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Fwd: ZGram - 12/3/2004 - "Imagine my shock!"

zgrams at zgrams.zundelsite.org
Fri Dec 3 14:19:21 EST 2004

>ZGram Where Truth is Destiny:  Now more than ever!
>December 3, 2004
>Good Morning from the Zundelsite:
>I guess that Britain is in need of yet more Holocaust indoctrination?
>Half of adults have not heard of Auschwitz
>By Tom Leonard, Media Editor
>(Filed: 03/12/2004)
>Almost half the adult population has never heard of Auschwitz, the 
>infamous Nazi death damp, according to a poll to mark the 60th 
>anniversary of the death camp's liberation.
>More than one million people died in the camp in Poland during the 
>Second World War, but 45 per cent of the 4,000 people questioned in 
>the survey said they had never heard of it. Among women and the 
>under-35s, the level of ignorance rose to 60 per cent.
>The poll was commissioned by the BBC ahead of a £3 million BBC2 
>series, Auschwitz: The Nazis and the 'Final Solution', which 
>includes the testimony of nearly 100 survivors and perpetrators, 
>including several former members of the SS.
>Laurence Rees, the series producer, said the latter needed 
>considerable persuasion to talk. They expressed little or no regret.
>"Pretty much none of the former Nazis we interviewed are sorry," he 
>said. "We expected them to say, 'I was only acting under orders', 
>but they didn't. At the time they thought it was the right thing to 
>do, which we found particularly frightening."
>Rees, who made the critically acclaimed series The Nazis: A Warning 
>From History, said he was "astonished" at the level of public 
>ignorance about what he described as a "byword for horror". He said: 
>"Auschwitz was the site of the biggest mass murder in history yet to 
>these people the word means nothing."
>The six-part series uses dramatic reconstruction and computer 
>graphics to show viewers how the camp operated but it will focus 
>most on the motivation behind it.
>The BBC will screen a musical performance from the museum of 
>Auschwitz-Birkenau on the anniversary in January, and a documentary 
>in which a survivor revisits the camp.
>Other highlights of BBC2's winter season include The Ann Widdecombe 
>Project, in which the Conservative MP becomes an agony aunt and 
>attempts to solve family crises, relationship problems and work 
>David Tibballs, the executive producer, said: "She had mixed 
>results. But people responded very well to Ann. She offers very 
>straightforward, practical advice and she tells it how she sees it."
>Michael Howard, the Tory leader, and his wife, Sandra, have granted 
>behind-the-scenes access to the political journalist Michael 
>Cockerell in Cockerell on Howard.
>BBC2 will risk incurring the wrath of conservative campaigners when 
>it screens uncut Jerry Springer: The Opera. The West End production 
>features transsexuals, a man in a nappy and liberal use of the 
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