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Open Letter to Minister Anne McLellan

April 18, 2004

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Ingrid Rimland Zündel 
2869 Hatcher Mountain Road 
Sevierville, TN 37862 USA 
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Ms. Anne McLellan 
Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Ottawa
Fax Number 613-952-2240 

RE: Ernst Zündel / Hunger strike announced!

Open Letter

April 16, 2004

Dear Minister McLellan:

I am Ernst Zündel's wife. Our Canadian lead attorney, Peter Lindsay, just faxed me an article by investigative reporter, Bill Dunphy, of the Hamilton Spectator (4-15-4). Dunphy summarizes the latest, grotesque, Soviet style star chamber "hearing" against my husband, contrived by CSIS and presided over by a former CSIS boss. It can't be a secret to you that CSIS, the already discredited and widely despised Canadian spy agency, is once again participating shamelessly in a judicial lynching - regrettably now on your watch.

Dunphy, certainly no friend of Ernst's, observes the politically correct modus operandi Canadian reporters must now oblige to please the noisy Holocaust Lobby by doing a mandatory character assassination number on Ernst Zundel. However, embedded in his write-up are sentences and phrases that ought to make you ponder what they will mean to Canada's image:

"[Canadian] Justice seems not blind, but spiteful."

"� a look at the sorry evidence produced against this man suggests he is being railroaded�"

"�[CSIS is] abusing the terrifying powers of our anti-terrorism laws, counting on the man's odious beliefs to shield them from criticism."

"As luck, or something worse, would have it, Zundel's case was handed to Justice Pierre Blais, a former solicitor general (in 1989) and thus former boss of CSIS, the very agency whose secret evidence forms the crux of the case against him."

'� [Defense attorney] Lindsay marched CSIS official Dave Stewart through a painstaking listing of literally thousands of individuals and groups in the white racist (sic) movement, asking him if CSIS had any evidence Zundel had advocated or helped them commit violence, crimes or any actions that would threaten the country's security. To each and every question Stewart answered: "Not in the unclassified material."

And, finally, to the disgrace of Canada:

"Zundel will lose solely on the secret evidence he will never see."

Minister McLellan, is this still the Canada the world held once in high esteem as one of the loveliest countries on earth?

I am writing to you to alert you to a hunger strike I will commence on May 1, 2004 in front of the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C. I will be protesting CSIS's documented involvement in my husband's abduction on U.S. soil on February 5, 2003 as well as Ernst's subsequent inhuman treatment for more than a year in a maximum security prison in Ontario - without bail being granted, and without any charges having been laid! I will also protest against the disgraceful kangaroo court security certificate hearings - a truly reprehensible reality for Canada! I will ask tourists coming to Washington to think twice before they visit Canada where "truth is no defence."

What do I want to accomplish with my hunger strike? The Canadian Ambassador's forceful intervention as Canada's representative to right an egregious wrong! What is happening in Canada with the CSIS running amok is not to Canada's credit! Minister McLellan, the world looks on, aghast!

My husband's treatment at the hands of abusive Canadian officials has been repeatedly reported globally and has become an international scandal. In the not too distant future, I intend to visit Canada and, especially, your influential office in the company of a United States Congressman and representatives of the German-Canadian as well as German-American business community. We will be asking you to make your underlings live up to the principles of justice that Canada so loudly proclaims. We will ask you to put an end to the brutal charade that CSIS officials think they can inflict on a man they -know to be utterly innocent.

Minister McLellan - please act on behalf of Canada, not on behalf of an unpleasant lobby. Even the Globe and Mail, Canada's most venerable paper, headlined a recent editorial, "Zundel doesn't warrant a security certificate'! (3-6-4)

You can avoid a huge diplomatic embarrassment by taking concrete steps to stop this judicial mockery now!


Ingrid Rimland Zundel, Ed.D.

Cc to Ambassador Michael Kergin - Fax 202-682-7678 Cc to Acting Director/Immigration Tim Haugh / Fax 202-225-5714

===== ===== =====


Help free Ernst Zundel, Prisoner of Conscience. His prison sketches - now on-line and highly popular - help pay for his defence. Take a look - and tell a friend.


Write to Canada's Prime Minister and complain over the unfair treatment Ernst Zündel has received.

Prime Minister Paul Martin
House of Commons 
Parliament Buildings 
Ottawa, Ontario 
K1A 0A6

Telephone: (613) 992-4284

Fax: (613) 992-4291

Email: Martin.P@parl.gc.ca


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