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ZGram - 12/24/2004 - "Christmas Greetings from Abu Ghraib North"

zgrams at zgrams.zundelsite.org
Fri Dec 24 23:28:10 EST 2004

Zgram - Where Truth is Destiny:  Now more than ever!

December 24, 2004

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

I have very little to share with my readers this Christmas Eve - 
except the authentic voice of a man in a world run by wimps who 
naively believe that a political fig leaf is adequate armor against 
the predictable judgment to come. 

Just this morning, I read that "evil is an independent cosmic force 
we have to call by its real name in order to defeat it." 

I can buy into that.  To call that force "the Devil" is far too 
tepid, too pale, too fuzzy, too frayed at the edges   from the 
mind-numbing dogma of conformist religion.  I believe it takes not 
just courageous identification and description of that odious 
embodiment of evil, but a lucid illustration of its COUNTERPART - a 
meritocracy of noble ideas embodied in sovereign men and women in a 
world scrubbed clean of all the filth and lies of the past century.  

I share with you my two-page Christmas present, written by a kind and 
gentle man who has been called a "terrorist" by precisely such vile 
and contemptible creatures who hide behind "security certificates" - 
who cannot conjure up one shred of evidence to back up their charge 
or justify their cruelty.  Trust me - their creed will crash in 


My dearest Ingrid:

Christmas is here again.  You had hoped we would be together by now - 
but fate intervened and Judge Jarvis ruled. 

I am glad that you are keeping your spirits up and that you have 
various legal moves pending to keep the case before the public. 
That's good.  Remember always that we are just two people trying to 
get our rights and our dues in a country of 300 million - if one 
counts all the illegals in America.  Always keep that in mind, my 

Remember that the Germans' fate has always been, strangely, to have 
to struggle against overwhelming odds.  We were always in the 
minority - even in World War II in Europe.  Hitler started out with 
seven men.  Even he did not achieve a clear-cut majority when he took 
over the reins of government on January 30, 1933. 

The Germans and their national-socialist ideas were an extreme 
minority in their political, philosophical and financial/monetary 
ideas of the time.  Once again it took years in Europe, and 
world-wide, to increase the numbers, the adherents, the followers, by 
explanation and persuasion. 

When the war was finally thrust upon Germany, they were alone with 
their few allies, hopelessly outnumbered in manpower, tanks, guns, 
planes, ships - you name it!  They were woefully, overwhelmingly at a 
disadvantage everywhere in everything - except in courage, in vision, 
in idealism, and in the willingness to sacrifice.  In those areas 
they had the upper hand. 

They had faith in their ideas and concepts, and they were imbued with 
an almost missionary fervor and zeal to show the world, and their 
detractors, by word, deed and example that they were indeed the 
harbingers and the prophets of a new age, a true world order 
struggling through their efforts, deeds, and many, many painful 
sacrifices, to be born.

Rudolf Hess, the man with cosmic vision and unerring instinct stated 
it clearly in one of his speeches when he said that even though a 
baby causes terrible discomfort and pain to the mother when it is 
born - still it is a joyful event.

All of us are really only bystanders in this drama of rebirth and 
rejuvenation of our species.  That's the way it is with new ideas and 
new concepts of global reach - and maybe of cosmic importance.  The 
details are often hidden from us at the moment they unfold, and only 
later, in retrospect, do we sometimes find out what our role might 
have been - major or minor - in the evolving and unfolding history 
around us, for every day becomes already history with the next 
dawning day.  That's how swift and relentless history is in its 

Of course you and I are part of this process.  It's intimate, gentle, 
sometimes painful, at other times disappointing, even frightening. 
Nevertheless, it's the adventure of life in this one incarnation. 

I am sorry I cannot be there in person, but I will be there in 
spirit.  You bet! 

Greet all our friends from the man who loves you! 

"In Treue fest" - steadfast in loyalty.  Merry Christmas! 

Ernst Zundel


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