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ZGram - 12/20/2004 - "Mixed bag of this and that"

zgrams at zgrams.zundelsite.org
Mon Dec 20 05:13:36 EST 2004

ZGram - Where Truth is Destiny:  Now more than ever!

December 20, 2004

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Today's ZGram will be a "mixed bag" - part pitch for support, part 
inspirational update, part global news, the way I used to do ZGrams 
"in the olden days" (ten years ago) when meaningful websites 
depicting our struggle for Truth in History were few and far between 
and I had to depend on readers sending me comments and news. 

Here is a small assortment:


A pointed excerpt from a letter to the Editors of the National Post 
in response to yesterday's article - and the claim of "anti-Zundel 
Zundel watchers" that Ernst is really only after publicity in order 
to embarrass the Canadian legal system:
"The Jews could have left him alone on that hillside in Tennessee 
where he certainly was not bothering the Canadian legal system."


Likewise, three brief comments from readers to me:

"Ingrid:  I think the National Post writer outsmarted himself!"

"Surely you had not forgotten, that the National Post and many other 
news media worldwide,  are owned by the notorious ZIONAZIS, the 
ASPERS?  What else did you expect from such filth - the TRUTH?"

"Some valid points were made in that article, but what a vicious 
string of lies, pejoratives, & defamations!  The valid facts therein 
would have never seen the light of day w/o the Zundel-hating, 
immigrant-pandering BS which surrounded them!   One thing I know for 
sure, if a man is going to come under attack, he could do worse than 
to have a fireball like Ingrid in his corner!"


Our thanks to Jeff Rense of www.rense.com.  His call for Zundel 
postcards has sent us a flood of greetings from all parts of the 
world already - and, I must tell you, a small handful of the most 
genuine and beautiful cards came from Jews.  Ernst's utterly 
unnecessary martyrdom in his cold cell is causing discomfort even in 
enemy quarters.   

My thanks to all who wrote - I only wish that more would have 
included their names and addresses so I could have sent them a sample 
of our monthly newsletter.  It is a sad, sad commentary on our times 
that good people are afraid to put their names to a kind gesture!

Ernst sends his regards and wants you to know that his spirit is 
unbroken.  He has told me repeatedly that he believes a global 
political change for the better can and will happen - as he has put 
it to me many times:  "It could happen very, very fast!"


A long-time friend sent this suggestion in addition for those who 
need to save a postage stamp:

"Hi Ingrid,  you should write a note in your Zgrams that everyone 
around the world can send a Christmas Greeting to Ernst in jail. 
Write him an email postcard and tell him that the Zundel struggle is 
your struggle.  Tell him good people love Ernst Zundel because good 
people love the truth - and he stands for the truth.

Tell him he will not be forgotten - that thousands are supporting him 
today and millions will tomorrow as this horror story of talmudic 
abuse and vengeance gets known across the world!



Also, a DVD demonstration in front of the Metro West Detention 
Center, titled "Free Ernst Zundel", is available from our offices in 
exchange for a courtesy donation.  The Canadian Association for 
Freedom of Expression (CAFE) has put it together and sent me a 
plentiful supply.

Write to "Free Zundel", 3152 Parkway, 13-109, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863, USA.


Likewise, a DVD demo of our splendid Hollywood Zundel documentary 
will be available soon. It does not yet have a title.  I like "Rebel 
of the Spirit" - do you?   I had hoped I would have copies to send to 
our supporters well before Christmas.  Unfortunately, this won't be 
possible because there is a delay in getting the updated hardware and 
software I ordered to facilitate duplication and shipping. 

However, I have previewed the demo, and it is a convincing and 
impressive one.  I can't wait to see the product finished. This most 
important outreach project would never have happened, had the 
Holocaust Lobby not seen fit to kidnap their favorite victim so 
"Shylock could get his pound of flesh"  yet one more time!

What a disgraceful legacy these vengeful people leave behind even as 
their evil deeds are being challenged and exposed all around the 
globe!  Don't let their shrieking their invectives tell you 
otherwise!  It is their Last Hurrah to silence you!


