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ZGram - 9/23/2004 - "Nazi here, Nazi there - Nazi, Nazi everywhere!"

zgrams at zgrams.zundelsite.org
Thu Sep 23 14:35:44 EDT 2004

ZGram - Where Truth is Destiny:  Now more than ever!

September 23, 2004

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

This IS funny - the generally disdainful Canadian Jewish Congress 
about all matters Zundel getting lectured by a Jewish member of the 
street-punk ARA - on Zundel! 

I am sending this to you as it came to me:


Dear Free Speech Supporter:

     The following is some fascinating correspondence. The first is 
the ARA call for community support for their counterdemonstration 
against CAFE's August 12 protest on behalf of political prisoner 
Ernst Zundel outside the Metro West Detention Centre in Toronto.

     A specific letter of support was sent to Bernie Farber of the 
Canadian Jewish Congress, seeking CJC endorsement, participation and 
support. It has since disappeared from the Internet, but items #2 and 
#3 remain, being Bernie Farber's reply and an ARA disappointed 
response to him.

     Of special interest is Bernie Farber's ("BMF") response to the 
ARA, fascinating both for what it says and for what it does not 
say.Certainly, Farber turns down the ARA's call for endorsement and 
support. [Subsequently, the ARA's  Rachel Rosen blamed the CJC in 
part for the ARA's paltry numbers - "we also lacked significant 
numbers"). On one level, one might cheer the CJC for distancing 
itself from the violence-prone anarchist ARA street thugs. After all, 
it would seem a little out of place for Farber and the lawyers and 
professionals of the CJC leadership rubbing shoulders with masked 
punks and street scruffs. Also, given the ARA's history, there was 
more than a chance of physical violence. Frankly, the CJC didn't need 
the risk or unpleasantness.

     Yet, look a little closer. Farber writes: "Our support of the ARA 
vis-a-vis Zundel brings us into conflict with other positions you may 
hold specifically on the security certificate." (The ARA opposes the 
security certificate, while the CJC backs this totalitarian measure.) 
The sentence seems to strongly suggest that the CJC supports and has 
worked with the ARA on other issues, but wants to take a pass on this 
issue or this event.

     It was significant that, when the ARA burst into Jack Astor's 
restaurant after the protest, shouting "Nazis out" and trying to 
assault CAFE supporters, one of their number screamed threats at bar 
employees: "Throw the Nazis out (in ARA's   crack-addled ideology 
supporting free speech makes you a Nazi) or we'll tell the CJC and 
B'nai Brith and they'll shut you down." This certainly suggests some 
sort of relationship with the CJC, where, at least on their part, the 
ARA felt they had some pull. We do know that back in the mid-1990s, 
the ARA had received support and endorsement from Karen Mock of the 
League for Human Rights of B'nai Brith.

     Now, examine what is not said. Note that Farber does not say he 
disapproves of the protest. He does not say he disapproves of ARA 
violence. It's just that he and the CJC can afford to be picky. The 
ARA must get onside ideologically or expect nothing, at least on 
their anti-Zundel activities, from the CJC. Frankly, the CJC doesn't 
need the ARA on the Zundel issue. Why would CJC protest outside the 
prison. Its agenda is being implemented in Court. The Canadian 
government is keeping the German-born publisher and pacifist in 
prison and is seeking to deport him. That's exactly what the CJC 
wants. It doesn't have to stand outside a prison waving signs to get 
its voice heard. As evidence has shown during the Zundel hearings, in 
February of 2003, the CJC and B'nai Brith had high powered 
delegations bending the ears of the Minister of Justice (Anne 
McLellan) and the then Minister of Immigration Denis Coderre about 
Ernst Zundel. In the ruthless federal persecution and defamation of 
Mr.Zundel -- dubbing him a "terrorist" and threat to national 
security -- the CJC has gotten what it wants. It doesn't need the ARA.

