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ZGram - 1/30/2004 "Responses to Canadian Editorials" - Part II

zgrams at zgrams.zundelsite.org
Sun Feb 1 18:28:54 EST 2004

ZGram - Where Truth is Destiny:  Now more than ever!

January 30, 2004

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

This one is a letter in response to the Toronto Sun Editorial, 
written by Marianne Mead Ward.  It wasn't quite as vicious as the 
nameless one the Toronto Star chose to run, but it contained the 
usual Pavlovian-like reflexes - a politically correct kick at Zundel 
here and there. 

This one was written by Dr. Robert Countess, a fearless Revisionist 
warrior.  I took the liberty to edit out some shall-we-say colorful 
comments on certain people's anatomy - being a lady of decorum and 
very proud of it, I have no tolerance for that.  Other than that, 
this is a fine, expressive letter:


  Dear Ms. Ward:

  Someone forwarded to me your Sun piece on Zundel and I believe you 
are on the right track when you pointed out that the Canadian Justice 
[sic?] is holding him without charges, without showing any respect 
for the Western principle of habeas corpus, and the like.

  I was at the March 31st and April 1st hearing last year and I must 
say that, as a non-lawyer type, I was troubled by the Court's utter 
disregard for LAW as codified IN the Dominion itself.

  What is taking place in YOUR country is a flagrant disregard of 
human rights and MOST of the media types in Canada are "jumping on 
the bandwagon" to "turn a Nelson's eye" to this shameful affair.

   I could care less what Ernst Zundel's views on history and National 
Socialism and Fuehrer Hitler and Jews and Israel and Zionism and the 
Canadian Jewish Congress etcetera are-so long as he expresses his 
views in acceptable fashion in print and speech.

  As a scholar in my own right, I have read much of his printed 
newsletters over the past 15 years and heard him speak and observed 
him in social intercourse with Jews and Blacks and Gentiles, all in 
person, and I have found him to be NOT only NOT a threat to ANY 
nation's security, but generally a run-of-the-mill liberal.

  I am ashamed that here in the USA the ACLU [of which I was a member 
for a decade or so] has not taken his kidnapping from his home last 
February 5th under its focus and has NOT led the way to have the 
shameful treatment of him and his rights in the USA restored by 
returning him back to his home where he was legally married to a US 
citizen and where he lived peacefully and tended his garden and 
painted his unique pastorals.

  I am also ashamed that discredited lawyers such as Robert MacIntosh 
and the present judge and Minister Coderre are able to hold a 
Stalinist type "show trial" in Canada and that MOST media hacks 
accede to it, heaping their own opprobrium on the helpless Zundel.

  Shamefully, you joined in with these media airheads when you 
ascribed the Zundelsite to being his property; the record is clear: 
it was established by Dr. Ingrid Rimland before she met Zundel, long 
before they married, and he does not even know the access code to the 
site.  It is HER property alone and here in these United States there 
is still an honoring of property rights-unlike the Dominion of 
"Absurdistan" [= Canada at the moment]--so that Dr. Rimland can send 
out her daily report, news analysis, personal opinions, and the like. 

  You people in Canada who NOW are piling on Zundel's persecution by 
Jews and Jewish organizations and government bribed attorney and 
judicial hacks, you are helping to destroy Canada along with its once 
highly regarded respect for human rights.  At present, Canada's 
signature on the Helsinki Accords for Human Rights are not worth 
the...sweat from...MacIntosh's furrowed brow-or from any other part 
of his wretched body.

  May I suggest that you write an article for a change that reflects 
accuracy in media reporting?  Why not arrange an interview with 
Zundel and ask him major questions and record his responses? THEN, 
why not write an article wherein you ACCURATELY report HIS 
answers-not your or your Editor's spin of what you want them to be?

  I have traveled to Canada numerous times, but I do not think I want 
to return and spend any US dollars in such a vile and despicable 
nation [I exclude the majority, that is, 99.9% of Canadians herewith] 
that insists on secret meetings to discuss Zundel's case and refuses 
to allow his most capable counsel to attend.

  A nation's judicial system that functions in that way is obviously 
one OUT OF CONTROL.  A government HIDES things because it has 


Robert H. Countess, Ph.D.
Ancient Greek
email: boblbpinc at earthlink.net
28755 Sagewood Circle
Toney, AL 35773  USA
Phone: (256) 232-4940  Cell: (256) 653-7598
Fax:  (256) 232-4940

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