germany and has had difficulty in shipping the books into Germany. Is it possible to buy _Mein Kampf_ in German bookstores?"

Chancellor Schmidt pauses, takes a big drag on his cigarette - and lies through his teeth:

"Yes, one can get the book . . . but it might be difficult, as there is no real demand for it."

(Letter to the Zundelsite)

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