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Brief update on the imprisoned Revisionists in Europe

zgrams at zgrams.zundelsite.org
Sun Feb 26 12:04:43 EST 2006

I have no recent news about Ernst's situation.  For the last two 
weeks, all correspondence seems again to have come to a halt.  The 
next court date will be March 9.

Likewise, I have no information at all about the other two 
Revisionist dissidents, Germar Rudolf and Siegfried Verbeke.  About 
David Irving, a few Zundel comments and a link to an important BBC 
poll below. 

I know that a call has gone out to Internet groups to write to the 
German Embassy in Washington.  I am sorry to say that I consider that 
an exercise in futility that will only land your name in the German 
KGB files. In my opinion, these German Embassies and Consulates are 
outposts of the enemy and certainly not there to help their 

Through the German equivalent of the Freedom of Information Act, we 
are in the possession of letters that show clearly that the German 
Government, through their employees in several embassies and 
consulates, aided and abetted the kidnapping of at least Ernst Zundel 
if not Germar Rudolf.  (There is some evidence of documentary 
overlapŠ] We know of at least one representative of Germany in Canada 
who spied on Zundel supporters by infiltrating court hearings and 
afterwards reporting on overheard comments.   This deceitful creature 
described these thoroughly middle-class, orderly, average, decent, 
law-abiding Zundel supporters in derogatory terms - for example, as 
being « unkempt » and « paranoid. ». 

These Embassy and consulate poodles of the German government brazenly 
discussed with their Canadian and American counterparts the means of 
criminalizing Ernst at all costs, the mechanics of denying him a 
passport, as well as Ernst's deportation to Germany away from the 
eyes of the media.  {Hence the expensive charter flightŠ}

When I tried to initiate some intervention by asking the Atlanta 
Consulate to help me get an emergency appointment with the Washington 
Ambassador, an SOS was immediately sent to Washington warning them of 
my impending visit, resulting in a return request to be sure to warn 
them ahead of my coming.

These are only a few of the exceedingly valuable documents we have 
secured that show malfeasance by the German government.  This 
evidence can be expected to be very useful as Ernst's Holocaust 
Heresy Trial proceeds and in his subsequent appeals, since a 
conviction seems already a foregone conclusion.


A few snippets about David Irving and Austria:

I ask my Zgram friends to vote in this CNN Poll and ask as many of 
your friends to do the same.  The question polled is, "Is Austria 
right to have a law against Holocaust denial?"



In an excerpted, heavily edited letter, already written before 
Christmas to a friend, Ernst briefly comments on David Irving's 


What could possibly have possessed that man to go to Austria - at 
this time?  I am simply flabbergasted!  With my arrest and treatment, 
and now the others like [Siegfried] Verbeke and Germar [Rudolf], it 
was clear for  whom they were gunning - therefore, one more time, let 
me be clear about this:  NOBODY is safe from arrest, as these people 
are desperately trying to keep their lucrative business going a few 
more years.  NOBODY is served by one more famous revisionist being 
arrested while walking into a trap - NOBODY is safe, NOBODY will get 
a «safe conduct» pass as a witness - please realize that.  They will 
just laugh at the foolishness of self-immolation. While I appreciate 
the noble gesture and sacrifice planned [by] a friend, I counsel 
against any such plans.  We do not need more imprisoned martyrs - we 
need living symbols in freedom who can write, speak, witness to their 
knowledge and findings. This is peasant logic speaking - nobody is 
asking anybody to be a Socrates or a Jan Hus.

Things are evolving so fast that soon we will find a totally 
different political situation, far more conducive to our ideas and 
concepts.  Testimony can be given in the courts of other countries. 
It is not necessary to physically go to the countries where various 
trials are being held.



An American writer,  J.P. Bellinger,  author of 'Himmlers 
Tod"/Himmler's Death, sent three poignant questions to the Austrian 
government, replete with good advice:


To Whom It May Concern:

I have a few questions I should like to ask you in regard to Austrian Law.

*	Does Austria have a law which will punish denial or the 
minimization of the murder of tens of millions of  white Christians 
at the hands of the mostly Jewish Communists in Eastern Europe during 
the period 1917-1980?

*	Will you please explain to me what makes the 'holocaust' so 
sacrosanct that it requires punitive laws in order to protect it from 
legitimate inquiry and revision?

*	Does Austria intend to arrest and prosecute Jewish historians 
like Arno Meyer, who have also questioned or otherwise deviated from 
the mainstream version of the holocaust?

Punishing individuals for freely expressing their legitimate opinions 
is antidemocratic and a mark of FEAR and lack of confidence in one's 
own ability to refute the research and evidence provided by dissident 
historians such as David Irving and Germar Rudolf.

Such persecution does the Austrian nation a great disservice and will 
most assuredly lead to a backlash over time, whereby these attempts 
to stifle free thought and enquiry will only lead to greater numbers 
of individuals questioning the mainstream version of the holocaust. 
It is as inevitable as the day is long, and perhaps it is long 
overdue.  Austrian legislators should realize that questioning 
aspects of the holocaust is not equivalent to 'denying the holocaust' 
which is after all, a matter of proper definition.    Even so, the 
mere questioning of 'any' historical event should never require 
legislation to compel rigid belief and conformity.

To quote Charles Dickens, "If that is what the law thinks, then the 
law is an ass."



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