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ZGram - 10/18/2004 - "Update on the Zundel Case"

zgrams at zgrams.zundelsite.org
Tue Oct 19 16:04:18 EDT 2004

Zgram - Where Truth is Destiny:  Now more than ever!

October 18, 2004

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Herewith just a brief update on the Zundel Case:

The hearings around the so-called "Security Certificate" have 
concluded.  As I understand it, today is the first day of summary 
presentations in court.  If nothing else, this Soviet-style show 
trial, with former CSIS boss, Blais, presiding, has produced 
unheard-of, unthinkable transcripts showing just how far the Canadian 
judicial system has sunk.  Will the Supreme Court tolerate this kind 
of usurpation of its own power?  As you remember, the constitutional 
challenge to the Security Certificate Act, initiated and filed by 
Ernst Zundel, is still pending - and will tip the scales, one way or 
another.  For good!

If Ernst wins, it will mean that he will be the one who has knocked 
down the Canadian equivalent of the US Patriot Act.  If he loses - 
and chances are that he will lose, since the Supreme Court is now 
packed with several additional known Zundel foes - it will mean that, 
in order to get this one man, Canada will have kicked a thousand 
years of Anglo-Saxon law, meant as protection against an abusive 
government, right into the Talmudic gutter. 

Imagine one man playing such a role in history!


In the meantime, something else has happened that I am calling 
"interesting", to say the very least.  Several times already 
throughout this horribly expensive kidnap struggle, it looked as if 
it would be a matter of weeks, if not days, if not hours, until Ernst 
would be put on a plane to lifelong incarceration in Germany for 
"Holocaust Denial" - which is NOT a crime in either Canada or the 
United States.  For that, they had to kidnap him!  Four countries 
that we know of have conspired and worked behind the scenes and under 
the radar toward exactly that - Canada, the U.S., Germany, and 

As recently as last week, we thought that D-Day for Ernst Zundel 
would be November 1 - or mid-November, at the latest. 

Still, given the unspreakable bias of Judge Blais running shameless 
interference for CSIS, the Lindsay Team filed yet one more petition 
for what is called a stay of proceedings.  Early this morning, I read 
that huge document and admired its powerful arguments backed up by 
solid law.

For reasons that are mysterious, this latest motion was not allowed 
be heard in Toronto - the defense team had to go to Ottawa.  (More 
legal bills and expensesŠ!) 

In Ottawa, one Judge Rothstein ruled. He ruled against Zundel at 
least one time before. 

When Ernst mentioned the name, my heart sank into my socks.  However, 
Judge Rothstein was clever - he passed on the hot potato.  He ruled 
that a "panel of judges" must rule - and the date for THAT ruling is 
now November 23. 

That gives us a few additional weeks during which additional moves 
can be made - and additional victories won.  Please cross all your 
fingers and toes! 


On this side of the border, let's just say that we are moving 
expeditiously into a Knoxville Trial.  We have a focused strategy. 
There hasn't been a Holocaust Trial since 9/11 happened - and many 
people's radars are quivering!  If our enemies are foolish enough in 
their hate-driven brains to trigger another Zundel trial - this time 
in the U.S.! - then Holocaust Trial Number Three it shall be! 

In terms of forensic and documentary evidence, the Revisionist 
movement is a lot stronger today than it was in 1988 when Leuchter 
was sent to Auschwitz by the Zundel Team - where he kicked loose a 
monumental avalanche called Truth in History with his Leuchter 
Report, now globally sold in practically every country in the world - 
in the millions!  Our foes have never recovered from that one!


Also, delicious things are happening in Hollywood - and elsewhere.  I 
just returned from a most eventful and mentally uplifting trip.  J 

More about that one will be in our newsletters in English and German 
for our world-wide, active supporters.


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