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ZGram - 6/29/2004 - "You don't have to be an Anti-Semite to despise and fear Ariel Sharon"

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Tue Jun 29 10:53:15 EDT 2004

Zgram - Where Truth is Destiny:  Now more than ever!

June 29, 2004

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Kenneth Love served (see biographical sketch below) as The New York 
Times' correspondent  in the Middle East from 1953-1956, in London 
until 1959, and at the United  Nations in New York until 1962. In 
these places he had access to the men who  shook the world. He is the 
author of the most definitive book on the Suez wars  -- SUEZ: The 
Twice-fought War--Published in 1969.

Apparently the talk below was given at a meeting featuring Author 
David Irving in New York.  It is one no-nonsense talk!

Read it, savor it, and pass it on to others:


A short talk by Kennett Love:

June 19, 2004 Ladies & gentlemen, David Irving, Michael Santomauro, 
good evening.

  You don't have to be an anti-Semite to despise and fear Ariel 
Sharon. You  don't have to be an anti-Semite to perceive that the 
United States of America has  lost control of its politics to a 
Jewish lobby that puts Israel's interests  above our own American 
interests.  That loss would not be of paramount concern  if Israel's 
interests were the same as - or even vaguely similar to -- our 
American interests.  And you don't have to be an anti-Semite to 
oppose and fear  George W. Bush and the cruel war in Iraq into which 
he and the neo-cons and the  evangelical fundamentalist Christian 
cults have led America with lies.

   I cite the victory of Zionist Jewish money in the defeat of popular 
congressional incumbents in the Alabama and Georgia primaries for the 
national  elections.  Worse yet, and more recently, I cite the 
Pavlovian pro-Israel foot-licking  adherence of John Kerry to the 
pro-forma platform vows of the Bush  administrations -- father and 
son -- and the cowardly, continuing congressional caucus  touting 
their grossly partisan support for Israel against nearly the entire 
Muslim world and in defiance of public opinion in Europe and the rest 
of the  Americas. 

  Israel's character and policies are criticized and courageously 
opposed by  many of its Jewish citizens.  But Israel's character and 
policies are  diametrically opposed to American principles. 

  1.  Israel is racist.  Its law of return applies only to Jews born 
of Jewish  mothers.  It is not the only democracy in the middle east 
because it is not a  democracy.  The Arabs and other non-Jews under 
Israeli control are second  class citizens at best.  We have abated 
our racism and we enforce severe laws  against it.

  2.  Israel is terrorist.  It was founded on terror.  It applied 
terror  to  make Arabs flee, across unfixed and non-legal borders, 
and then declared  them  to have forfeited their property and homes. 
Israel confiscated their  possessions after their terrified flight 
and shot many of them when they tried to  retrieve family jewelry. 
They were barred from return in favor of the influx of  Jews. One of 
Israel's most horrendous acts was the massacre of hundreds of 
women, children, and old men at Deir Yasseen in the course of the war 
of conquest  which began to escalate in 1947.  The bodies were thrown 
down the village  well.  The young men were at work in the fields. 
The UN mediator, Count Folke  Bernadotte, was assassinated while 
trying to establish borders in accord with the  1947 UN partition of 
Palestine. The murder was never solved.  Israel never  seriously 
investigated it.  It was apparently an act of terror to get more 
territory for Israel.  Israel proclaimed itself an independent state 
in 1948 on May  15, as part of Israel's permanent campaign to kill or 
expel all non-Jews in  Palestine, -- Armenians, Greek orthodox 
Christians, and Roman Catholics among  them -- Sharon led an invasion 
into Lebanon in 1982 and personally shepherded  the massacre of 
nearly 1,000 Palestine refugees in the camps of Sabra and  Shatilla 
outside of Beirut.  Only a few weeks ago a Sharon cabinet minister 
told the  New Yorker's Jeffrey Goldberg there were "innocent men 
among the  Palestinians, but they are collectively guilty; we will 
have to kill them all."

