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A Letter to Ernst Zundel from Britain: "I apologise to you and your people for the Dresden holocaust"

zgrams at zgrams.zundelsite.org
Sat Sep 1 08:56:31 EDT 2007


A Letter to Ernst Zundel from Britain:  "I apologise to you and your 
people for the Dresden holocaust"


Dear Herr Zündel,

This letter will no doubt be opened by the prison authorities who I 
trust will be decent enough men to pass it on to you.

My father was in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War and 
made many flights over your country. However, one "raid" that he was 
fortunately not directly involved with was the one over Dresden on 
the night of the 13th/14th February, 1945, that had been deliberately 
planned by Churchill and Roosevelt to murder as many men, women, 
children and animals as possible.

When news of this holocaust in Dresden started to emerge in Britain 
it caused questioning and revulsion amongst the public, and Churchill 
tried desperately to deflect responsibility away from himself and 
onto others, such as Arthur Harris.

To some extent, although ultimate blame was not to be shouldered by 
anyone other than Churchill and Roosevelt (and perhaps Stalin), yet 
the servicemen of the British Royal Air Force and of the United 
States Air Force who actually loaded the 700,000+ phosphorus 
incendiary bombs, those who flew the aircraft, those who navigated to 
Dresden, those who manned the radio and those who dropped the 
payload, were guilty complicity. "Only following orders" is not a 
valid excuse. If those men had spoken out against the barbarity of 
Churchill and Roosevelt, and refused to do the work of the Devil for 
them, then there would have been no Dresden holocaust.

Those men not only had the opportunity to speak out and refuse to 
obey the order to burn fellow human beings to death, but they had a 
duty and responsibility to do so. All the terror, the horror, the 
screams, the pain, suffered that night in Dresden would not have 
occurred but for those men who carried out the unadulterated evil of 
Churchill and Roosevelt.

We are each responsible for our actions, and those actions can have 
enormous consequences to people far away, and for generations to 
come, perhaps for all time.

You are a man who has done nothing except follow your conscience and 
speak out for your beliefs, and for this you have been imprisoned and 
denied your liberty by the authorities who presently run Germany. 
Those authorities were established by those who slaughtered the 
innocent of Dresden and who had many Germans murdered by way of the 
Nüremberg show trials, to write themselves into history as honourable 
men and women, when in fact they were murderers and liars.

Nothing has changed since those dark days of the Second World War, a 
war blatantly started by the Talmudists. If anything, things are 
worse. Iran is now being vilified with one false flag after another, 
just as Germany was in the 1930s, just as Saddam Hussein and Iraq 
were, to soften the people up for some horrendous onslaught on Iran, 
Syria, Lebanon and anywhere else that the Talmudist banksters have 
blackmailed and bribed British, American, Canadian and Australian 
politicians for. Just two years ago, Bliar ordered the destruction of 
various WWII documents on Churchill, which no doubt would have shed 
new light on Churchill's inherent evilness. Despite such subversive 
acts, the truth will always shine through.

You have a fundamental, God-given right to speak up for what you 
believe in, and I thank you for what you have done and for what you 
have been through on my behalf and on behalf of humanity.

I also apologise to you and your people for the Dresden holocaust.

May God give you strength and comfort, and hasten your release, such 
that you can walk out of that prison with your head held high. You 
have stood up for truth and justice, it is only the wicked that 
dislike these things.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Neville Jones


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