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ZGram - 12/26/2004 - "Shamir: Ukraine on the brink"

zgrams at zgrams.zundelsite.org
Sun Dec 26 12:11:20 EST 2004

Zgram - Where Truth is Destiny:  Now more than ever!

December 26, 2004

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

As I have often said in various ways, I consider Russian-born 
journalist and commentator, Israel Shamir, one of the most superbly 
gifted writers of the past four generations.  I see him as a most 
astute observer of odds and ends geopolitical, and one of those truly 
rare Jews with an authentic, compassionate conscience for mankind. 
Moreover, I consider him to be my friend, much to the distress of 
some of my otherwise genuinely loyal cyber comrades partaking side by 
side with me in our bitter intifada of the spirit.

Still, I nurse a small grudge against Shamir - as he prefers to be 
called - for his evasive ways about the Holocaust.  Admired and 
respected as he among his intellectual pals, I'd like to see him come 
out swinging to help us demolish the Hoax - but no doing!  Not that I 
haven't prodded him, but his excuse is that he doesn't know enough 
about "the World War II."    Believe it if you will!

Also, repeatedly he shocks me with his admiration of Stalin, arch 
enemy to me - the way Ernst tends to shock Americans with his 
outspoken approval of many of the sane, judicious features put in 
place without ado in Hitler's much-maligned and vilified Third Reich. 

I say it is the mark of two truly great men with a cosmic perspective 
that they still like and admire each other - and allow me to admire 
them both. 

Below is an amazing "Shamir take" on the fragility of the Ukraine, 
where once upon a time I was born.  I don't consider the Ukraine my 
birth place of the spiritual realm, the way I look upon familial 
Germany, but I observe what's happening in the Ukraine nostalgically.

I give you Shamir once again:


Ukraine on the brink

  By Israel Shamir 

   Half a year ago, in the very last day of May I came to an age-old 
tiny and tranquil Ukrainian town with its ancient church of Our Lady 
of Intercession looking onto a slow river from its high bank, and I 
was swept off my feet by a flash-flood of young maidens, fresh and 
sixteen, celebrating their high school graduation in a park under an 
open warm blue sky, wearing white bands and garlands of flowers in 
their golden hair, and white ceremonial aprons on top of dark and 
mercilessly short skirts leaving open their graceful knees above high 
white socks and dark sleeveless tops flashing tender arms and elbows, 
blue eyes a-gleaming in the shade of black poplars. My Greek friend 
also fell silent and pensive, and told me with stifled voice: the 
Ukrainian girls are the most beautiful; we have nothing like that in 
our part of the world.

  This image came back to me as totally different images of the Orange 
Revolution flowed from television screens; and the disintegration of 
Ukraine became a question of weeks, if not days. This country in its 
present borders came into being quite recently, in 1991; the chances 
are, Ukraine will be split between West and East; with or without a 
civil war. The important achievement of Stalin who brought back the 
Western Ukraine into the Orthodox fold from its long captivity under 
the Western yoke was undone. It is possible that the border between 
the two parts will move further East, where it was in the beginning 
of the 17th century. Geopolitically, it is an additional (on top of 
dismembered Yugoslavia) catastrophe for the Russians and for Eastern 
Orthodoxy. The Western forces will advance eastward and threaten 
Russia from the positions they lost in the long series of wars that 
started with Ivan IV's Livonian War and ended in the partition of 
Poland in XVIII century. For geopolitics, ideology plays only a 
subservient role in the long-term confrontation and cooperation of 
civilisations. The Orthodox, the West and Islam are three big 
constants; from this point of view, the Orthodox had lost, and the 
West gained in the centuries-long game. The net gainer is the US who 
realised its wet dream expressed by Brzezinski: break Ukraine away, 
for Russia can't be superpower without Ukraine. 

   In Ukraine, the US attained victory that eluded them in Iraq. 
However, the identification of the US with the West is far from 
perfect. Carl Schmitt preferred to view England and the US as an 
"Atlantic" force of the Sea opposing the Continental forces of 
Western Europe, Russia and the Islamic world. In my view, the 
"Atlantic" force is as religiously grounded as the three others; I 
called it "Neo-Judaic civilisation". Ukraine, together with other 
East European states, will present an American 'Neo-Judaic' outpost, 
so-called "New Europe", flanking independently-minded Europe from the 
East and Russia from the West. Western Europe stood by the US in its 
confrontation with the East (The Cold War), but the New Europe will 
forever keep the old, Western Europe in the siege ring. Thus the US 
victory in Ukraine is a cause for grave concern for Europeans and for 
Russians, as well as for the Islamic world.

  For the people of Ukraine, the future is gloomy. The pro-American 
claimant for Presidency Victor Yushchenko is a devotee of neo-liberal 
economics; a supporter of full privatisation and forced sale of 
Ukrainian assets to US companies for their soon-to-be-worthless 
dollars. In the part of Ukraine he will succeed in keeping (if any), 
a new American colony will be established, where US troops will 
threaten Moscow and control the profitable oil route. They could 
learn of their fate from an amazing book by John Perkins, a 
self-described "economic hit man" - a US intelligence professional 
who cheated countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. 
In an interview[1] Perkins explained his job:  "Our job is to build 
up the American empire. To create situations where as many resources 
as possible flow into this country [the US], to our corporations, and 
our government, and in fact we' ve been very successful. We've built 
the largest empire in the history of the world. This empire, unlike 
any other in the history of the world, has been built primarily 
through economic manipulation, through cheating, through fraud, 
through seducing people into our way of life. We give countries debts 
they can't repay, most of it comes back to the United States, the 
country is left with the debt plus lots of interest, and they 
basically become our servants, our slaves."

