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ZGram - 5/25/2004 - "Prisoner of Conscience Letter # 77"

zgrams at zgrams.zundelsite.org
Tue May 25 09:46:35 EDT 2004

Zgrams - Where Truth is Destiny:  Now more than ever!

May 25, 2004

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

It seems we are in a bit of a lull, now that the May letters are out 
to both our German and English supporters, and I have some temporary 
help at least in my household.  What a relief!  I thought I would use 
the time to catch up with Ernst's Prisoner of Conscience letters and 
place at least three or four - unless there is breaking news, which 
could happen anytime. 

And speaking of those letters, the first book, "Setting the Record 
Straight" is at the printer's, and I expect to have copies in two 
weeks.  Thanks to all who pre-ordered!  I will let you know when to 
send payment, because I don't want to collect before the books are 
actually here.  It truly is a lovely book - anybody who will take the 
time to read it will never again see Ernst in the demonized way he 
was portrayed for decades!

Slowly I am beginning to create a mini-industry of Ernst's experience 
in prison - not only with the books, but with incidental products I 
intend to develop with his sketches.  I was a bit hesitant to place 
the first batch on the Zundelsite because they were exceedingly 
primitive and did not reflect Ernst's talent.  As you will remember, 
at first he did not even have a surface on which to sketch and had to 
do it lying on his bed, kneeling to use the bed as a surface for a 
book on which to place some scrap of paper, or even use the toilet 
seat as a surface.  If those sketches look primitive you - now you 
know why!  However,  amazingly there has not been a single complaint 
about them, and since they are sent out as tokens of appreciation for 
donations, people cherish them no matter how they look. 

At first, I tried to have them computer-enhanced, but since I am not 
one bit artistic, that cost an arm and a leg and was not what both 
Ernst and I wanted.  The second batch - another 35, will be available 
soon.  They will be much nicer.  Some were even done in court with 
Peter Lindsay's fountain pen and are much more detailed.  Also, some 
of them have a political slant and are actually funny in a way. 
There's one, particularly, about a Revisionist scare crow that made 
me laugh out loud!  These political sketches will be even more 
popular than the first batch - and there are already noises within 
the prison system about how to stop Mr. Zundel from doing those 
sketches!  After all, they could catch on big time!

So you see, the effort never stops to make political hay while making 
lemonade from lemons, to mix some metaphors.  On my last trip to 
Washington, meant to put siege to the Canadian Embassy by threatening 
a hunger strike - it worked! - I found the nicest couple with 
professional talent in graphic enhancement, who were immediately 
recruited and designated to be our Zundel volunteers! 

Amazing how help comes at the very moment when you  need it most!  We 
have experienced it time and again!

So sketch batch # 2 is being worked on even as we speak.  I will let 
you know when they are ready and sparkling on the Net so you can duly 
admire what Mr. Zundel produces against the greatest of all odds, 
just to spite his enemies!  Imagine what he could do if he had the 
right tools -now that he has all the time he needs to sit out the 
Canadian judicial bureaucracy until his case moves to the Supreme 
Court to be considered! 

To come back to the product line I'd like to develop, you'll hear 
more about that in due time.  I have one idea in mind that would be a 
riot, but it would have to be done in Germany and require some 
investment dollars up-front, which I don't have at this time.  That 
idea will just have to wait.  One interim possibility would be to 
place some of the nicer sketches on cups, glasses, place mats, key 
chains etc. which people can buy as Freedom of Speech mementos.  If 
you  have any suggestions or know of reliable manufacturers who do 
trinket products, let me know. 

Here are some paragraphs from Ernst's more recent missives to me:


Important days are ahead.  The most important are over by the time 
you get this letter.  But we will keep in close touch on the phone 
until all this is sorted out.

