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Additional thoughts regarding the last
Zundel hearing

April 8, 2003

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Here are some additional observations, courtesy of Dr. Robert Countess, who was at the last immigration hearing and who saw how biased the entire procedure turned out to be.

This one, too, is for the historical record:


What follows are some brief annotations I made this morning that could be useful for you to share with Ernst in case I return to join the defense team.

1. The Crown's case against EZ has so far been characterized by one word: superficiality at every major point.

2. All adduced "evidence" is at bottom NON-evidence insofar as convincing a reasonable, educated audience.

3. The Crown based its case on "suspicion"--a highly subjective concept; each of us has SUSPECTED someone over the years of having done such and such, only to learn later that we were quite in error.

4. If the Minister can prevent bail or have someone arrested on the basis of the Minister's subjective feeling or intuition of SUSPICION and without tangible evidence, what safety is there in Canada for the masses or for the minorities? For SUSPICION to be taken seriously after, say, a 24 hour arrest ON SUSPICION OF SO AND SO, there must be tangible evidence-say, a smoking gun and gunshot powder on the suspects hand.

5. The Crown case against EZ is really NOT different from residents of the USSR who could be arrested and sent to a Gulag for life JUST BECAUSE STALIN S U S P E C T E D the person was thinking or intending to do something against "national security."

6. "National Security" was not defined by the Crown on March 31st and April 1st,; yet it was the centerpiece of the effort to keep EZ from being allowed out on bail. Next time, we must insist that "NS" be defined in some objective way, plus DEMANDING that the Crown demonstrate that EZ not only INTENDS to jeopardize Canada's "NS" but also possesses the ABILITY to do so.

[Illustration: I may INTEND to dunk a basketball into the net but if I LACK the height and strength and spring in my legs to accomplish it, the Crown would look utterly ridiculous in charging me with the "crime" of INTENDING to dunk a basketball.]

7. Does Canadian jurisprudence agree with the USA view of an accused being INNOCENT until proven GUILTY or is it the other way around? The big difference has to do with the Crown being required to PROVE its case and EZ only defending himself against the procedure; if the latter, EZ is legally guilty as charged and then has to demonstrate his innocence-a much more dangerous situation for the accused.

8. The Crown's attorney MacIntosh compromised himself irreparably on April 1st at the break period, around 1530 hours when I personally observed him in the hallway whispering into the left ear of the CJC [CANADIAN JEWISH CONGRESS] agent. Since the CJC is a know anti-Zundel and anti-FREE SPEECH fanatical and radical organization, MacIntosh's unprofessional behavior renders him no longer suitable to represent the Crown Minister in these proceedings. MacIntosh has NO objectivity as a result of this seemingly secretive activity. (...)

9. In Western jurisprudence [but not in the East or Oriental world], punishment should fit the crime. EZ has NO record of felonious crimes and NO record of flight from bail or court dates and the charge against him is an administrative charge in the USA, not a felony. In Canada, he has applied for Political Asylum, thus NOT a charge but a positive action on his part wherein he seeks the GOOD offices of the elected Ministers of the Dominion and the Administrative Law Judge [or whatever Murranick is called]. HENCE, to keep EZ in a solitary confinement and bring him to hearings in leg irons and handcuffs and prison orange is so egregiously INCOMPATIBLE with his positive action to seek Political Asylum that ANY reasonable observer with a university education can judge that the Crown has punished a man outrageously for appealing to the positive good of the Dominion to hear and examine his pleading for asylum. (...)

10. There has been NO evidence provided from the USA's FBI that is negative; one can be certain that the Crown has in fact been in touch with the FBI and it might be good to learn from any FBI office and agents if a Crown agent traveled to the USA to speak with officials and examine and copy ANY relevant files.

11. The Crown has obviously NO interest in the IN-justice of EZ's arrest without a warrant nor in the strange INS actions about the meeting notices and the attorney's failures. Instead, the Crown insists that EZ flagrantly disregarded US INS law. The point by point details presented by Dr. I. Rimland show the Crown to be lying.


Write to Canada's Immigration Minister and complain over the unfair treatment Ernst Zündel has received.

Immigration Minister Denis Coderre
House of Commons 
Parliament Buildings 
Ottawa, Ontario 
K1A 0A6

Telephone: (613) 995-6108

Fax: (613) 995-9755

Email: Coderre.D@parl.gc.ca


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