To move from the personal to more global, general issues - from the 
Tehran Times Political Desk comes this:


Jewish organizations behind Al Manar ban in France: Faurisson

TEHRAN (MNA) -- The Mehr News Agency recently conducted an interview 
with Professor Robert Faurisson, a former lecturer of Lyon 
University, about France's decision to ban the Al Manar satellite 
television network. Following is the text of the interview:

MNA: France's highest administrative court, the Council of State, 
last week moved decisively to ban Al Manar television, alleging that 
the network had repeatedly violated the country's anti-hate laws and 
ignored its own pledge to avoid making anti-Semitic statements. What 
is your view of the decision?

Faurisson: Unfortunately, it is totally normal. In France, Jewish 
organizations get whatever they demand. And especially the Conseil 
Représentatif des Institutions Juives de France (CRIF), headed by 
former banker Roger Cukierman, who was very instrumental in the 
campaign against Al Manar.

MNA: Do you think the Zionist lobby in the U.S. influenced France’s 
decision to ban Al Manar?

Faurisson: In France Jewish power is even stronger than in the USA. 
In France it is our lobby number 1. Nobody dares to speak out against 
those people because of their alleged "Holocaust".

MNA: France claims it is a pioneer in freedom of expression, so how 
do you evaluate this claim? Isn't the recent decision against freedom 
of expression and human dignity?

Faurisson: Please, don't be naive! In 1789, France said: "Liberté, 
égalité, fraternité." Three years afterwards, France began massive 
killings of French citizens in the name of "Liberté, égalité, 
fraternité". It is an old tradition to say something and to do the 
contrary. In the Book of Laws, we have one sentence to say that 
freedom of opinion, of press, of research is a principle and then we 
have pages and pages for explaining that  freedom is so important 
that it needs to be protected by dozens of prohibitions, exceptions, 
bans, etc.

MNA: Actually, France doesn't respect the rights of its citizens, as 
it has banned the hijab (Islamic headscarf) in public schools. How do 
you assess that?


Because Jews, in a certain way, are used to treating the French as 
they treat Palestinians. The difference is that Palestinians refuse 
to obey the Jews, whereas the French obey the Jews, once more because 
of the Big Lie of the alleged "Holocaust", in which unfortunately 
they seem to believe.

The alleged "Holocaust" of the Jews is the sword and the shield of 
the Jewish tyranny all over the world. Destroy it!



And, finally, the Washington Post article I promised you yesterday:


Indefinite Jailing of 6 in Canada Tests Legal System

By Doug Struck

Washington Post Foreign Service

Sunday, December 19, 2004; Page A27

TORONTO -- For a long time, Mona el-Fouli lied to her young children. 
Their father was working, she told them at first. He was on a trip, 
she said later. But when she took her boys, 5 and 7, to see their 
father behind a glass partition, they knew he was in jail.

"Please mom, can I break this glass and go inside to play with my 
dad?" pleaded the 7-year-old, she recounted.

For 4 1/2 years, el-Fouli's husband, Mohammed Zeki Mahjoub, has been 
imprisoned in Toronto without being charged, without facing trial, 
and without being fully told what evidence is being used to keep him 
there. The government has said he is a potential terrorist. His wife 
and defenders say the authorities should prove it or let him go.

Mahjoub is one of six men being held in Canada as security risks on 
secret evidence. In a country that boasts of its tolerance and 
respect for legal rights, the jailings present an awkward dilemma for 
judges, lawmakers and some members of the public.

"This process causes suffering for families . . . and includes 
serious infringements of basic rights," Meili Faille, a member of 
Parliament from Quebec, said this month in a speech before lawmakers 
attacking the government's use of "security certificates" to hold the 

On Dec. 10, a federal appeals court in Ottawa ruled the procedure 
constitutional. To allow the men to be released would be "an 
abandonment by the community as a whole of its right to survival in 
the name of blind absolutism of individual rights," the court 

In Britain, the highest appeals court ruled Thursday that a similar 
law there, under which 11 security suspects have been imprisoned 
indefinitely after secret hearings, violated European human rights 
laws. The ruling, a blow to the measures adopted in Britain after the 
attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, is likely to strengthen opposition to 
security incarcerations in Canada, a member of the British 

The system of security certificates permits the imprisonment of 
anyone who is not a Canadian citizen on the signed authorization of 
two cabinet ministers. Each case is presented in secret to the 
ministers by intelligence or police agencies and then reviewed by a 
federal judge; the evidence is not shown to the detained individual. 
If the judge approves, the person can be deported.

