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ZGram: Where Truth is Destiny

April 25, 2001

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Herewith just a few snippets from a long speech by an Arab leader that is sending the opposition screeching on the diplomatic stage.

Dated yesterday, April 24, 2001, the paragraphs come from a Reuters Release. Zundelsite comments follow selected paragraphs:


http://dailynews.yahoo.com/htx/nm/20010424/wl/ mideast_iran_dc_1.html

Tuesday, April 24, 2001

TEHRAN (Reuters) --

Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Tuesday that Zionists had exaggerated the Holocaust to justify crimes against Palestinians.


It took 56 years for this issue to finally be put on the table at an international conference. Across the globe, Revisionists are asking for smiles and "thumbs up!" Revisionism is truly like a prairie fire - with stealth, it eats its way below the roots until it suddenly pops up!


"There is evidence which shows that Zionists had close relations with German Nazis and exaggerated statistics on Jewish killings," Khamenei said in an opening speech at a conference in support of the seven-month-old Palestinian Intifada, or uprising. He said Zionists had done this "as a means to attract the sympathy of public opinion and is paving the way for the occupation of Palestine and a justification for Zionist crimes."


Benjamin Freedman, US Jewish writer and a very honest man, wrote that already in the 1950s. Joseph Ginsburg, German Talmud scholar, wrote and said that during lectures in the 1960s. Alfred Lilienthal did it in the 1970s. Professor Dommergue did it in the 1980s, and young Revisionist David Cole, Professor Peter Novick and even Professor Norman Finkelstein did it at the end of 1990s' and into the New Millennium. So this is hardly news.

It has only become newsworthy because suddenly the Arabs have discovered it and are using it as a propaganda weapon on the international level.


At least 385 Palestinians, 13 Israeli Arabs and 74 other Israelis have been killed during the uprising against Israeli occupation that began in late September. Some six million Jews were exterminated in Nazi death camps during World War II, leading to a mass emigration of European Jews during and after the conflict and boosting efforts to establish a Jewish state in Palestine.


Imagine! Mass immigration of Jews from Europe to Palestine after a supposed "genocide by the Nazis" - enough people to form an entire new state! That can't have been a very effective "extermination program" of the fabled but utterly invented "six million"!


"There is even evidence on hand that a large number of non-Jewish hooligans and thugs of eastern Europe were forced to migrate to Palestine as Jews," Khamenei said. "The purpose was to install in the heart of the Islamic world an anti- Islamic state under the guise of supporting the victims of racism and to create a rift between the east and the west of the Islamic world," he said. Israeli attacks on Palestinians, Lebanon and Syria, clearly showed the "satanic intentions of Israel and her Western supporters," Khamenei said.


Iran's leader obviously has his facts or at least his dates mixed up. The hooligans, gangsters, prostitution ring operators, money launderers and other criminal elements came in the late 1980s and 1990s under "Let my People go" agitation, where some criminal elements fanned out across the globe - not only to Israel, but also to Germany, Holland, France, Canada and even America - a considerable number of them not Jews by religion at all.


The heads of Lebanon's Hizbollah, Palestinian Hamas and Islamic Jihad are attending the two-day Tehran conference. More than 30 parliamentary delegations made up of some 100 MPs from Arab and Muslim states and pro-Palestinian Zionist organizations were also present.


That's a large number of MPs when one considers the size of these states. No names are given of the alleged Hizbollah, Hamas and Jihad "Leaders". Why not?

Or were these labels just thrown in to agitate and scare off others?


Palestinian President Yasser Arafat and heads of Muslim states were notable by their absence from the meeting. Baghdad refused to send a delegation at all after Iran fired 56 Scud missiles at Iranian rebel camps in Iraq last week.


It is significant and telling that there seems to have been no official Palestinian presence or heads of states there. Obviously the pressure from the "Arab man in the street", where Holocaust topics have been discussed with increasing intensity, has not yet shifted the thinking of the Western indoctrinated and trained power elite.

However, the situation seems fluid - and in that region of the globe, given Israel's behavior with Sharon calling the shots, Revisionism as a tool towards liberation will be reached for with an intensity and speed which will astonish many.

Thought for the Day:

"Rock throwing children are a threat to the security of Israel. Such an unstable country."

-- The Iron Webmaster, 740

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