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ZGram - 3/25/2004 - "Smearing 'villains' - a lucrative business"

zgrams at zgrams.zundelsite.org
Thu Mar 25 08:10:01 EST 2004

Zgram - Where Truth is Destiny:  Now more than ever!

March 25, 2004

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Some of you have asked for Paul Fromm's e-mail so you can send your 
message to be read at the Sunday, March 28 "Free Zundel" demonstation 
in Toronto and Edmonton, Alberta.  It is 1315038 at pop.primus.ca

Now to today's Zgram:

The name Matt Lauder strikes a very unpleasant chord in me because he 
inveigled himself into our ranks without my knowing that he was a 
traitor working for our enemies.  I lived at the time still in San 
Diego, while Ernst was in Toronto.  Via e-mail, Lauder presented 
himself as a serious student of Revisionism and asked me repeatedly 
to set up a meeting with Ernst.  I told Ernst that he seemed to be a 
clean-cut young man, always polite, always correct in his letters, 
and seemed to be someone worthwhile to assist. 

Ernst was reluctant at first - his instincts for danger are much 
keener than mine - but in the end he granted that interview and was, 
in fact, favorably impressed by Matt Lauder.  He mentioned that 
Lauder had claimed some German relatives, but I don't remember much 
beyond that initial interview. 

Somewhere in my files I even have a letter from him where he is 
thanking me and Ernst profusely for our assistance and 
professionalism.  You'd never know that the author of that letter was 
a fink!

In short order, Lauder kind of faded from the canvass.  It took 
several years until his true colors came out.

You will glimpse some of his modus operandi in this write-up by Paul 
Fromm.  Notice how Lauder  tries to tie Ernst Zundel to the recent 
vandalism against Jewish individual in Ontario.  Ernst and I talked 
about that last night, and Ernst said with some glee, "At least this 
time they can't blame me for that one - now that they hold me in 

To which I replied, "Don't be so sure!  All they would have to do is 
plant one of your UFO books on the scene..."

I wouldn't be at all surprised if this latest wave of what is called 
"anti-semitic vandalism" - that is, swastika graffiti on Jewish 
property, is self-inflicted once again.  A spray can is cheap - and 
if one of the perpetrators is caught, don't be surprised if right in 
his pocket there is a letter from a psychiatrist "certifying" that 
the schmierfink is "disturbed." 

Didn't we see that at Claremont College recently - and that was no 
kid, that was a bona fide female professor!

What a world we live in!

Here is Paul's write-up on the latest:


Dear Free Speech Supporter:

	Fighting "racism" and "anti-Semitism" is big bucks. It 
usually means finding new ways to prevent free men and women from 
discussing the issues of the day.

	Matt Lauder has done rather well becoming a self-appointed 
expert in patriotic groups. He's snagged tens of thousands of dollars 
to fund his spying and reporting. His calling card is that several 
years ago, he became "a neo-Nazi" skinhead and "infiltrated" the far 
right. He's prematurely bald and was never considered a "skinhead". 
He did hang around a few meetings  of ours in Toronto and several in 
the U.S. and has been trading on his snooping ever since.

	He rushed to York Region to offer his expertise to the cops 
to solve a rash of "anti-Semitic" graffiti.  Of course, he doesn't 
know who did it.  "Lauder, who was in the area to help York Regional 
Police investigate the crime, said the spelling and style of the 
graffiti didn't point to any specific group. "

	That didn't stop him from smearing free speech activists in 
Toronto and Edmonton who will protest this Sunday against the 
incarceration and secret hearings inflicted on Canada's most famous 
political prisoner Ernst Zundel.

	Of course, he doesn't have any evidence. However, an "expert" 
has to have some opinion. So, he smears the entirely peaceful free 
speech supporters who have rallied on five previous occasions to 
support free speech. Our methods are public protests, not sneaking 
around with a spray can and scrawling incorrectly drawn symbols on 
other people's property.

