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Zündel attorney accused of 'incitement of the people'

zgrams at zgrams.zundelsite.org
Fri Sep 21 09:04:48 EDT 2007


Zündel attorney accused of 'incitement of the people'

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

The Mannheim state attorney's office has brought nine counts of 
"Volksverhetzung" - " incitement of the people" - against politically 
incorrect attorney Jürgen Rieger. The 61-year-old dissident lawyer, 
previously convicted on similar charges, had defended Holocaust 
challenger Ernst Zündel in court by asking to be allowed to present 
forensic evidence and expert witnesses to prove that serious 
skepticism about the so-called "Holocaust" is warranted.

Such things are heresy in Zionist-controlled Germany.

According to a spokesman for the prosecutor's office, Rieger himself 
is now accused of having, as Zündel's defense counsel, repeatedly 
disputed and "played down" the alleged genocide of Jews in World War 

The state attorney's office is seeking to have the well-known Hamburg 
jurist barred from legal practice. No date has been set for trial of 
the case.

In February, Ernst Zündel was sentenced to a maximum five years in 
prison for having challenged the conventional "Holocaust" lore. 
According to the court, he disputed, among others, the death of six 
million Jews on the Internet from Canada and in related publications.

In sentencing Zundel, Judge Meinerzhagen insisted that, even if the 
Holocaust didn't happen, it was incumbent upon him to pronounce the 
maximum sentence for "Holocaust Denial" - since the "Holocaust" was 
"self-evident" because the law said so.

For good measure, Meinerzhagen also read aloud a sort of Jewish curse 
from the writings of a Jewish writer, implying that (paraphrased) 
Zundel's transgression against Jewish orthodoxy was so egregious that 
in the future, people would turn pale mentioning Ernst Zundels name 
and - get this! - even birds would avoid flying over Zundel's grave.

A Stalinist show trial that will live in infamy!

Last week, Germany's appeal court rejected the Zundel appeal.  Stay 
tuned!  This struggle has barely begun!

Ingrid Rimland Zundel

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