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ZGram - 12/4/2004 - "Sadistic e-mail graffiti"

zgrams at zgrams.zundelsite.org
Mon Dec 6 06:47:45 EST 2004

Zgram - Where Truth is Destiny:  Now more than ever!

December 4, 2004

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

I don't do this often because I don't want to sully the Zundelsite 
with sickening content, but every once in a while I need to show my 
readers what life is like for those of us who fight for historical 

I found the following message this morning, announced with a subject 
line meant to trick me to open this particular e-mail.  It was 
written by a creature whose screen name is rick_loew1 at yahoo.com

Let me also caution you not to reply unless you want to complain to 
Yahoo.  We are discerning people and don't engage in mudslinging of 
this sort - at least not with my endorsement and approval. 

Let me also say that I don't believe the incident he describes.  Any 
trained psychologist would recognize it as a dangerous sadistic 

The Subject line that greeted me read:

German bashing will never stop as long as
To: irimland at zundelsite.org

Followed by:


Krauts are still alive on the planet.

It will take 6 million years before
intense hatred for all things Germans
lessens slightly.

Understand ???

I have the greatest pleasure of recounting
an incident.

I am jewish and was a student in Germany
for three years.

My room mate was a German who did not know
I was a Jew.
One day when he was sleeping on the futon,
I tied his hands and legs tightly to it
and then took out my belt and beat him
senseless for two hours.
He was unconcious (sic) for a day.

Next day I threatened to turn him
over to the police as a Holocaust-denier.
Hearing this and coming to know of my Jewish
he went down on his knees and profusely apologized to

It made me very very happy.

After which I asked him to quit the room we shared
and I threw his clothes and stuff out of the window.
He meekly complied.

How is that for getting back ???

We will never quit bashing and humiliating all
Germans. The only way to hold Germans under the thumb
is to inflict humiliation upon humiliation on them and
constantly torture them.



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