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ZGram - June 27, 2004 - "This is beyond evil!"

zgrams at zgrams.zundelsite.org
Sun Jun 27 08:36:30 EDT 2004

ZGram - Where Truth is Destiny:  Now more than ever!

June 27, 2004

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Yesterday I wrote that, to my knowledge, hardly anything appeared in 
the Canadian papers about the latest outrage indulged in by former 
CSIS boss and now presiding judge, Judge Blais, in the increasingly 
judicially abusive Zundel deportation hearing. 

One of my correspondents wrote of the ruling:  "This is beyond evil."

Right he is!  Every indication is that Ernst is a political kidnap 
victim for his politically incorrect views.  Now the judge has ruled 
that Ernst is not allowed to question people he has every reason to 
suspect might be his kidnappers or, at the very least, might have 
pulled the strings behind the curtains by using government agencies 
and agents to act as hit squads for them. 

As I understand it, what has happened is, in essence, this: Judge 
Blais has ruled that Ernst Zundel is not entitled to find out and 
make known to the world via witness testimony who was behind his 
deportation, who is behind his brutal and inhuman incarceration 
without any criminal charges, how much CSIS knew about a parcel bomb 
sent to his residence in 1995 and why he wasn't warned, and what 
extraordinary efforts have been made for all of twenty years to 
deport him to Germany to silence him for good about his solid 
evidence that the beyammered "Holocaust" is nothing but a monumental 
fraud and lucrative extortion scheme. 

The defence team has filed for leave to the Supreme Court of Canada, 
but Ernst predicts now - at least that's what he told me last night - 
that he will be given "the bum's rush" and, by yet another 
in-your-face, abusive ruling by Judge Blais, be simply arbitrarily 
declared a "terrorist" in mid-trial and sent to Germany BEFORE the 
Supreme Court will have a chance to hear the controversial case.

Then Canada will say, as the United States has said:  "He's gone! 
What can we do?  We have no jurisdiction over Germany!"

What it will also mean is that an ugly precedent will have been set 
that gives the judiciary dictatorial powers to do away with any 
inconvenient critic - with nobody any the wiser. 

A few days ago, Ernst said to me:  "This whole 'war on terror' is 
really a war against Israel's enemies.  That state is not viable. 
It's over for them - and they know it.  What you and I are caught up 
in are the death throes of the Old Liberal Order.  It's messy to 
watch anything die, but something new and better will be born."

That's what the Canadian story is - one day before elections!  Will 
the Marxists that have ruled and ruined Canada ever since the Sixties 
and Trudeau, finally get thrown out on their ears?  The choice will 
be the voters'. 

The Globe and Mail's Kirk Makin wrote up of the latest as clearly as 
he could in the current Canadian climate:


Globe and Mail
UPDATED AT 1:11 AM EDT  Saturday, Jun 26, 2004

Zundel trial won't hear from judge

  From Saturday's Globe and Mail

An Ontario judge will not have to testify at a special deportation 
hearing where Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel has been branded a risk 
to national security, the presiding judge has ruled.

Mr. Justice Pierre Blais of the Federal Court of Canada concluded 
that in spite of Ontario Court Judge Lauren Marshall having acted as 
Mr. Zundel's lawyer 20 years ago, she can add little to his 
understanding of deportation proceedings.

"I do not need to be reminded of the perils of ex parte proceedings, 
nor to be told how to carry out my judicial duties," Judge Blais said.

He also quashed defence subpoenas requiring a journalist and two 
prominent Jewish community leaders to be questioned at the hearing. 
Judge Blais said they would add little of relevance.

Mr. Zundel's deportation was ordered under a rarely used security 
certificate, a process by which the Canadian Security Intelligence 
Service can provide information in secret sessions.

The Zundel defence team is not privy to the information, yet it must 
still convince Judge Blais that it is unreliable. Should Mr. Zundel 
fail, he will be deported to Germany to face a five-year prison term 
for the crime of denying the Holocaust.

Judge Blais's ruling brought an angry response from Peter Lindsay, 
Mr. Zundel's lawyer. "Is it justice to deny someone even a chance to 
question the intent or motive of politicians?" he asked in an 
interview. "Is it justice to allow secret evidence and deny the 
person against whom the secret evidence is being used even an 
opportunity to challenge it in any real way?"

Mr. Lindsay had been hoping the testimony would paint a picture of an 
unprecedented, 20-year campaign waged against his client by 
politicians, police and lobby groups.

"It is already difficult enough to represent someone in a trial where 
the key evidence is kept secret," he said. "Regrettably, Justice 
Blais's decision makes it even more difficult. The court has thus 
left Mr. Zundel powerless against the secret evidence and effectively 
denied him any meaningful hearing."

According to Mr. Lindsay, Judge Marshall initially agreed to recount 
the extraordinary lengths to which authorities went in 1985 to deport 
her former client. But on the day she was expected to testify, she 
sent a lawyer to quash the subpoena.

Judge Blais noted in his ruling that the onus is on the party who 
subpoenas a witness to show that he or she is likely to provide 
"material evidence."

Mr. Lindsay subpoenaed journalist Andrew Mitrovica in hopes of 
shaking the general credibility of CSIS. Mr. Mitrovica would have 
been questioned about a 1995 incident described in his book, Covert 
Entry, in which CSIS allegedly knew a pipe bomb was being sent to Mr. 
Zundel through the mail, yet failed to warn him.

Judge Blais said that to allow the subpoena would be to threaten press freedom.

"The benefits of having Mr. Mitrovica testify seem rather doubtful, 
as against certain harm to the freedom of the press," he said. 
"Compelling him to produce his notes and materials is unduly 
intrusive, and given the probative value that I could attach to such 
hearsay materials, I see no need to disturb the journalistic 
privilege that attaches to Mr. Mitrovica's evidence."

In quashing subpoenas against Keith Landy, president of the Canadian 
Jewish Congress, and Frank Dimant, executive vice-president of B'Nai 
Brith Canada, Judge Blais said it is no revelation that their 
organizations lobbied federal ministers to deport Mr. Zundel.

"The intent or motives of the ministers is of no interest to this 
court," he said. "The certification stands or falls on the strength 
of the evidence supporting it."


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