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Who is Prisoner Ernst Zundel? Judge for yourself! - Part 3

zgrams at zgrams.zundelsite.org
Sun Sep 18 10:07:03 EDT 2005


Your Sunday Zundel missive out of Mannheim Prison:


You have known me for over ten years.  You know that I invariably see 
most things in a larger context.  It's just the way I was born.  It's 
a personality trait.  I don't know where it comes from.  Somehow, 
even in my walks in the prison yard with prisoners of all kinds of 
nationalities, even races, the idea that a man could sacrifice his 
whole life to gain justice and to redress wrongs inflicted on the 
nation he was born into is a concept they simply cannot grasp.

They look at me with astonishment when I raise the topic of there 
being a collective responsibility of an individual to his community. 
Some of my conversation partners are university educated, some were 
multi-millionaires, others have investment firms with hundreds of 
employees, one is the son of a minister of a foreign government, 
educated in the finest private schools - yet even to him, this 
concept does not strike him as a "very useful concept."  Every one of 
them eventually pops the question:  "Did it profit you?  What did you 
gain?"  The attitude is always:  "Look what this idea did to you. 
Your own countrymen imprisoned youŠ"

No one, Ingrid, not a single person - and that includes prisoners' 
staff, guards, officers in Germany and Canada - could understand why 
someone would want to do something for the "collectivity"  to use a 
politically correct term.

The concept of actually grasping the hands of the gods, like in 
Michelangelo's famous painting on the ceiling of the Sistene Chapel 
(sp?) does not concern them.  This still puzzles me to no end.


Really only regime change, here and there, will re-create an entirely 
new situation and hopefully will bring the long longed-for internal 
reforms and necessary evolution suppressed and stifled by these 
corrupt practices which have warped the orderly progress and internal 
renewal of the USA, Canada, and most nations in Western Europe.

Eastern Europe can serve as a valuable object lesson of how seemingly 
powerful, hyper-organized, armed-to-the-teeth modern societies can 
and do self-destruct, even in our own age.  Don't let anyone tell you 
that drastic, sweeping changes cannot happen in the "atomic" or 
"electronic" age.  Ingrid, the Soviet Union was the second most 
powerful atomic power on planet earth, able to devastate any enemy 
many times over anywhere on earth!  They had an internal and external 
spy system that was far, far more successful than the FBI, the CIA, 
the NSA etc.  Compared to the Soviet and East German system in place 
for the last 60-80 years, the Western World's spy services are inept 
bunglers - cowboys and dilettantes.  Believe me!

And yet, Ingrid, in spite of all the bugged telephones and all the 
bugged bedrooms, in spite of all the seductive women and the 
pornography, child molestation and blackmail schemes the Communists 
engaged in, and in spite of all the financial and bribery scandals of 
officials in various governments of the Western powers - that system 
imploded with a melt-down like, unstoppable impetus, as if it was 

It was, in fact, unstoppable.  Its time was up!

Now memoirs are coming out which show how the British, the French, 
the DDR leadership, the Americans and even the Jewish organizations 
tried to stop the erosion - to no avail!  An historical evolution, 
just short of a bloody revolution, was taking place - stoppable by 
nothing!  It's awesome, Ingrid, just simply be present at such a 
moment in history!

I believe this will be the way, or very similar to it, that the 
implosion - superceded only by our renewal - will take place.  We saw 
by the insecurities produced by the mere referendums on that European 
constitution.  Ingrid, stable, secure systems do not react like that 
to a mere lost referendum!

In Germany and France, but especially in Italy and even in Portugal, 
high level bureaucrats and financial experts are still talking about 
the replacing of the Euro.  Other countries like England, Sweden and 
Switzerland never adopted it in the first place.  So things are 
fluid.  This German election is like the rearranging of the deck 
chairs of an already listing Titanic.  It will merely delay, not 
avoid disaster.

Every newspaper I get to see, Ingrid, talks about hundreds of German 
communities, large and small - not just German businesses or state 
governments - being basically insolvent, another word for being 
bankrupt.  Imagine, Ingrid!  These hard-working and always fiscally 
cautious nations of savers traumatized by the specter of the 1923 
mass unemployment and hyper-inflation being brought to their knees, 
humiliated before the world, by INTEREST SLAVERY!

There is now the spectre of Germans living under the bridges, in 
cardboard boxes, sleeping on the heating grates of subways - not in 
Toronto, Rio de Janeiro, or Harlem, the Bronx or New York, no Ingrid, 
Germans in Mannheim, Frankfurt and Berlin!

And while all this momentum is gathering, you and I try to navigate 
our lives through shark-infested waters and enemy mine fields, having 
to pay bills, worry about mundane things like air conditioners, leaky 
faucets, malfunctioning fridges, snarky remarks and hurtful 
criticisms not only from our foes but from supposed friends.  No, my 
dear wife, this is a role that requires strong nerves and a 
goal-orientedness given to few mortals, especially in this age of 
quick fixes, instant solutions, immediate satisfaction of every whim 
and desire.

Only Prussians, the Spartans of the North, and we, the Spartans of 
the Spirit regardless of our ethnic origin - we have the internal 
make-up to know that now is the time to navigate prudently and at the 
same time be steady at the helm, conserve fuel, conserve energy, be 
cautious not to be spooked by rumors, half-truths, exaggerations, 
lies, jealousies or dislikes.  Now is the time, like in a chess game, 
to think before we move a single horse or tower on the chess board.


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