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Fwd: *** Report about the July 28 Zundel-Hearing ***

zgrams at zgrams.zundelsite.org
Tue Aug 1 12:47:54 EDT 2006

>Brief Report of the Zundel Hearing of July 28, 2006
>Apparently part of this hearing last Friday was highly dramatic! 
>Hans-Heiko Klein, Germany's head honcho Holocaust Denier hunter, now 
>in retirement, suffered what was described to me as "total moral 
>bankruptcy", embarrassing himself and the BRD legal system to such 
>an extent that even Judge Meinerzhagen was described as having been 
>"plain horrified"! 
>Hans-Heiko Klein was and is known as a particularly nasty fellow. 
>It must have been sweet justice for Ernst watching his prime enemy, 
>who had no small part in Ernst's political abduction, making an 
>absolute ass out of himself in front of court and media! 
>Again, since I was not there and no transcript exists, I can only 
>give you a partial description of what was asked by the defense and 
>even the judge, and what was replied by Hans-Heiko Klein.
>Here is a sample:
>First of all, Klein lied brazenly by testifying that he had nothing 
>to do with Germany's post-war Gestapo shenanigans and their Canadian 
>counterparts in kidnapping Ernst.  Then, upon pressure by the 
>defense, he admitted that he had met with members of the Canadian 
>secret police  on several occasions but - get this and marvel! - he 
>did not know who they were and what their agenda might have been! 
>The year 2003, he testified, had been a turning point.  Even though 
>arrest warrants had existed for some years and there had been hope 
>that Ernst could have been nabbed during one of his travels in 
>Europe, this did not materialize, and eventually the arrest 
>warrant(s) expired since what Ernst did in Canada and then in the 
>United States was not illegal. 
>However, after his 2003 arrest in Tennessee and deportation to 
>Canada, the Canadian officials had signalled to their Bundesrepublik 
>buddies that Ernst was now theirs for the asking!
>He also testified that there was never any question as to where 
>Ernst would be "allowed" to go - it was simply understood it would 
>be Germany!
>In cross-examination,
>*  Klein claimed "no knowledge" of the Leuchter Report.  Not true - 
>as I remember it, he himself had Ernst arrested briefly in 
>connection with the planned and then aborted Leuchter Congress in 
>Germany in the early 1990s!
>* Klein claimed the Rudolf Report had been scientifically 
>discredited - not true!  When pressured to say more, he replied, "I 
>am not saying another word!"  When the judge ordered him to answer, 
>he said that he was "not prepared"!
>* Did he try to find mitigating evidence about Ernst's politically 
>incorrect ways?
>Klein said he hadn't looked and hadn't tried, since he was not a 
>psychologist nor a psychiatrist. 
>* Did he know of Fritjof Meyer's findings? 
>Klein said that he had "read the book."  It wasn't a book, it was an 
>article in an obscure academic journal.
>* Did he know the "Auschwitz Act"?
>Klein did not.  He only said he knew "the outcome".
>*  What was his definition of Extremism of the Right? 
>People who are Holocaust Deniers. 
>*   The Zundelsite, he testified, was "Holocaust Denial Pure!" 
>*  Q:  The claim is always "six million".  How many of those came 
>from Auschwitz?
>Well, muttered Klein, the numbers had been  reduced.
>*   Q:  Yet the number "six million" remains constant.  How can that 
>be explained?
>Klein remained silent, sweating profusely.  So did the court.  It 
>was a very hot day - even the cheese in Ernst's prison cell melted! 
>No wonder Klein did, too!
>*  Why did he call himself an "Überzeugungstäter" in a recent 
>interview?  [This is a term that is hard to translate.  It means 
>somebody who does not act by evidence but merely from conviction.]
>Klein remained silent.  So did the court.
>For his grand finale, Klein announced that he could sleep soundly, 
>since his conscience was clear!  Does this worm of a German even 
>have a conscience?  Does he even have a brain, much less a heart?
>It is a pity and a shame that no record of this remarkably 
>devastating testimony exists, since Germany's courts try hard to 
>avoid leaving tracks.
>(Information for this summary report came from several sources, 
>including Günter Deckert who himself spent 5 years in prison for 
>Holocaust Denial, courtesy of "Überzeugungstäter" Hans-Heiko Klein!)
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