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ZGram: Where Truth is Destiny

March 30, 2000

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

These days, the ADLers and their ilk are a mighty worried bunch, and with good cause: Revisionism flourishes in Arab countries as it has never bloomed before, crowned just last week with the astounding Mufti Story, of which more shall be said below.

But first things first.

From Dr. Faurisson of France came this:

"La Monde of 28 March 2000 says that the Great Mufti of Jerusalem, in the presence of Pope John Paul II, accused, on the 25th of March, Israel of ***having exaggerated the extent of the "Holocaust"*** in order to get international support. (Emphasis in original)

This is, I think, the first time that the equivalent of a chief of state made such a revisionist claim, being in his official position. Franjo Tudjman had only written a somewhat revisionist book; he had spoken as an author or as an historian.

Ahmed Rami told me that he had received more than a million of visits on his site in 15 days. (Editorial comment: Rami owns <http://abbc.com/islam/> Iranian television produced a TV series on Revisionism. I got the video but, unfortunately, I do not understand Persian. Anyway, it seems very good (except for the technical quality) and really dramatic. You could see Garaudy, Pierre Guillaume, some other French people and myself. I am shown speaking (in Vichy, or in French courts, or in Stockholm) for quite a while. (...)

A 700 page book has been published yesterday: Histoire du négationisme, in France. Quite surprising! More about that later!

Of course the enemy is quite beside himself! For once, the tables have been turned, especially in the Muslim world.

Straight from the Horse's Mouth: <http://www.adl.org/frames/front_demonization.html> Title "Anti-Semitism and Demonization of Israel in the Arab Media January - February 2000":

In recent weeks, there has been a dramatic increase in Holocaust denial and incendiary analogies between Israel and the Nazis in the Arab media. From Syria and Lebanon to the Gulf States, articles and caricatures have denied or diminished the Holocaust and have depicted Israeli leaders as Nazis and Israeli policy as equal to or more brutal than the Third Reich.

Unfortunately, anti-Semitism and demonization of Israel have long been present in the Arab media. Such articles and caricatures appear in newspapers in countries and entities with whom Israel has peaceful relations or who are negotiating partners - Egypt, the Palestinian Authority, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan - and those countries not engaged in negotiations - Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States and others. While such manifestations are more prevalent during times of Arab-Israeli crisis, they also appear during periods of calm or progress in the peace process.

The most recent explosion of anti-Jewish anti-Israel depictions have mostly been connected with the escalation of tensions in Lebanon. However, the first salvo was lobbed just before the outbreak of fighting, with the appearance of an article in the official Syrian newspaper Tishreen, that described the Holocaust as a myth propagated by Israel. The article appeared during the breakdown in Israel-Syria negotiations.

Below is a compilation of recent manifestations of anti-Semitism in the Arab media:

* "Zionism created the Holocaust myth to blackmail and terrorize the world's intellectuals and politicians. Israel now is dealing with Arabs in occupied Syrian Golan Heights, Palestine and South Lebanon in the same way by burning any chance to realize the just and comprehensive peace that returns rights to their owners . . .Why does Israel insist on bringing up this alleged Holocaust policy? I believe Israel and Zionist organizations have two aims. The first is to receive more money from Germany and other Western establishments on the pretext of compensation for the Holocaust. The second aim is to invest the myth of the Holocaust and accuse anyone opposed to Zionism and its expansionist policies of anti-Semitism."

--Tishreen, government-owned Syrian daily, January 31, 2000 (editorial by Editor-in- Chief Mohamed Kheir al-Wadi)

* "Israel does not want to forget Holocaust stories and all the exaggerations they contain and does not want the whole world to forget."

--Al-Madina, Jedda-based, conservative Saudi daily, February 3, 2000

* "All those who saw Levy on television threatening Lebanon were reminded of the Nazi period."

--Al-Baath, government-owned Syrian daily, February 10, 2000

* "At the same time that Israel is engaged in organizing international conventions to commemorate the Holocaust, the Zionists are trying to gag the world and prevent it from stating the truth on the subject, Israel is itself pursuing a 'Holocaust Policy' against Lebanon. I think there is no greater distortion of facts and history than this."

--Tishreen, government-owned Syrian daily, February 21, 2000 (editorial by Editor-in-Chief Mohamed Kheir al-Wadi)

* A political cartoon depicts Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak as Adolph Hitler dressed in a Nazi uniform with a swastika armband. In the background is an Israeli warplane bombing Lebanon, and a caption reading "In Lebanon, Israel is behaving like the Nazis."

--Al-Watan, semi-independent Qatari daily, February 21, 2000

* "Israel has revealed itself as an entity steeped in racism, hate, and state-sponsored terrorism, which has surpassed even the Nazis in its criminal acts of murder, destruction and devastation, and in its disdain for humanity."

--Al-Thawra, government-owned Syrian daily, February 22, 2000 (editorial by Editor Muhammed Ali Bouzha)

* "The same Nazi David Levy, who recently threatened to burn Lebanon, reiterated the same Nazi statements against a country which is only fighting the tyranny of Nero to end the occupation and live in peace . . . This Levy and his Nazi general Ehud Barak will carrying on making threats until the Arabs adopt a practical position to put an end to Zionist arrogance."

--Al-Khaleej, Sharjah-based influential United Arab Emirates daily, February 24, 2000

* "He [Israeli Foreign Minister David Levy] repeated his threats this time from the rostrum of the Knesset, copying Hitler, with the same stance, the same gestures, the same voice, the same manner and the same threats. Levy's threats to kill children and burn Lebanon reveal the mentality of Israel, which is playing the role of the Nazi executioners who burned the Jews in Auschwitz, according to the Zionists."