	You'll note Lauder's preposterous claim about "hate" crimes: 
"There are incidents in Guelph that have gone unreported."  If they 
weren't reported, then how does Matt Lauder know of them? Numbers are 
very important for those in the grant collecting anti-racism 
industry. You see, there are more barking dog complaints in Vancouver 
in one year than there are "hate crime" reports in all of Canada. 
That's why the industry has dreamed up the doctrine that for every 
reported incident, 10 go unreported.

	You'll also note that simple expressions critical of 
homosexuals are now elevated to "crimes". "Hate crimes at the 
university [of Guelph] went from six in 2002 to 10 in 2003, but most 
of the graffiti on campus had a homophobic theme." Actually, until 
there's a charge and conviction, there's no evidence that the posted 
comments were, in fact, crimes, but just offensive to one privileged 
minority or other.

							Paul Fromm

(Guelph Mercury (Ontario, Canada) March 19, 2004) 

No cities immune to hate crimes, Lauder says


	Matthew Lauder doesn't want Guelph to get complacent about 
hate crimes. The director of the anti-racism program at the Guelph 
and District Multicultural Centre said the recent outbreak of 
anti-Semitic vandalism in Thornhill must not be viewed as an isolated 
incident in one community.

	The particular spray-painted messages in the Toronto-area 
community may not be the "signature" of any particular hate group. 
Thirteen homes in a predominantly Jewish neighbourhood had the words 
"Jewz Suk" with a swastika under them painted on their doors on 

	Lauder, who was in the area to help York Regional Police 
investigate the crime, said the spelling and style of the graffiti 
didn't point to any specific group. "It may be the result of the time 
they had to do this," Lauder said yesterday. "They have targeted 
specifically Jews. It was a planned attack."

	He added that Guelph has its own problems with anti-Semitism.

	"There are incidents in Guelph that have gone unreported," 
said Lauder. "Even last year we tracked six or seven incidents of 
swastikas being painted on public places. There are also a number of 
incidents at the University of Guelph each year."

	Hate crimes at the university went from six in 2002 to 10 in 
2003, but most of the graffiti on campus had a homophobic theme.

	The 1994 report from the U of G's President's Task Force on 
Anti-Racism and Race Relations said the university should 
"acknowledge the link between anti-Semitism and racism; in our 
efforts to combat racism, we must also combat anti-Semitism."

	In August 2001, a swastika was painted on a garage at the 
College Street home of then University of Guelph president Mordechai 
Rozanski. There were also unconfirmed reports of an ethnic epithet 
coupled with the Nazi symbol.

	Lauder said there are still isolated incidents being reported 
from the campus to the Multicultural Centre. "We receive reports 
every couple of months from individuals who feel intimidated by 
what's going on. There are swastikas on buildings, residences, in 
bathrooms and all sorts of graffiti. It's not a problem that is 
isolated to Toronto."

	The racist vandalism in Toronto compelled Rev. Kevin Bothwell 
of St. James the Apostle Anglican Church in Guelph to send a letter 
to the congregation at Beth Isaiah Synagogue in Guelph.

	"Silence is complicity," said Bothwell. "If you don't say 
something, by complicity you are condoning what is happening. No one 
can hold anti-Semitic feelings of any kind and claim to be practising 
a Christian faith."

	"We've never really gotten rid of anti-Semitism," said 
Lauder. "We've worked hard to get rid of it and, in some years, the 
incident numbers may go down. The fact is, there is still an 
underlying anti-Semitic element to society that we really have to 
work hard to get rid of."

	He said a planned rally to support Holocaust denier Ernst 
Zundel may have played a part in the Thornhill vandalism. "There is a 
protest on March 28 set up by that far-right element to show support 
for Zundel," said Lauder. Zundel has been in Canadian custody since 
February 2003 after being deported to Canada for overstaying a 
visitor's visa in the U.S. A hearing to determine whether he should 
be deported to his home country of Germany is ongoing.

	The question is whether this anti-Semitic graffiti is related 
to this. "You don't know until you find the perpetrators," said 


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