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Thu May 31 13:46:51 EDT 2007


Oprah Again Manipulated By the Master Hoaxster Elie Wiesel

When Elie Wiesel took Oprah Winfrey to Auschwitz the choreography was 
perfect.  Jewish suffering was paramount; remember the six million, 
the gas chambers, the Zyklon B, the death marches, and "Arbeit Macht 

Ignore the facts that none of Wiesel's family was gassed, that 50 
million non-Jews were killed, that Wiesel chose to leave Auschwitz 
with the Nazis rather than be liberated by the Russians as was Anne 
Frank's father.  And certainly ignore the ethnic cleansing and murder 
of perhaps two million Germans, mostly civilians, after the war.

Now Elie will take Oprah to Israel to "sympathize with the suffering 
of the people of Israel" meaning the suffering of Jews, of course. 
He won't be taking her to the ghetto known as Gaza, where 1.4 million 
Palestinians languish in hunger and sickness.  He won't be taking her 
to the concentration camp at Ketziot in the Negev Desert.

Nor will this icon of the Holocaust Industry be taking Oprah to Deir 
Yassin, the site of a massacre of Arab civilians perpetrated by his 
employer, The Irgun, in April 1948.  When he accompanies her at the 
most famous Holocaust memorial at Yad Vashem, they will be looking 
across the valley at Deir Yassin, but Elie will not mention it nor 
apologize for it.

Nor will they discuss on camera or privately that today over half the 
people within the borders controlled by Israel are not Jews.  Such 
inconvenient facts fly in the face of the quest to build a Jewish 
state in Palestine, a quest that is patently racist.

First Auschwitz, now Israel  --  what is next for the Oprah and Elie 
show? Perhaps they could recreate the Jewish slave ship Mazeltof and 
sail together from Africa to Curacao and on to America.  Oprah at the 
prow, Elie at the wheel, the hold packed with slaves sailing into 

Daniel McGowan

Deir Yassin Remembered

4174 Scandling Center

Geneva, NY  14456


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