--State-owned Syrian radio, February 24, 2000 (daily commentary report)

* Israeli Foreign Minister David Levy's statements "proved that Zionism was the descendant of Nazism."

--Al-Ittihad, United Arab Emirates daily, February 25, 2000

* A television ad shows footage from Israeli Foreign Minister David Levy's speech to the Knesset in which he threatened to "burn the soil of Lebanon" alongside black-and-white footage from Hitler's Nazi rallies. The words "same speech" are written at the bottom of the screen which then shows a Nazi swastika with the word "original" written under it, and Israel's Star of David symbol above the word "copy." The next images are of footage of casualties from IDF attacks on Lebanon and Nazi concentration camps, followed by the words: "Same hatred. Same racism. Same criminality. Same history." The ad ends with the words: "They are killing the children of Lebanon. They are burning its soil."

--State-run Lebanese television, February 28, 2000


You see the Boomerang Effect? And there is more, as I'll be happy to report tomorrow.

During my recent trip I saw the "Mufti" story in passing, but it sure caught my eye. It is an astonishing story.

I had never heard the word "Mufti" before, and I take it that most of my readers haven't either. A Mufti, it turns out, is a high ranking Muslim official, and this one is a nifty Mufti who is not burdened with the obligatory collective guilt over the so-called "Holocaust". His name is Sheikh Ikrema Sabri.

As Dr. Faurisson already told us, Sheikh Sabri is the Mufti of Jerusalem - an important symbolic position for Muslims - and what he did last week was this: he upstaged the carefully orchestrated visit of the Beholden Pope to Israel and revealed himself as a Holocaust Revisionist of a caliber usually only found in the IHR ranks.

Here are some Mufti quotes, as reported in the Sydney Morning Herald, March 27, 2000:

"It's true, the number was less than 6 million and Israel is using the issue to get sympathy worldwide," Sheikh Sabri said. "The Jewish people had found a formidable way of winning solidarity from the world. (...)

"It's not my problem. Muslims didn't do anything on this issue," he said. "It's the doing of Hitler who hated Jews. It's not my fault if Hitler hated the Jews. Anyway, they hate them just about everywhere."

Sheikh Sabri said he did not deny the Holocaust happened but said: "I think the figures [of the number of victims] have been exaggerated. Six million? It was a lot less."

Now will the skeptics and critics of Revisionism please take note? It's not as if - as has been often claimed - Revisionism isn't "with it"!

This is a highly significant development for the Arabs, especially their elite, to have caught on to the fact that both sword and shield for Israel are spelled the "HOLOCAUST"! Now will America and Germany please follow?

In places it is even happening. An East Coast ZGram reader wrote:

"I sent you a few articles on the holocaust from the NY Post and the NY Daily News. They quote an AP wire by the Mufti. This is remarkable in this city !

The Black and Arab New Yorkers are awake, now many White people are beginning to open their eye. And, as for the Pope, he is really p-----g off Catholics. Here in NYC, Jews are openly hostile to Christians, Catholics being at the top of the list."

And another one who wrote from the Midwest:

* I was flabbergasted by this morning's (Sunday) Colorado Springs paper.

Right in the middle of page 1 was a story on how the Pope has been put on the spot by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Ikrima Sabri. The latter, a Yasser Arafat appointee to one of the most prestigious posts in world Islam, masterfully jumped the gun with the world media a day before he was to meet with John Paul by denouncing the Israelis for exaggerating "the number of Jews killed in the Nazi Holocaust in order to get political support."

This just as John Paul was groveling through the miserable Yad Vashem necrophilia emporium and once again doing his "Pardon me for breathing" apology routine.

No doubt about it: the Arabs are finally waking up from their 50-year drugged sleep!

The C-Springs story was in the dispatch by Cox News Service, which runs the Atlanta Journal & Constitution -- Deborah Lipstadt country, of course. In the Denver Rocky Mountain News appeared the New York Times dispatch, by Deborah Sontag, which is full of great quotes.

Even the "lead" (opening paragraph) is great!

"JERUSALEM--The mufti of Jerusalem, who is scheduled to meet with Pope John Paul II on Sunday, said Saturday that he was fed up with 'the way Israel uses the Holocaust to win sympathy' and to avoid international censure for its behavior toward the Palestinians..."

That one is particularly deadly because invocations of "the Palestinians" have automatic appeal to liberal-lefties everywhere. And yet, I'll bet Deborah Sontag is one of the Tribe herself.

And oodles of other great zingers follow.

Unfortunately, at this writing (Sunday night) I don't have the full NYT story at hand. Also, I had no opportunity, up here in the mountains, to review other major media, like the Washington Post and L.A. Times. But I'll bet you can put together a terrific Z-gram on this one.

Great news, what? Damn the torpedoes--full speed ahead!

So you see, the years and decades of patient information outreach into the Moslem Crescent are finally paying the first dividends. This will now happen at an accelerated pace.

No wonder our enemies are panicky. They ***know*** that their power is waning - and that, soon, they will have to face the bars of history if not the bars of justice for their tortures and murders of innocent humans and their extortions of billions upon billions, based on often concocted and fraudulent "Holocaust" claims.



Thought for the Day:

"Knock down the 'holocaust' lie anyway you can. From there their power springs. It's not that deep."

(Letter to the Zundelsite)


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