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ZGram - 2/22/2004 - "Jesus a Terrorist? Don't laugh!"

zgrams at zgrams.zundelsite.org
Tue Feb 24 15:27:18 EST 2004

ZGram Where Truth is Destiny:  Now more than ever!

February 22, 2004

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Finally I get around to catching with with myself.  Herewith yet 
another Zgram on the stunning Mel Gibson film that is creating ever 
more waves - to the distress of our enemies who have actually managed 
to put this extraordinary film on the political map by yammering ad 
nauseam about what it might mean, what it would cause. 

I had planned to go see the movie with friends, but even here in our 
"boondocks" area, I have been told, the tickets are already sold out 
for about a week.  People buy as many as 100 tickets apiece to give 
to their friends - has there ever been anything like it in Movieland? 

I am very glad for Mel Gibson.  I loved his former film, "The 
Patriot."  A wonderful movie with a strong ethnic message - 
heartwarming, without any smut.  Of course, the mainstream media do 
the expected by bowing and scraping before those who pay their keep. 
Let me start by sending you a comment that a concerned viewer sent to 
Q13 TV News in Seattle:

Dear Sirs:

I saw your mixed review of The Passion of the Christ and feel it is
necessary to make a few observations.

Your constant reference was not to what Christians think of the movie
about Christ, but rather of what Jews think of Christ and the movie
about Christ.

Jews reject the divinity of Christ.

Jews reject the humanity of Christ.

Jews reject the historicity of Christ and reject the New Testament as a fraud.

Jews reject the validity of Christianity as based, they claim, on the
false divinity of Christ.

You have never interviewed Christian leaders about what they think 
about Jewish produced, explicity anti-Christian films, and yet there 
surely 10,000 motion picture that attack Christians.

I certainly uderstand why you may feel it necessary that you kowtow 
to Jewish haters, since they are energetic, powerful and vengeful, 
but the Rabbi you have authoritzed to attack the Passion of the 
Christ, some Rabbi Weiner, a priori rejects everything significant 
about the movie and its underlying beliefs.

Enshrining Jewish bigotry is a poor substitute to actually reporting the


The next item was sent to me as having come from Beltway Newspapers 
Publications - no date given.  I have never heard of such a media 
chain - have you?  It sounds to me like scare mongering - but nothing 
is impossible these days!  Clearly, the enemies of Freedom would like 
to shut this film down.  Will they succeed?  I doubt it.


Jewish group says "The Passion" is an act of terrorism

  WASHINGTON D.C. (Capitol Press) - A prominent Jewish organization 
has denounced Mel Gibson's "The Passion" as an act of terrorism and 
can prove the movie violates the Patriot Act.

Jews Against Anti-Semitism, a recently formed Washington D.C. based 
defense league for Jews, has issued a press release pointing out 
sections of U.S. law which are being violated by Mel Gibson's film.

"Clearly there are laws on the books which have outlawed the inciting 
of riots or acts civil disobedience which endanger human life.   Mel 
Gibson's movie will incite violence against Jews and put the lives of 
million of Jews in danger" said Rabbi David Feldman, a spokes person 
for Jews Against Anti-Semitism.

According to Rabbi Feldman "Under Section 802 of the 2001 USA Patriot 
Act, any crime which endangers human life is defined as an act of 
domestic terrorism.   Mel Gibson's incitement of anti-Semitism is a 
civil disobedience crime which endangers human life and under the 
Patriot Act "The Passion" is an act of domestic terrorism"

The USA Patriot Act was signed into law by President George W. Bush 
shortly after the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York and 
Washington D.C. in order to protect Americans from terrorism.

"We are hereby calling on Attorney General John Ashcroft, the 
Department of Justice, Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge and the 
Department of Homeland Security to arrest Mel Gibson as a terrorist, 
confiscate all prints of "the Passion", confiscate all materials 
related to the film as "terrorist paraphernalia" and shut down every 
terrorist hate site on the internet supporting the film" said Rabbi 

The Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security have 
yet to respond to the inquiries made by Capitol Press regarding this 


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