     I'm intrigued by what Farber does not say because of the standard 
to which I have been held. In 1997, I was fired after a 24-year 
much-praised career as an English instructor with the Peel District 
Board of Education. One of about a dozen incidents or sins held 
against me was my alleged conduct at a 1989 meeting of the Toronto's 
Mayor's Committee on Community and Race Relations. This noxious 
committee had made some nasty statements about skinhead ideology and 
had called for local bookstores to remove books with "racist" jokes. 
Several people and I had come as a delegation to comment on these 
issues. There were many delegations and our issue kept being knocked 
further down the agenda the committee clearly hoping we would get 
tired and go home. I was sitting beside Christie Blatchford, then a 
columnist with the TORONTO SUN. As the committee's machinations 
continued, there were some comments from the audience. It was alleged 
that a skinhead called out: "You're a dead man, Mr. Rose." Rose, as I 
recall, was a stooped and hostile representative of B'nai Brith on 
the Toronto Mayor's Committee. If this comment was made, I didn't 
hear it.

     Anyway, before the Cowan Inquiry, in the submissions at my 
firing, in the case by Jewish lobby groups against me, and even in my 
arbitration hearings, I have always been blamed for not leaping up 
and denouncing the skinhead for his comment. Well, I never heard any 
such threat. Indeed, no such threat may ever have been made. Even if 
such a comment were made, I was not this skinhead's father, employer, 
or teacher, nor was he a member of any group I controlled. I had no 
authority to comment or reprimand him. Yet, that was the standard of 
conduct I was held to. Years late, I find it significant that Bernie 
Farber, one of my tormenters over the years, is not held to a similar 
standard. Thus, I find his refusal to explicitly condemn and 
repudiate ARA violence significant, as he, at least, had been asked 
by the ARA for his endorsement and opinion.

Paul Fromm
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From: Andy Lehrer <<mailto:cwicanada at sympatico.ca>cwicanada at sympatico.ca>
Date: Tue, 07 Sep 2004 14:32:11 -0400
To: <<mailto:san at lists.tao.ca>san at lists.tao.ca>
Subject: Anti-Nazi rally Sunday

(please forward)


Attached is the poster we're going to put up to promote the event. Please

Also, here's some info in text form:

On Sunday September 12th Canadian neo-Nazis and fascists will be
demonstrating outside the Metro West Detention Centre (111 Disco Road in
Etobicoke) in support of neo-Nazi guru and Holocaust denier, Ernst Zundel.
We feel that whenever fascists raise their ugly heads they must be opposed,
otherwise it makes it easier for them to organize, grow and threaten members
of "minority" groups whether they be Jews and Muslims, immigrants or people
of colour.

It's important for us to show fascists that they are a marginal group in
society and that the vast majority of us oppose them and their tactics.

Please come out for our peaceful counterdemonstration. Buses will leave at
11:30 am (Sunday September 12th) from Christie Pits (across from Christie
Subway Station). If you prefer to bring your own vehicle please meet us at
Christie Pits and join our convoy.

For more information email aratoronto at canada.com or phone 416-295-8404

We've contacted TASC about also making this event a rally against the
illegal detention of the "Secret Trial Five" and use of the national
security certificate.

For clarification on our position on the National Security Certificate see:

In short we are against use of the measure in all incidents and believe the
government simply used it in the Zundel case in order to try to give it more
legitimacy. In fact, Canada could have simply refused to accept Zundel when
he was deported here by the US.



Dear (ARA)-

My apologies for not responding to you more promptly on this matter, 
but I wanted to make use of the resources of our community relations 
committee (and others) to get a complete perspective on the matter. 
I've done so and, considering the input from my colleagues and lay 
leadership, have concluded that presently there appears to be some 
significant differences in approach which would make it problematic 
to assist in any official capacity.

