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ZGram - 9/30/2004 - "No end in sight for Zundel hearing"

zgrams at zgrams.zundelsite.org
Thu Sep 30 09:26:58 EDT 2004

ZGram - Where Truth is Destiny:  Now more than ever!

September 30, 2004

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

You know the saying about the "tar baby":  "The harder they struggle, 
the stucker they get!"  That sums it up for Canada prime censors!

The Germans actually have a better saying, but it translates poorly 
as to meaning: 

"Herr, die Not ist groß -

Die ich rief, die Geister,

werd' ich nun nicht los!"

This stanza means, roughly, that "Lord, how we're suffering, for he 
ghosts we called upon now stubbornly refuse to leave!"  It's a 
wonderful quote that has stuck in my brain - from a poem which I 
remember only vaguely.  Maybe one of my readers can help?  I believe 
it comes from Goethe's (or Schiller's?)  "Zauberlehrling."

At any rate, our enemies are yammering - as usual.  They thought they 
could pull a fast one by kidnapping Zundel and shipping him to 
Germany - but Zundel is fighting back with challenge after challenge 
in the courts, and global sympathies for his struggle increase by 
leaps and bounds as a consequence!  I have thousands of letters and 
article write-ups to prove it!

Just the other day, I received a cartoon from a French magazine, 
Rivarol, depicting two cells - one labeled "Zundel" and the other one 
"Freedom of Speech."  That's what the Jewish censors wrought for 

For your elucidation, here is B'nai Brith's latest jeremiah - and 
please note the reference to Judge Blais being "concerned about the 
rising possibility of violence."  That's news to us - but haven't we 
seen the beginnings of fabricated violence by engaging the unsavory 

I have worried about that all along.  The past has shown that if 
violence is needed to vilify a political target, violence will 
magically appear.  After all, what could be easier than to leave a 
Zundel Power letter or some such at the scene of truly heinous 
violence some poor, mentally borderline biped was surreptitiously 
paid to commit?



September 29, 2004 - 14 Tishrei, 5765

No end in sight for Zundel hearing

By Anita Bromberg - B'nai Brith Counsel

The drama in the Zundel proceedings is turning into one long saga.

The September deadline set by Federal Court Judge Pierre Blais to 
wrap up his review into the national security certificate issued 
against Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel in May 2003 has past with no 
immediate end in site. [sic] In fact, dates into 2005 are being 
reserved by counsel and the court.

Blais has reserved judgment on what may be a series of motions by 
Peter Lindsay, counsel for Zundel, asking the judge to remove himself 
due to an apprehension of bias. The defence team has argued that 
bias, or the apprehension of it, arises from comments made by the 
judge during the hearings. A similar motion made earlier in the 
proceedings was denied by the Judge.

Meanwhile, after arguments to quash a subpoena failed, teacher John 
Farrell was called to the stand by Zundel's lawyers. Based on 
excerpts from the book Covert Entry by journalist Andrew Mitrovica, 
Lindsay suggested Farrell, as a former CSIS operative, could shed 
some light on allegations raised in the book that CSIS somehow 
allowed a pipe bomb to proceed through the mail system to Zundel's 

However, after much time was spent on whether Lindsay's questions 
were directly relevant regarding Zundel's treatment by the 
Intelligence Services, little came out of the two days of testimony.

Farrell told the court that he could not recall what lay behind parts 
of the book in which he is named and that detailed notes he had were 
lost when his computer was stolen. In a decision released on Sept. 
22, following arguments earlier this month, Blais ruled that Zundel 
will remain in detention, at least until the next review hearing.

Blais wrote that there had been no change since his January 2004 
decision, where he found that while "Zundel had virtually no history 
or direct personal engagement in acts of serious violence, his status 
within the right-wing supremacist movement was such that adherents 
would be inspired to carry out his actions pursuant to his ideology."

He concluded that while evidence had been provided to show that there 
were reasonable grounds to believe that Zundel was a danger to 
national security or to the safety of any person, Zundel had failed 
to meet the onus that rested on him to provide any evidence to the 

Meanwhile, outside the courtroom, a related drama appears to be unfolding.

Blais is concerned about the rising possibility of violence. Before a 
planned protest in support of Zundel outside the Toronto Metro 
Detention Centre (where he is being held) on Sept. 12, four 
London-based individuals were arrested for possession of weapons 
after knives, a bow and arrow, as well as a bulletproof vest were 
found in the trunk of a car in which they were travelling.

One of the four is alleged to be Thomas Winnicki, who is also under 
investigation for possible hate crimes and is the subject of a 
Canadian Human Rights Commission hearing.

At the protest, members of the Anti-Racist Action group were kept 
apart from Zundel supporters by police. However, some sort of pushing 
match did apparently break out at a nearby restaurant where Zundel 
supporters retreated to after the protest.

At a Montreal protest the day before in front of Justice Minister 
Irwin Cotler's office, certain Zundel supporters were reportedly 
driven off in police cars with no explanations.

Proceedings continue in Toronto Oct. 19 and 20. Meanwhile a decision 
by the Supreme Court of Canada whether to grant leave to appeal to 
Zundel on issues of disclosure is expected later this fall.

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