   This genocidal policy was born in 1897 in the mind of Theodore 
Herzl, author  of Der Judenstaat [the Jewish State] and the founder 
of modern political  Zionism.  He used the term "transfer of 
populations". That has been a constant  Israeli policy, resembling 
our own killings and forced relocations of native  Americans.

  3.  Israel is theocratic.  Our tradition is to separate church and 
state.   Let me insert here that our traditions and our principles 
are often violated.   Our president is a born-again evangelical who 
claims god told him to attack  Saddam Hussein.   He did -- with 
enormous bunker-busting bombs that inflicted  incalculable 
"collateral damage".  An estimated 10,000 Iraqis died, but we have 
not counted.

  4.  Iraq was targeted at the prompting of the Jewish neo-cons 
because Iraq,  unlike Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon is still officially 
at war with Israel.  Iraq  fired missiles at Israel in the gulf war 
of Bush the father. This war is  pre-emptive, a war of choice, not 
defense and now we are stuck with it.

  5.  Israel is a vigorous, anachronistic colonialist power. The world 
sees our  "special relationship" with Israel as a partnership in 
crusading, conquering  colonialism.  We serve Israel as armorer, 
banker, diplomatic protector, and  relentless vetoer of UN efforts to 
curb Israel's violations of international  laws.  The UN's founding 
charter in 1945 prohibited using force or the threat of force to 
acquire territory.   Just two years later Israel began doing just 
that in "liberating" Palestine  from hundreds of thousands of 
Palestinians in what it called its "war of  liberation" in 1947 - 
1948 and in its stunning pre-emptive wars and massacres  against 
Egypt, Jordan, and Syria in 1967 and Lebanon in 1982.  It seized upon 
its  triumph in 1967 to occupy the West Bank and Gaza.  They kill and 
demolish  homes and institutions with appalling heartlessness and 
insultingly ignore our  timid remonstrances.  They run the special 
alliance; we don't. Some alliance!   They don't bother to make a 
pretense of loyalty nor even compromise out of  courtesy.  They look 
the other way when we oppose at nuclear programs in Syria, Nor th 
Korea, China, India, and Pakistan.   They made us look the other way 
while  they built a formidable nuclear and missile armory of their 
own.  They  corrupted an American citizen named Pollard to steal our 
secrets for years and  scolded us bitterly for sending him to prison 
for life instead of letting him  "return" to the Jewish State.

   In their 1967 war they ambushed our electronic surveillance ship, 
the  "Liberty", in broad daylight with aircraft guns and bombs, motor 
torpedo boats, even  a submarine, crippling the ship and killing some 
35 of its crew and wounding  dozens more.  Israel pressed the 
day-long attack in the face of oversize  American flags and radio 
identifications and may-days. Israel has given no  explanation or 
expression of and has balked inquiry into the incident. And so have 
we.  President Johnson  called off a rescue sortie by the sixth 
fleet. Survivors of the "liberty"  attack have stubbornly sought to 
learn the reasons why.  It is time we ended the  "special 
relationship". It hasn't even a name or agreement to govern its 

  President George Washington warned against such a special alliance 
in his  farewell address, saying:

  "the nation which indulges toward another an habitual hatred or an 
habitual  fondness is in some degree a slave. ... sympathy for the 
favorite nation,  facilitating the illusion of an imaginary common 
interest in cases where no real  common interest exists, and infusing 
into one the enmities of the other, betrays  the former into a 
participation in the quarrels and wars of the latter  without 
adequate inducement or justification." 

  ..."in innumerable ways, such attachments are particularly alarming 
to the  truly enlightened and independent patriot.  How many 
opportunities  do they  afford to tamper with domestic factions, to 
practice the arts of seduction, to  mislead public opinion, to 
influence or awe the public councils! ... real  patriots who may 
resist the intrigues of the favorite are liable to become suspected 
and odious, while its tools and dupes usurp the applause and 
confidence of  the people to surrender their interests." 

  President Truman in 1947 broke the 150-year-old spell of president 
Washington's warning against entangling alliances by launching the 
Marshall plan of aid  for Western Europe and the Truman Doctrine to 
block communist influence in  Greece and Turkey.