It has come to our attention that there is a healthy debate within 
the ARA and its fellow travelers regarding the propriety of the 
security certificate under which Zundel is being held. Such debate 
is, of course, entirely legitimate, but the community that I 
represent is more or less consistent in its support of the use of 
security certificates to detain and remove dangerous individuals from 
this country. Given this, our support of the ARA vis-a-vis Zundel 
brings us into conflict with other positions you may hold 
specifically on the security certificate under which Zundel is being 

I realize that this is not the answer that you were hoping for 
however I am sure you understand that we cannot support a position 
that runs contrary to established CJC policy.



Dear Mr. Farber,

Re: your e-mail to Anti-Racist Action, dated Thursday,

September 9, 2004.

I trust by now that you are aware that the counter-rally against the 
supporters of Ernst Zundel, which took place on September 12, 2004, 
ended in the arrests of four ARA members.

Hindsight being 20/20, there are a number of things we could have 
done differently. The two factors that contributed to the violence 
the most, however, were low numbers on our side, and our lack of 
legitimacy in the eyes of 23 Division, who policed the rally. Both of 
these problems could have been averted, if only the CJC had stepped 
up to its mandate to combat anti-Semitism in Canada.

ARA and other community-based activist groups are presently the only 
forces that stand in the way of a massive rise in fascist violence in 
Toronto. The police have demonstrated their unwillingness to deal 
with white supremacists. In photographs taken by Zundel's supporters 
last Sunday, it is clear that the police targeted the 
counter-demonstrators rather than the Nazis allowing them freedom of 
movement while we were confined to a small area, positioning their 
paddy wagon so that it was protecting the Nazi demonstrators and open 
towards us, and standing with their faces (and weapons) to us and 
their backs to the Nazis. They even harassed CBC journalists who were 
walking between the two demonstrations in an attempt to interview 
both sides. Had a respected representative from the mainstream Jewish 
community leant his or her support to our rally, perhaps the police 
would not have viewed us as the agitators and the fascists as 
upstanding citizens.

We also lacked significant numbers, made worse by our inability to 
get the word out on time. Your organization could have helped there, 
even if no one from the CJC had the desire to attend the rally.

Having only thirty or so people in attendance made us look like an 
easy target for the fascists and reinforced what they had already 
told the police - that we were the archetypal small group of violent 

One might think that the rise in Nazi activity in this city would be 
a rare instance of commonality between the CJC and ARA. That’s why I 
was so surprised when I read your e-mail to our member. Apparently, 
CJC's decision to withhold its resources and support came not from a 
policy of not working with street-level activist groups, but rather 
from your disagreement with our position on the post-September 11 
Security Certificate legislation. To clarify, there is no debate 
within ARA as to the propriety of the Security Certificate. We 
absolutely oppose it. Our mandate is to fight against all forms of 
racism, and this piece of legislation has been used (in almost every 
case but Zundel's) as a tool to detain and deport people of Middle 
Eastern descent. To be honest, we are not sure why the CJC would 
support such legislation - surely your memories can't be so short 
that you do not remember the harsh measures once taken by the 
Canadian government against Jewish immigrants in the 1920s and 1930s. 
I work with ARA, but I am also a member of the Jewish community you 
claim to represent - as were some of those arrested fighting Zundel's 
supporters - and I can tell you that support for this unjust piece of 
legislation is by no means consistent or unanimous among Canadians, 
Jews or otherwise.

That being said, does the Canadian Jewish Congress really care more 
about defending the Security Certificate than defending the diverse 
communities of Toronto against fascists who have made it clear that 
they would like to see every Jew and person of colour dead or driven 
out? Does the CJC at all care about genuine threats to its 
constituents? How long do you intend to remain silent while people 
who believe that Hitler was a hero run amok in our city?

Your mission statement claims that your organization exists in part 
to combat racism and anti-Semitism and promote human rights. It's 
unfortunate that your actions in the face of the challenge Zundel's 
supporters have created fails to live up to your lofty ideals.


Rachel Rosen


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