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ZGram - 9/27/2004 - "A story that speaks for millions of our own young, spiritually dispossessed people"

zgrams at zgrams.zundelsite.org
Mon Sep 27 09:40:33 EDT 2004

ZGRAM - Where Truth is Destiny:  Now more than ever!

September 27, 2004

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

A heart-warming letter to the Zundelsite:


Dear Mrs. Rimland,

I received the book "Setting the Record Straight" from you today. 
I'm not your average young person, having lived all over the world, 
and living by my wits alone for most of my young life. As I read 
through this slim little [book], I began to feel an old feeling, one 
that's haunted me my entire life.

Since I was a child, I've had a sense of guilt for who I was born to 
be.  I'm a German-American who grew up poor and middle-class in the 
southern United States.  Growing up, I lived in various foster homes 
and group homes.  Everywhere I went, I looked to find someone like me 
- someone not ashamed of their German heritage,  but all around me, I 
merely saw pride for others' heritage.  I watched war movies and saw 
my image and that of my family as the enemy, those who were 
inherently evil. 

I went to school and learned that the evil, fascist Germans destroyed 
6 million innocent Jews, for no other reason than that Hitler hated 
them.  I was taught that to be proud to be white, especially of being 
a German white, was undoubtedly ignorance and hate. 

As a child I read the histories of Germany.  I read about Beethoven 
and Mozart, Friedrich and Otto, Kaiser Wilhelm and Hitler.  I lived 
and died with the triumphs and defeat of my people.  But I kept this 
secret, so no one would accuse me of being a horrible monster, a Nazi 
or a kraut.

But, as these things tend to happen, as I became a man I started to 
question this.  Why is it that I should be ashamed?  I've never put 
anyone into slavery, nor have I ever gassed a Jew.  These were the 
things that were central to my being as I entered the U.S. Army.

I thought by leaving the poor areas I grew up in, I would assuredly 
find others like myself.  I have no need of being cast in with the 
ignorant, uneducated riff-raff who only Sieg Heil  to be seen as 
villans and despised.  I only wanted to find a way to communicate 
with others who refuse to bow to faceless masters. 

It was while I was in the Army I learned the truth around American 
ethnic policy.  For someone who was such a patriot as I, this was a 
profound shock.  I found out that I could go very far in this 
country, even thought I was poor. if I would've been born a different 

I learned that the Fatherland still paid a tribute to Israel, and 
America seems intent on destroying the enemies of the Zionist.  Why? 
What is it about them that makes them so important to Western 
civilization?  Is it religion? 

No answers were forthcoming.  I set out to find out on my own.

So, now I'm here, sitting at my computer, typing an email that's 
probably entirely too long.  I work at an internet service provider, 
and cater to important people besides.  But, just like when I was a 
child, staring into the early morning sun dreaming of when I would be 
able to be proud of who I am, I receive another heartbreak. 

You see, I still considered myself a patriot.  I still believed that 
America stood for what's right, and protected everyone.  I've been an 
1st Amendment activist for a very long time, and I truly believe that 
without free speech, freedom goes nowhere. 

I couldn't begin to explain how appalled I was while reading what had 
happened to your husband.  Is this the government that is so much 
better than the regimes of the early 1900s?  What happened to you and 
your husband has to be the most blatant abuse of civil rights I have 
ever heard.

So, yes, I will donate as much as I can to help you in your good 
fight to free your husband.  It may not be much, but at least I will 
know that I'm helping the cause of freedom.  Also, I happen to have 
the casual acquaintance of a congressman.  I will pen him a letter, 
for I know him well enough to know he should give me a straight 
answer.  If I find out anything useful, I'll let you know.


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