   Israel is touchy about its "legitimate right to exist", citing most 
frequently the story of god's covenant with Abram, later Abraham, 
made before Abram  had departed from Ur of the Chaldees, his 
ancestral birthplace in what is now  Iraq.  The story begins with 
god's promise of his favor for Abram and his  descendants (genesis 12 

   "now the lord had said to Abram, get thee out of thy country, ... 
unto a land  that I will shew thee: and I will make of thee a great 
nation, ..."  when  Abram had reached Canaan, north of Palestine, god 
appeared to him again and said:  "unto thy seed will I give this 
land."  There was no mention of a covenant  until genesis 15:18, when 
the lord said to Abram: "unto thy seed have I given  this land, from 
the river of Egypt unto the great river, the River Euphrates." 

  The story has god giving land and other promises to Abram right and 
left.   The details differed widely from promise to promise.  Years 
later Joshua, the  first conqueror of Palestine, quoted a 
surprisingly frank admission from god:

   "I have given you a land for which ye did not labor, and cities 
which ye  built not, and ye dwell in them; of the vineyards and olive 
yards which ye planted  not do ye eat."

   I suggest that these stories came down in recitations from the days 
of  mythology, all of it folklore, through centuries when Zeus and 
Venus and Athena were  as real as Jehovah and Noah or Abraham or 
Moses - "an ancient time" as E.l.  Doctorow put it, "when no 
distinction was possible between fact and fiction,  ...  as in Homer. 
As in Genesis."

   Both parties to a covenant must be alive at the signing.  When I 
covenanted  to buy an apartment in New York while I was in Egypt 
covering the 1973 war for  ABC, my lawyer told me later that the deal 
was delayed until he thought to  listen to a radio to hear my live 

   The Muslims, although abraham appears as Ibrahim in the qur'an, 
reject the  idea that the covenant has any legal standing, giving the 
Jews any right to  trespass on the land of the Canaanites or the 
Palestinians or the Lebanese or the  Syrians and the Egyptians. 
There is no independent evidence that Abraham ever  existed, ever 
crossed the line between mythology and history.  So the  Abrahamic 
covenant has no firm basis in law.  Perhaps in tradition. 

  And the brutal colonialist conduct of Israel is certainly not an 
acceptable  underpinning for a "legitimate right to exist".  Our 
reputation in the world  has been tarred and feathered by our total 
and uncomplaining support of  Israel's illegal occupation of nearly 
all of Palestine.


  Queries? Send an E-mail to:   kennettlove at earthlink.net

  Biographical Sketch

  Kennett Love was born on August 17, 1924 in St. Louis, Missouri. He 
served  from 1943-1946 as a United States Navy pilot during World War 
II. Like many GIs,  Love returned to school after the war and 
received a Bachelor of Arts degree  from Columbia College in 1948. He 
began his career as a writer and a  journalist in 1948 by working as 
a reporter for the Hudson Dispatch, in Union City, New  Jersey. Love 
served as foreign correspondent for the New York Times, between  1948 
and 1962. His assignments included coverage of activities in the 
Middle  East, East Africa, West Africa and Europe. Love was an 
eight-time winner of the  Publisher's Writing Prize. He served in 
Ethiopia, Morocco, Tunisia and  training centers in the United States 
as a Planner Evaluator for the Peace Corps  between 1963 and 1964. 
Love was an associate professor at Princeton University's  School of 
Oriental Studies from 1964 to 1968. Between 1971-1973 he was a 
professor of journalism at the American University in Cairo, and 
served as a Cairo  correspondent for ABC News. In 1974 Love began to 
pursue a career as a free  lance writer, editor and photographer. For 
the past two years he has engaged in  research and interviews for a 
history of the 1953 coup in Iran. Love's major  published work is the 
'Suez: The Twice Fought War. He has produced many  articles, reviews, 
broadcasts and taken photographs which have appeared nationally  and 


See Kennett Love Papers: 

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