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Rabbi Friedman cautions against strategic abuse of Holocaust

zgrams at zgrams.zundelsite.org
Mon Dec 11 07:12:20 EST 2006


Rabbi Friedman cautions against strategic abuse of Holocaust
Iran-Israel, Politics, 12/9/2006

Austrian rabbi and chief of the Orthodox Anti-Zionist society of 
Austria, Moshe Aryeh Friedman, yesterday cautioned against strategic 
abuse of the historic event of Holocaust.

Speaking to IRNA yesterday before departing for Tehran, Iran, to 
attend Holocaust symposium, Rabbi Friedman said, "As one who has 
conducted research on the issue for years, I regrettably notice how 
Judaism and fame of our ancestors are abused through distortion of 
the historical event." Rabbi Friedman stressed that impartial 
scholars and the journalists, who conducted objective research on 
Holocaust and its politicization by Zionism, have been named as 
criminal and sentenced to several years of prison.

The Jewish figure noted, "We should focus on the reality that the 
behind-the-curtain individuals and financial providers as well as 
perpetrators of some of the World War II crimes had been Zionists 
themselves." Now another Holocaust has taken place, this time 
involving Palestinians and Arabs -- something unprecedented in 
history, he added.

The Austrian Rabbi also thanked Iran as the best venue for the 
conference on the Holocaust because it used to remain neutral during 
the World War II and was not involved in the event.

Friedman described Iran as a model country in dealing with and 
tolerating religious minorities.

"We have been witnessing that religious minorities either now or in 
the past have been holding a very proper and good position in Iran," 
said the rabbi.

The international symposium of "Study of Holocaust, Global 
Perspective" is to be held in Tehran from December 11-12, sponsored 
by Foreign Ministry's Institute for Political and International 
Studies (IPIS).

The Education and Research Department at Foreign Ministry has said 
the conference would provide a channel for scientific and free debate 
on the issue by related scholars and experts.

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