"Most of the information our security people get about these people 
is passed along by foreign sources under the condition that it not be 
revealed," James Bissett, a former director of Canada's immigration 
services, said in defense of the secrecy. "You have to have pretty 
solid evidence."

Mahjoub, 44, is accused by the government of belonging to a radical 
splinter group of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad organization, working on 
a Sudanese farm run by Osama bin Laden, staying briefly with a 
top-ranking member of al Qaeda, and lying about the stay when he 
entered Canada in 1995. He was working as a store clerk when he was 
arrested in 2000.

Adil Charkaoui, a Moroccan who worked in a pizza shop in Montreal, 
has been held on a security certificate since May 2003 for allegedly 
training at an al Qaeda camp in Afghanistan. Similar allegations have 
been made against Hassan Almrei, 30, a Syrian held since October 
2001; Mohamed Harkat, 36, an Algerian held since December 2002; and 
Mahmoud Jaballah, 41, of Egypt, who has been held since June 2000 for 
allegedly making phone calls to an Egyptian Islamic Jihad group in 

A sixth man, Ernst Zundel, is a Holocaust denier facing deportation 
for allegedly encouraging violence by white supremacist groups.

The government has asserted that it has been judicious in using 
security certificates. Anne McLellan, deputy prime minister for 
public safety, has said security certificates have been used 27 times 
since 1991.

Opponents objected to the evidence being discussed in secret, rather 
than being brought to open court where it can be challenged by the 
individual or an attorney representing him. A judge's deportation 
order cannot be appealed.

"I'm not suggesting security issues should not attract special 
safeguards. But this is a clear-cut human rights violation," said 
Sharry Aiken, an immigration law expert at Queen's University in 
Kingston, Ontario. In October, she presented the government with a 
letter signed by 60 law professors who oppose the use of security 

"None of the individuals subjected to security certificates are 
alleged to have been kingpins. They have been small players who have 
been involved, at most, in some kind of fundraising activity or 
support role," Aiken said.

Matthew Behrens, coordinator of the Campaign to Stop Secret Trials in 
Canada, contended that the authorities should not be trusted to 
present fair evidence. The Canadian intelligence service, he said, 
"has a long record of dishonesty, of getting the facts wrong, of 
withholding information, of substituting feelings for facts.

"It's all guilt by association," he said. "You are literally in a 
Kafkaesque situation in which they say, 'We believe you are a threat, 
but we won't tell you why you are a threat.' "

The dilemma is compounded because the five Muslim men held on 
security certificates argued that they would be killed or tortured if 
they were deported to their home countries.

Canada is a signatory of an international convention prohibiting 
deportations to a country where the detainee would likely face 
torture. Canada's Supreme Court has said deportation would be 
permissible in "extraordinary circumstances." For now, the accused 
men linger in Canada's jails, with no end to their incarceration in 

"Indefinite incarceration is problematic. But the release of the men 
may be more than problematic. It may be terrifying," said Martin 
Rudner, head of the Canadian Center of Intelligence and Security 
Studies at Carleton University in Ottawa.

In the United States, there are no legal provisions for indefinite 
incarcerations and secret trials, said Jeffrey Fogel of the Center 
for Constitutional Rights in New York. However, two American citizens 
have been designated "enemy combatants" and are being held in 
military prisons.

The Patriot Act allows the U.S. attorney general to hold illegal 
immigrants without charges, but only for seven days, Fogel said. 
Because of those restrictions, the Bush administration opted to 
transfer prisoners taken in Afghanistan to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. 
About 550 are still being held there, largely without legal 

Fogel said the secret proceedings and indefinite confinement in 
Canada "start to rise to the level at which the world has criticized 
us over Guantanamo."

"You can't use the ordinary machinery of law," responded Bissett, the 
former immigration director. "To wait for an offense to be committed 
and then use due process of law is fine for dealing with criminals. 
It's not fine for terrorists. You can't wait for them to blow up 
several thousand people and then charge them."


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