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Wed May 11 12:01:56 EDT 2005


  By Jana Janus

  In 1989,when I was first living in Moscow, a Soviet friend came to 
visit me for the afternoon. She was a little late, she told me, 
because she had to vote. "Vote?" I said with interest, "Tell me about 
it." I was eager to know all about this strange new country I was 
living in. "What's to tell," she replied, "there's only one person to 
vote for, so I voted."

  I didn't know what she was talking about. When I questioned her 
further she told me that it was mandatory. She voted because she had 
to. They checked off her name.

  "But Nina," I said, "that's terrible! One candidate? That's like a joke!"

  She looked at me and nodded her head affirmatively, "You learn fast!"

  That is how it was under Soviet Communism.

  What is the difference between that system and the one in place 
today that prevents all legitimate inquiry into the facts surrounding 
World War II and the Holocaust?

  World War II and the Holocaust seem to have become the exclusive 
property of the Jews. They dictate what the facts are. They make the 
documentaries and the films about it. They control the publishing 
industry that prints the books and the textbooks on this subject. 
They get to tell everyone what to think about it.

  They guard the "Holocaust" the way a fox guards a hen house. But I 
ask you, is the fox the proper one to ask when it comes to matters 
concerning the state of the hens? I think not. If you want to know 
what's going on inside the hen house you must go inside and see for 
yourself. Talk to the hens, that is, if there are still any left! The 
fox is the last one you should ask.

  The Jews and the Holocaust represent a conflict of interest. We must 
separate them in order to have a REAL look at the picture. The Jews 
must get out of the way. The Jews must not be allowed to OWN the 
Holocaust. They must not be allowed to consider it their exclusive 
property! Whatever happened there belongs to all of us. We have all 
suffered because of it. We have all paid a huge price for this horror 
show and we continue to pay because it has become a tool to deprive 
us of our constitutional rights as in "freedom of speech" and our 
Divinely endowed rights as in:

  Matthew 7:7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; 
knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

  Matthew 7:8 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh 
findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

  I say that we take the lid off this so-called "holocaust". I think 
it's time we examined it thoroughly, under Klieg lights. I think it's 
time we took the entire organism apart and put it under a microscope! 
It's time we formed a real team of investigators and reported the 
real story of World War II and asked the BIG questions. 1. What did 
World War II cover up? and 2. What did the subsequent "six 
million/holocaust" cover up? What dirty deeds went undetected because 
of the cicadian din generated by a well-organized hive of obedient 

  What harm could this do? NONE! Sure, we probably will have to throw 
out most of the books and documentaries on the subject, but so what? 
We can write new books and make new documentaries based on THE TRUTH 
for a change.

  The team must be made up of those who have fresh eyes and a 
background beyond the range of the mink-lined laboratory rat cage 
set. Authors, for example, who have published works on the Holocaust 
and WWII must be excluded. Filmmakers like Steven Spielberg, must be 
excluded. Anyone connected with Hollywood or the current government 
must definitely be excluded, especially those who only know how to 
speak "politically correct-ease".

  I think Ernst Zundel would make a perfect team leader. Free him so 
he can get back to work. The world has become a house of cards built 
on sand with a mighty tsunami bearing down on it. The Truth is the 
only life line. Embrace it.

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