I got new clothing, with the waistband out of stretchy material 
which, thank God, solves the embarrassing problem with the dropping 

[Ingrid's comment:  This is Torture Lite, Canadian Style.  Humiliate 
a former Canadian executive with his own lucrative graphic arts 
business since he was twenty years old by showing him on television 
struggling with his pants! Ernst is not allowed a belt. Since he has 
lost so much weight due to the subhuman food he is given, the pants 
he wore when he was arrested are now much too large and keep 
dropping, and since he is also shackled and must carry his own court 
documents to court - the guards, for the most part, are unwilling or 
not allowed to carry those fat, heavy transcripts for him - you can 
imagine how awkward it must be. I guess they think that shabby 
shenanigans like that will help to  break his spirit, which was the 
idea all along!  Monsters!] 

Just a quick news clipping about the chain gang system in the U.S., 
so you can get a flavor for the film scenes you are developing.  Our 
leg irons are made of much heavier metal chains, bigger links, and 
have real lockable hand cuffs for the leg parts, not that padlock on 
the boots you see in one [photo] shot. 

I have been painting fast and furious to make new drawings and get 
them off to you Monday when our censor comes. I wrote very little 
this weekend.  I only sketched so that you will have some drawings 
you can introduce to have more variety .  Of course I'll be 
interested in people's reactions.  One never knows that turns 
people's cranks, as my children used to say. 

I decided to color the ones I did in court the other day.  I like the 
effect.  It is almost like Delft China.

I try to vary these things to spruce things up a little.  I am going 
to try some animals and birds as well as Rocky Mountain and Smoky 
Mountain scenes so you have new designs on hand and can continue to 
add to the selection. The eagles should be darker in color.  They 
should be dark chestnut, which I simply cannot get with my cheap 
coloring pencils.  When you send them to your new friend, mention 
that the soaring eagle in the fall scene should really be darker, and 
the pine trees a more saturated deep green, the fall colors of course 
far more vivid.  Those cheap children's pencils simply do not lend 
themselves for some of this work. 

I am glad to see that my skills have not completely left me - and 
that when I had at least a ball point pen with a fine tip, the 
feathers on some of the eagles, the hair on the ram and the little 
goat became doable.  Now you will have a greater variety with a bit 
of life in it.  I hope to do a few more of those, now that I have 
another three months to draw and sketch. 

I made Ray a drawing of the gallery and sent it off today.  I asked 
him to send you the master once he has made the copy, because it took 
me over half a day to make it.  Very frustrating job with those cheap 
color pencils.  I used to leaf through that art catalog from Jerry's. 
They have a French art pencil set for $300-$400 - hundreds of colors! 
I used to lust after that set, but controlled my impulses.  Now I 
fantasize about those colors.  What a weird, weird situation!

The [red] drop below is for your commercial artist's friend to put on 
the bottom of the [Jewish] star.  I'll explain it to you on the 

About our discussion re dreams last night.  I think there is a way to 
influence what we dream about, which can be used almost like a remote 
control on a TV set.  One can prepare oneself just before dropping 
off to sleep with the topics one would like to dream about.  It's 
kind of a command or request or suggestion to our "dream center" in 
our brain.  I think that will dramatically reduce the waste of a 
valuable human resource, because by this method we begin to influence 
one more department of our own body and being, which ought to be the 
job of responsible people.  We ought to be in control of our dreams 
as much as we try to control our other impulses and appetites.  You 
take great care in what you write, the words you choose.  You also 
watch what you eat - so to try to influence what you dream seems 
eminently normal and logical to me.  That's why it is dangerous and 
destructive for people to watch the evening news just before going to 
sleep - all the garbage, murders and mayhem. Edison had a special, 
insulated dream room. Tesla, Edison, and Henry Ford all got their 
remarkable ideas in a dream- or visualization stage!

Wonderful news with Jeff Rense getting that many visitors to his 
site!  That's what I call alternative media - and since there are so 
many [alternative] websites, that simply means one day there will 
come the straw that breaks the camel's back! 

Regime changes will take place everywhere -  like in Eastern Europe 
after 1989.   Nobody will know when that magic moment comes, but come 
it will - and then, oh brother!  Then watch out!


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