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ZGram - 12/17/2004 - "Busybody Schmierfinks broad-brushing Buchanan"

zgrams at zgrams.zundelsite.org
Fri Dec 17 15:32:03 EST 2004

Zgram - Where Truth is Destiny:  Now more than ever!

December 17, 2004

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

The Holocaust smear-mongers are at it again!  Read, first, their 
smearing Pat Buchanan by "association twice removed", and second, 
enjoy the follow-up reply by Pastor Mark Dankof. 


Former Senior Aide to Pat Buchanan Spoke at Holocaust-Deniers' Meeting

12/16/2004 8:05:00 AM

To: National Desk

Contact: Rafael Medoff of the David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust 
Studies, 215-635-5622 or rafaelmedoff at aol.com; Web:

MELROSE PARK, Pa., Dec. 15 /U.S. Newswire/ -- A former senior aide to 
talk show host and one-time presidential candidate Pat Buchanan spoke 
at a meeting of Holocaust-deniers earlier this year, according to 
this year's annual report on Holocaust-denial activity around the 

The year-end report, Holocaust Denial: A Global Survey - 2004, has 
been issued by The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies, 
which is located on the campus of Gratz College, near Philadelphia. 
The report's co-authors are Holocaust scholars Dr. Alex Grobman 
(author of a recent book on Holocaust denial) and Dr. Rafael Medoff 
(director of the Wyman Institute).

The complete text of the Wyman Institute's report may be viewed on 
the Wyman Institute's web site, http://www.WymanInstitute.org

The report notes that Peter Gemma, a senior staff member of Pat 
Buchanan's 2000 presidential campaign, spoke at a February 19, 2004 
meeting in Virginia of the Institute for Historical Review, the 
leading Holocaust-denial organization in the United States. Gemma 
introduced the evening's keynote speaker, IHR director Mark Weber.

The association of a former Buchanan aide with Holocaust- deniers is 
particularly noteworthy in view of Buchanan's own troubling positions 
concerning Hitler and the Holocaust. He has written that 850,000 Jews 
could not have been gassed in Treblinka because "diesel engines do 
not emit enough carbon dioxide to kill anybody"; he spoke out on 
behalf of accused Nazi war criminals Karl Linnas and Arthur Rudolph; 
he wrote columns defending Nazi death camp guard John Demjanjuk; he 
described Hitler as "an individual of great courage"; and he mocked 
Holocaust survivors' memories as "group fantasies of martyrdom and 
heroics." (The New Republic, Oct.15 and Oct.22, 1990) In his 1999 
book, A Republic, Not an Empire, Buchanan argued that the U.S. should 
not have gone to war against Nazi Germany.

Other highlights of this year's report:

-- Holocaust-deniers in the United States continued their efforts to 
gain a measure of respectability in 2004, and benefitted from the 
willingness of several individuals of prominence to associate with 
them. In addition to the aforementioned Peter Gemma, a newsletter 
edited by pundit Alexander Cockburn defended imprisoned 
Holocaust-denier Ernst Zundel. Also, Hutton Gibson again publicly 
denied the Holocaust, while his son, actor Mel Gibson, declined to 
clearly dissociate himself from his father's views.

-- Some Arab governments continued to actively promote 
Holocaust-denial in 2004, and a Holocaust-denier emerged as the 
leading candidate for chairmanship of the Palestinian Authority.

-- A number of Western governments and other institutions took 
important steps against Holocaust-deniers. The Canadian government 
sought to deport Ernst Zundel; the government of New Zealand denied 
entry to David Irving; the French government brought charges against 
Bruno Gollnisch; Harvard University returned a gift from an Arab 
leader who promoted Holocaust- denial; and The Nation magazine said 
it would no longer accept advertisements from Holocaust-deniers. Most 
notably, U.S. intervention brought about the first-ever public 
disavowal of Holocaust-denial by an Egyptian government official.


ABOUT THE WYMAN INSTITUTE: The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust 
Studies, located on the campus of Gratz College (near Philadelphia), 
is a research and education institute focusing on America's response 
to the Holocaust. It is named in honor of the eminent historian and 
author of the 1984 best-seller The Abandonment of the Jews, the most 
important and influential book concerning the U.S. response to the 
Nazi genocide.

The Institute's Advisory Committee includes Nobel Peace Prize 
Laureate Elie Wiesel, Members of Congress, and other luminaries.

The Institute's Academic Council includes 48 leading professors of 
the Holocaust, American history, and Jewish history.

The Institute's Arts & Letters Council, chaired by Cynthia Ozick, 
includes prominent artists, writers, musicians, and filmmakers.

(A complete list is available upon request.)



/© 2004 U.S. Newswire 202-347-2770/




Rafael Medoff
The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies
rafaelmedoff at aol.com
Web: http://www.WymanInstitute.org

Mr. Medoff:

I saw your coverage last evening of the IHR meeting in Arlington, VA 
and the accompanying commentary about the presence there of a man 
with connections to Pat Buchanan.

I was present myself that evening in Arlington.  I attended 
personally to evaluate Mark Weber and IHR for the first time without 
filtering through third parties.  Frankly, I believe Mr. Weber made a 
compelling case that night for the Israeli-driven character of the 
current neo-conservative crusade in Iraq under the auspices of 
Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, David Wurmser, and others.  His 
information dovetails with that found on Lew Rockwell.com, 
Antiwar.com, BATR, or any number of other American libertarian and 
paleo-conservative news sites of responsible orientation.  For that 
matter, the documentation Mr. Weber utilized that evening coincides 
with that found regularly in the mainstream European press.  The 
question is begged as to why the same data is systematically censored 
from regular discussion in the establishment print and electronic 
media in the United States.

The other presentations in Arlington on the Zundel deportation to 
Canada and the social-cultural-political implications of America's 
changing demographic landscape were similarly non-rabid and well 
reasoned.  From reading your report, one would have had the 
impression that the material covered and the people present were 
straight out of Kristallnacht.  This is absurd on its face.

The war in Iraq, the burgeoning AIPAC-Larry Franklin spy scandal, 
Israel's policies of occupation and genocide in Palestine, and the 
threat the Israeli Lobby presents to the First Amendment and freedom 
of speech in this country are beginning to awaken new sectors of the 
American public to the nature of the dangerous game being played. 
The orchestrated cries of "anti-Semitism" in response to honest 
Left-Right protests of these policies are intimidating fewer people 
by the day.  Your long-term future, and that of other mainstream 
Jewish lobby NGOs and PACs, will be one of more accountability and 
less Federal government subsidy.  Present circumstances and more 
dissemination of alternative, credible information in an Internet age 
will necessitate this.  Chief among these will be the future mental 
connection made by more Americans between the Likudnik policies of 
the neo-conservatives and the flag-draped coffins enshrouded in 
Red-White-and Blue and returning to Dover AFB in Delaware.

And these legitimate, lawful protests will also proceed as the 
institutions of the New World Order continue to destroy American 
Constitutional presuppositions and government at home.  Of this, you 
can rest assured.


Mark Dankof



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