  American support of Yushchenko means that Yushchenko agreed to do 
its will, to turn the people of Ukraine into American slaves. 
Yushchenko is also supported by the World Bank and by the IMF. 
Neo-liberal 'market doctrine' promoted by the World Bank had killed 
millions of Russians, Africans, Latin Americans whose governments 
followed their blue-print. Ukraine has also had its fair share of 
'market economy' and its population is steadily decreasing. 
Yushchenko pushed for neo-liberalism when he was the prime minister; 
now he promised to push even stronger for it.

  The pro-American forces in the Western Europe, yesterday's predator, 
also want to get a share of the spoils, as German observer Susanne 
Scheidt wrote:

  "If Yushchenko will get hold of the government, he will make sure 
that the privatization programme drawn up by the World Bank will go 
on as scheduled. On behalf of this programme, German banks have 
planned huge investments in Ukraine that amount to a take-over of 
Ukrainian public utilities, networks and gas transport. The German 
giant Ruhrgas AG has already signed a deal with Yushchenko to import 
gas through the Ukrainian corridor from US investors in Azerbaijan, 
whereas the present Ukrainian government has always refused to sign 
such a deal".  Another great supporter of Yushchenko is a group of 
Russian Jewish oligarchs kicked out of Russia by Putin. Extremely 
wealthy, dreaming of revenge, hating Putin's Russia, this offshore 
gang of Berezovsky, Gusinsky and other ex-Yukos oilmen provide a big 
share of financial support for the Orange revolution. They also pay 
for the services of Russian Israeli PR experts who organise the show 
in Kiev. They are supported by the network of the powerful Ukrainian 
Jewish community; while behind them stands George Soros, the Jewish 
international magnate actively pumping money and organisational 
capacities into the Orange forces of Yushchenko. These external 
forces rely upon local young men who received training and advice 
from the experts who already organised similar putsches in Georgia, 
Serbia, Romania. 

   Internal supporters of Yushchenko consist of two quite different 
groups. The biggest is the nationalists of Galichina, West Ukraine. 
While Galichina is a beautiful land with its own traditions, 
friendship with the Russians is not one of them. For centuries 
Galichina belonged to Poland or to the Austro-Hungarian Empire; their 
religion is Uniate Christianity; their language is half-way between 
Polish and the language spoken in Kiev. Galichina has a strong 
nationalist tendency; during the World War Two they formed an SS 
division fighting on the German side. Nowadays, they form the base 
for such groups as swastika-bearing Svoboda (formerly Ukrainian 
National Socialist Party), UNA and UNSO who venerate Bandera, the 
Ukrainian nationalist and supporter of Hitler. Today they are united 
in support of Yushchenko.

  They do not mind that Yushchenko is supported by the Jewish 
oligarchs; the oligarchs do not mind them, either. Soros even 
financed them. So much for antisemitism: the Jews remember to mention 
it only when it suits them. In my view, nationalism is often used as 
cheese in mousetrap. Bandera the nationalist supported Hitler, but 
Hitler did not even think to establish a strong Ukrainian state; he 
just used the Ukrainian nationalists to undermine Russia. The same 
thing happened everywhere: Breton nationalists supported Hitler for 
they thought he will establish an independent Brittany. They were 
disappointed, for Hitler thought they are unnecessary after he took 
over France. Arab nationalists undermined the Ottoman Empire on the 
service of the West just to find themselves sold out to the Zionists. 
Now the Ukrainian nationalists do the same mistake again - they 
support the US; but eventually they will lose for the US does not 
need a strong independent Ukraine.

  Another group of Yushchenko supporters is liberal, relatively 
wealthy and pro-Western. Many people, especially in the capital Kiev 
find their livelihood connected with the West. There are dozens of 
very rich bankers and businessmen, thousands of those who work in 
NGOs, receive grants of Soros or of the EC, there are small 
importers, upmarket tarts; there are tens of thousands of aspiring 
young men and students who still hope to 'make it' in the capitalist 
competitive society. We know that they will be disappointed just as 
it has happened in so many countries; the West is not going to wait 
for millions of educated Ukrainians to take their place at the top. 
But in Ukraine, as in Russia there are millions who still believe in 
the American dream, and America spends a lot of money to keep this 
dream alive.

  The future of Ukraine may be bleak: the beautiful girls I saw on the 
shores of Dnepr River will be shipped to cathouses of Tel Aviv and 
Istanbul; their boyfriends will fight for America in Iraq and 
elsewhere, their coal mines will be privatised, sold for peanuts and 
closed down. Ukraine can be free in union with Russia - or in thrall 
to the West and the Jews. Whatever the final result of elections - 
and it will be disputed - Eastern Ukraine probably will join Russia; 
Western Ukraine will be taken up by Poland or will remain an 
'independent' stub of a state. There is still a chance to repeat the 
victory of Chaves or the Miracle of Minsk, where Lukashenka succeeded 
to defeat the local agents of Soros and Berezovsky, for they are not 
invincible; but Yanukovich is not made of stern stuff; Putin is not a 
daring politician, and the Slav Orthodox world feels itself lost. 
Maybe that is why tens of thousands of Russians came spontaneously to 
visit the tomb of Joseph Stalin on 21 December, on 150 year jubilee 
of the great man who restored fortunes of Russia, beat off the 
western attacks and united the Ukraine.  

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