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A Special Editorial:

The "Christie Ban"


So they have banned two men on the eve of the new millennium, just like in Martin Luther's time - half a millennium ago.

Not much has been learned in five hundred years. The Politically Incorrect will be banned.

First it was Mr. Zundel. Then it was Mr. Christie. Who will be third? Fourth? Fifth?

While it is raining headlines, articles, commentary and radio interviews about this second "Christie Ban", courtesy of the Canadian Parliament, a court ruling by Judge Chadwick has come down like a sledgehammer:

Ernst Zundel has lost the first round in the ring.

The ruling is a sweeping one. Judge Chadwick has ruled that the Canadian Parliament can ban anyone from the precincts of Parliament they do not like - or whose ideas they don't like.

They can even ban someone who acts in a professional capacity as legal counsel representing someone they don't like - or whose ideas they don't like.

Why? Just because!

Because it would impair the House of Commons' "dignity" to be exposed to controversial thought. They can all rise up in perfect unison on their hind legs and click their heels and ban someone from any of the five buildings on Parliament Hill! Yessir! They can. I kid you not.

So much for Canadian "diversity" and Canadian Freedom of Speech.

The judge who heard the opening salvo - Doug Christie arguing persuasively and logically that political parties and members of Parliament are accountable to the people and subject to the law and should know better than to put themselves above the very laws they legislate - has ruled in a 16-page document that Parliament is immune from being sued*.

And so are political parties.

There is no way to make this pretty - or soften what it means. It's unctuous politics.

It means that at the tail end of the 20th Century, you must accept that truth is no defense - because you're told that truth is no defense, and there is no arguing back.

You cannot say and hope a judge will back you: "I thought there was a Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I was promised these rights! And these freedoms! I thought the document had meaning!"

Tough luck!=

Not all is lost, however. There are still things that are allowed. You are allowed to do a poodle roll and lick the boots that kick you.

Think about what these decisions and judgments mean. Does this medieval ban now also extend to other German leaders in the community who may likewise wish to register their discontent about the Holocaust as being ever more frequently used as a bludgeoning instrument and an extortion tool against their people and their history? There's talk about these things. German-Canadians are still a sizable community in Canada - the third largest ethnic group, in fact!

Will this ban now also extend to the Ukrainians in Canada who have locked horns already with the Jews in Canada about their own Ukrainian Holocaust?

And who resent it bitterly that Mr. Chretien lets Moshe jet-set right next to him and all the way to Auschwitz for photo shoots and such even as we speak - while they are traveling on camel back to the same destination?

What played to empty media benches for two long years before the Human Rights Tribunal parasites who feed at the taxpayers' trough is of concern to ordinary, voting people.

It matters to the taxpayers of Canada that ". . . truth is no defense." It comes out of their pockets. And soon out of their children's hides.

I tell you this: The Revisionist struggle is no longer contained - or containable - within the "Revisionist ghetto." This ". . . truth is no defense" has changed the playing field a bit. Taxi drivers in the streets of Ottawa will tell you how Revisionism spreads. It has utterly broken out of its former confinement - and entirely new constituencies are now becoming involved in the historical debate. As they should have been all along!

The "Zundel Ban" has catapulted the issue of Freedom of Speech not only into Parliament, but now the "Christie Ban" has brought it head to head with the professions - and individual Members of Parliament as well as prominent parliamentary assistants are saying things today you didn't hear them say as recently as yesterday.

I'll give you a for-instance:

According to yesterday's Southam News issue, in an article written by Tim Naumetz, Independent MP John Nunziata - in olden days having loudly condemned Ernst Zundel in Parliament after the 1985 Great Holocaust trial - is quoted as having said that the ban against both Mr. Christie and Mr. Zundel violates their freedom of speech guaranteed in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

"It's totally and completely outrageous," exclaimed Mr. Nunziata, also a lawyer. "It's political correctness gone mad. They have to be reminded we live in a democracy."

Right. Was that not Mr. Zundel's claim - in 1985? In 1988? Was that not what the highest court in Canada decided in the Zundel case in 1992?

According to this article, Mr. Nunziata is said to have fired off a letter to Mr. Parent, the Speaker of the House of Commons ( a position comparable to the post Newt Gingrich used to hold) who was chosen as the fall guy to deliver the "missile" of the second, Christie Ban. In an e-mail distributed to the offices of all MPs, Independent M.P. Mr. Nunziata demanded to know the reasons for the ban against both Mr. Zundel and Mr. Christie and asking Mr. Parent ". . . to explain the threat they pose to Parliament."

"On what basis did you conclude that it was justifiable to suspend constitutional rights?" Mr. Nunziata, a former Liberal, asked Mr. Parent.

"Would you also indicate whether there are any precedents for denying access to Parliament Hill based on a person's views."

Inquiring minds want to know.

And murky minds, it seems, are very loath to tell. As far as we know, Mr. Parent has not yet replied to Mr. Nunziata.

On the other hand, government House leader Don Boudria, one of the defendants in the Zundel law suit for having abused his powers, is quoted as having said that Doug Christie was banned because he was merely Mr. Zundel's "messenger" - and allowing Christie into the Charles Lynch Press Gallery in Parliament would have been the same as allowing Mr. Zundel into the buildings.

Do I feel another lawsuit coming on?

To have a civil rights lawyer of Doug Christie's stature, reputation and professional track record be demeaned and vilified in print as a mere Zundel "messenger" is not exactly without risk in our litigation-happy times.

The record shows that Don Boudria is wrong and should not have tried to divine what Mr. Christie intended to disclose and announce to the media in the scheduled and then aborted press conference. Doug Christie is a consummate professional. He clearly stated his intentions in his press release - sent out of his own office from far-away British Columbia - that the topic of his press conference was the Human Rights Tribunal ruling that truth was not a defense - and the inclusion of this concept in the proposed new hate laws!

This ban pronounced by Parliament - first against Mr. Zundel and then, grotesquely, against the attorney who has been representing Mr. Zundel - has made the Revisionist struggle germane to many decent Canadian people who choose not to live on their knees. They tell me so, in letter after letter. That this development was flushed out in the course of prosecuting Mr. Zundel - yet one more time for the same charges already settled many times before in regular courts! - does not make it any less significant or relevant to Canada.

Entirely the opposite!

Free speech will be a sad, quaint memory in Canada tomorrow if Mr. Zundel can no longer ask today: "Did Six Million Really Die?"

The answer is at hand. Science has settled it. Light has collided with the dark. The genie is out of the bottle. The charge of genocide that has been leveled brutally and ruthlessly against the German people for more than fifty years does not withstand the light of day - much less scientific scrutiny.

It's over. Finished. Done.

We are now dealing with a Jewish cult and a new temporal religion - a virtual Cult of Death spin-doctored cleverly by Hollywood for all the Gentiles of this world willing to suspend thinking. Is that what Gentiles want taught to their children in schools?

One well-known Revisionist put it succinctly:

"People today are taught to revere the Jewish Holocaust story the way Hindu kids are taught to revere cows. If you are a kid growing up in a Hindu hut, and one day it occurs to you that a cow may just be a cow, you're in deep dung."

Canadian Parliament has shown - not once but twice! - that Canada is very close to the revolting, bombastic mind control already smelling up the air in Europe - where dissidents with independent minds who will not genuflect before a proven lie will land up to five years in the slammer!

Ernst Zundel is a pioneer of conscience. He told you it was happening in Europe, and it would happen here. That it would cost you plenty.

He told you. And it has.



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